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Momo Fali's: Things That Drove Me Crazy Yesterday

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Things That Drove Me Crazy Yesterday

1. Art Garfunkel.

2. Seeing dog hair on my floor.

3. My son's aim in the bathroom.

4. The fact that the laundry never stops.

5. Holiday shopping on December 1st and seeing the store has been ransacked and stock is depleted.

6. Heartburn.

7. Dry hands.

8. Bills.

9. Cold weather.

10. Thinking it was Wednesday and it was only Tuesday.

11. Realizing that even though I'm halfway through, this is going to be a very long week.

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But you've got your health...and there's always that fun thought of smacking me with ground beef that could put a smile on your face...(as long as you thaw it first)


Hope today is better!
wow. must have been something in the air b/c i had a day filled with annoyances myself.

the lovely up and left on an overnight girls trip leaving me in charge of our 8yo and 2yo triplets. NOT PRETTY. aim in bathroom? at least he's IN the bathroom. potty training w/out Mommapalooza was BRUTAL! hope your week gets better. jco
ugh! my hands have been so dry too! and it hasn't even been THAT cold yet. *sadface*
Preachin' to the choir sister. Although you do sum it up nicely.
Oh, yeah. Tha imaing thing...WHAT aim? Owen just stands there and looks around and pees all over the place. And sure, yeah, glad he is potty trained but puh-leaze. :)
But hey, now it's Wednesday! ;) I wish we had disposable clothes like plates and stuff....laundry sucks.
Ok, what did Art Garfunkel do to get on your list?
I can almost relate to everything!
Like Ann, I want to know what Art did to you?
How freaky is it that I, too, was a bit peeved at no less than eight of the eleven items on your list yesterday?
If you take Art Garfunkel out of the mix, I can say a resounding 'yes' to every item on your list.
Did he try to take credit for "Bridge over Troubled Water" again. Bastard.
Paul Simon is the better of the two, anyhow...
The dry hands thing hurts the most!
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Christmas? Wait, is that THIS month?!
Even the stores online are out of stock of everything. I've been trying to find my niece the hamburger play doh set, and nobody has it, except amazon, for $5 more than everywhere else, plus shipping.
I am laughing at the above comments since I've been wondering since last week about what Art Garfunkel did to specifically make the list...glad to see I'm not alone in my curiosity!
Well, I hope things are better for you THIS week?
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