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Monday, December 7, 2009

Keep Your Eyes on Your List, Santa

Here are some pictures of the Christmas decorations in our living room.
Here is the tree...
Here is the mantle.

As it turns out, I've had a couple of elves helping me add decorations.
Let's take a closer look, shall we? Here is what my son put on the tree...

And because the puppy was chewing on a Barbie, my daughter took it
out of the dog's mouth and put it up on the mantle.

It looks like Santa is on the naughty list this year.

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First Tiger Woods, now Santa! For shame Mr. Kringle. contortionist Barbies aren't part of the standard Christmas decor?
Santa is also having a good enough time to make notes and check over everything twice. Just look at his smile.
Looks like Santa is really into his Ho, Ho, Ho!
Ha ha ha! The comments are priceles...

I'm sitting here thinking.. awwww how pretty that tree is.. wow, how pretty D's mantle is.

and then.. SNORT
and the comments.

Odd, with all the red in Santa's life, I never thought he'd go for redheads.
Nah, it's just the local cop in costume for the holidays, writing up a ticket for indecent exposure.
Santa's a whore.
this post was funny, but these comments are HILARIOUS!
Hey, don't hold it against santa, I'm sure he's away from Mrs Clause at the toy factory all year......a guy gets lonely.
Drunken Santa, Naked Barbie...whoot whoot!
Merry Christmas from Rednecklatte!

It has all been said already. Your helpers are awesome.
Your decorations are beautiful..the shoe is quite interesting. Pray tell, what is the tradition there? Barbie..well, Barbie's a whore I suppose. No two ways about it.
I love how you have your house decorated!!!
I think your whole blog is getting naughty. Unicorns and redheads. What will be next!
I think your son is on to something. Screw mistletoe people should make out under nike merchandise.
Well played, Momo Fali! If you look closely at our tree you see a couple of Rocco's teethers and, hanging from the angel's halo, Vincenzo's motorcycle ornament. No nude barbies though.
Ahahahaha Bad Santa!!!!
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