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Friday, December 4, 2009

Draw Your Own Conclusion

Last week, during a family game of Pictionary, my son drew this...

He claims he was trying to draw a man with big ears. But, it looks to me like he drew something else entirely. I mean, we all see it...right? It's pretty clear to me that this is a unicorn.

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I have no comment aside from I have to play Pictionary with your kid someday. Also, bwahahahahahaa *choke* hahahaha
You should really re-think that whole "watching Cinemax won't affect the children" decision.
Yes, I see it. A very 'Happy' Unicorn.

And word verification: thman

Why thank you.
Absolutely... a unicorn. Of course.
It's obviously not a unicorn. It's a happy man standing in front of a monorail. Durr.
From now on, this will be the symbol for a particular compound word. :)
You know what they say about men with big ears...
SO irritated with Blogger errors today! Love the comments...BusyDad's especially made me laugh.
Looks like a happy little unicorn.
Duh! What else could it possibly be?
Um. . .but WHY was he drawing a man with big *ahem* EARS?! *blushes*
That's easy. Sharky-eel penis tumor.
It's Richard Cranium! Was I right???
alright, I'll take my mind out of the gutter. We're using a little too much imagination here.
Wow, that unicorn is very...excited about something.
What a dickhead!
No, not the picture, of course. That was for Adam.

I totally see banana head, yes?
That kids talented.
That unicorn has a long shaft, errr I mean, horn.
Looks like Mr. Happy! Love Pictionary. Is this the "Adult" version? The kid has real talent.

Our new favorite game is Cranium. Not only can you show off your drawing (& acting & humming) skills but there is clay to sculpt things. Bet he'd be a natural at that as well!
Unicorn? No. Uniball? Yes.
You need to frame and hang it.
Looks like a legless caterpillar to me. And for some reason, it seems really happy about that.
I was thinking it was a new superhero. That's a cape coming out of the back of his head.
Definitely a UNICORN! Definitely!

PS: How were you able to keep a straight face?
lets call a spade a spade. that, my friends, is a picture of a happy penis.
ha ha!
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