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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some Like it Hot

In the school kitchen where I work, things get hot. Not hot like a humid day in Florida, but hot like a humid day on the face of the sun.

At any given moment we could have our ancient oven running, along with the convection oven and three warmers. Add in the steam from the dishwashing sinks and you have yourself your very own steam room. You know, kind of like a spa. Yesterday, I gave myself a green bean facial.

The school doesn't have central air, so to cool the area we use a window air conditioner. That's right. A window air conditioner. If you stand in one particular spot by the trash can, you can almost feel a small breeze. Almost.

But, the heat doesn't cause me to have a bad attitude. Quite the contrary. Because yesterday I told the ladies I work with that if I ever hit the lottery, I'll totally buy them a new window unit.

I'm generous like that.


Never go to work in that kitchen badly hungover. Once upon a time I worked in a nursing home kitchen and.....well nevermind. Paint your own picture.
I've tried that green bean facial... it did wonders for my pores!!

You are awesome to keep volunteering, I'd've been out of there so fast they would've asked me to come back just so they could enjoy the breeze I would create leaving again. :)
I agree with the previous poster, I don't think I could take it!

Incidentally, our house is still cooled by window units, so if you DO ever win the lottery. . . ;)
Your generosity astounds me. Truly. :) And pipping hot mashed potatoes mimic perfectly a peel.
hahaha tooo funny...hmmm maybe i will try a green bean facial!
If I were in a kitchen like that, I would have totally done what WeaselMomma did -- even without the hangover.
I hope you win the lottery then and i'm sure your fellow employees do too unless they can win instead haha. When you win the lottery you can get a snow pea facial instead.
You are a saint, truly a saint.
I don't know how you do it. The heat is one thing, but the hundreds of dirty lunch plates and half eaten food would do me in. :D
In a few months, I'd ditch the window unit and just leave the window open...sure you might need to wear snow boots but it'll be a litle cooler ;)
Stop bragging about that glamourous job, woman!
You're going to be so Hawt by the end of the school year with your supple skin and wrinkle free pants.
"Green bean facial." That had me coughing so hard I thought I might keel over.

My mother-in-law manages elementary kitchens for her school district, so I have an idea of what you're talking about.
Wow. That sounds BRUTAL! I could never work in the heat like that! Nor could I manage to make it sound as FUNNY as you did! You're awesome!
That is totally my kind of daydreaming. I love to make work promises that go with "if I win the lottery". Like "If I win the lottery- I'm totally going to install a toilet in this therapy clinic- even if they have to put it in the corner"- Don't worry there is a bathroom across the hall (it's a hospital clinic). Nothing worse than walking out in the waiting room past your next patient saying- I'll be right back. They know where you're going! :)
They're going to be buying you lottery tickets I think ;) Haha.
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