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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Make Me Smile, 2009

Things have been a little glum around here lately. Flu, pneumonia, blog-friends having massive strokes and perfectly wonderful children dying will do that to you.

But, that doesn't mean I walk around with my head hanging low all the time. No! There are still some things that make me smile when life isn't throwing wrenches in my direction.

Last year I wrote a post of my favorite things for my female readers to get a glimpse at what makes me happy. And, I know for a fact that one male reader used the list for gift ideas for his wife. Hi sweetie! Thanks for the Dyson!

Given the state of the blogosphere (Look everyone, it's the Federal Trade Commission!), I feel the need to say that no one is paying me for these product endorsements. I really like this stuff, and if something is listed it was paid for with my own hard-earned, lunch lady paycheck. Just sayin'.

1. So, speaking of that Dyson. Best. Gift. Ever. The two dogs we have are great pets, but their fur is the bane of my existence. I sweep the floors with this vacuum cleaner every other day and the canister fills up TWICE. It's disgusting. And, totally awesome.

2. The Wii Fit Plus has given our family hours of entertainment and, instead of playing standard video games, my kids are working out. So am I. I dare you to play the flying chicken game and tell me your shoulders didn't burn. Seriously. I dare you.

3. My Yes to Carrots lip tint in Chocolate Kiss. I got a free sample of this at the BlogHer conference I attended in July and have been addicted to it ever since. My lips are dry all year round and I apply Vaseline at bedtime and this during the day. It moisturizes wonderfully, looks good and tastes yummy. Bonus! Next, I want to try their body butter. Though it's possible I may slather it on my toast.

4. I used to make fun of my Aunt Shirley, because when she found an item of clothing she liked, she would buy it in every color. Which is exactly what I have done with Old Navy's Perfect Crew-Neck tee. You can wear it with lounge pants, you can wear it with jeans, or you can throw a belt around it and wear it with a skirt. Also, they're as soft as peach fuzz and you can't beat the price. Aunt Shirley is making me eat my words. Momo throws fist in the air and yells, "Dang you, Aunt Shirley!"

5. This classic Chuck Taylor shoe, by Converse. I don't own a pair. Yet. I totally dig that they're back in style though. They remind me of old photographs of my dad playing basketball. Dude could crossover dribble like nobodies business.

6. When I was at the BlogHer conference, I lost my little point-and-click camera (but, I did get that free lip it was totally worth it). I came home, decided it was time to be a grown up and purchased a Nikon D-40. It takes beautiful pictures. Though it does have so many bells and whistles that I plan to take a class on how to really use it. But, it is mostly idiot-proof, which makes it the right camera for me.

7. Lands End jeans. I'm 5'10". You can choose your inseam length. Enough said.

8. As for stocking stuffers, the OPI nail color I chose last year is so...well, last year. My new favorite? This lovely shade named, Significant Other. Mostly, I like it because my mom says nail polish should only be red or pink and deep inside I'm still 12 and want to get under her skin. Also, because I can introduce my husband to people, then hold out my hands and say, "And, this is my significant other." Then people think I'm crazy and I can avoid all that small talk stuff.

9. Have you ever taken a balloon and rubbed it on your head a few times, only to have your hair go all crazy-static on you? Yeah, that's my hair from October to May. Pantene Breakage Defense shampoo and conditioner help. A lot. When the weather gets really dry, I keep the conditioner on during my entire shower. My hair combs out easily and feels soft and silky. If I may say so myself.
10. I have said before that I hate winter, but there are a few delightful things about the season. Crackling fires, holiday lights and these socks from Bath and Body Works. They're not called the Sweetest, Softest Socks Ever for no reason. Plus, they have those little non-skid things on the bottom for the nights when you've put too much rum in your egg nog or mornings when you've put too much Bailey's in your coffee. Or, if you're like me and you're just a complete klutz.

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Hi Momo! You do deserve some fabulous little bright spots during the rough patches. These all sound awesome. I HEART my Dyson. Let me just explain: Two cats. Two PERSIAN LONG HAIRED cats. You get my drift.

Keep your chin up, sweetie.

I've been trying to tell my 5'11" daughter that Lands End jeans would work, but since Mom said it, you know it's a fashion no-no. (Hey, I get that. I'd probably still do the same thing.)
Uh, you know who Romeo is, right? It's me. Caroline.
Ditto on the dyson!

I am SO getting that OPI nail color!

I have to say that my son said your hair looked pretty in church today. The pantene is workin' for ya. Hmm, maybe I should try it...
I swear by my Dyson with 4 cats and 2 dogs (can you say small heard).
I want that Dyson! I have a very furry cat and short haired dog who sheds like he's a long hair. I need the Dyson to rescue me!

The Lands-End jeans? Do they come in inseams that fit SHORT people? Needless to say, I'm not 5'10".

I'm glad you have found some things to make you smiles. You need them! Thanks for making me smile, too.
Very nice list! I've been debating a Dyson for some time now. I have another bagless vacuum, which works well and every time I use it I end up with a small kitten growing inside the canister, crying to get out.
Bless you Momo! I've been trying to figure out the name of that Old Navy T-shirt forever. I have one that a friend snazzed up with rhinestones for my former Mother of Multiples group, and I've been trying to find more of the same shirt because it's the ONLY thing I have that makes me feel pretty.
You owe it to yourself to get a pair of the Chucky T's. Best shoe ever---and it wears well with any outfit. (I'm just saying.)

And how's this for an omen? My word verification---tailyhor. Dude!!
Converse is back with a vengeance! Three of my kids want the all black chuck taylor high tops...just waitin' for a sale...
I am a total clean freak and I would love a Dyson for Christmas - how sick is that? Some of my girlfriends would think I'm nuts, but I'm completley serious.
I love your idea of getting out of small talk!
And I also love great smelling body butters.
Hope you get everyting on your list and more.
Great list. Better than Oprah's!!
Chuck T's -- go hightop, Momo. All 5-10 of you.
With a long haired cat and two dogs, we're about 6 years past due for a dyson, but it didn't make the budget cut this year.

Love the converse. I have several. Suede is the new canvas.

I totally agree with the grown up camera necessity, though I'm more of a Canon girl, myself.

I've really enjoyed reading your blog lately. So glad I found you.
I would KILL for a DYSON vacuum!
Between my wife and one year old boy they have every imaginable color of chuck taylors.
Those all look like wonderful, wonderful gifts. In fact, I really think that I should pick a few of these up. And perhaps copy you and do a "few of my favorite things" as a post in a few days?

yes. i think i will.

big hugs to you, momo. you've been in my thoughts. xo
Thanks for the recommendations. I think the Old Navy shirt is really great, but I'm worried that it will be a gut-hugger on me. I'll have to go find out! :)
Oh how I would LOVE a dyson. But hello to expensive for the version I want. Geez.

Love this list though Momo, totally makes me smile :)
Chuck Taylors went out of style??? I've been wearing them since the 6th grade. Does that me a trend setter?
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