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Monday, October 26, 2009

Call Me Sickly

Ohmygosh, so like remember when I had swine flu and then after that I got pneumonia? And then my doctor called and sent me to the hospital because he thought I had a pulmonary embolism, but I took a test where I sucked in a bunch of radioactive stuff and the bad pain I was having was actually from pleurisy? And right after I got over the pleurisy pain, I got a cold? And then remember how I told my boss that it was TOTALLY a good thing that I had a sore throat because that meant my sinuses were draining? And then my sinuses stopped draining and I started coughing and my lungs felt like they were filled with concrete so I went to the emergency room in the middle of the night because I thought my pneumonia had come back? And remember how the doctor sent me for my third chest x-ray in the last month and then told me that all that gunk that drained out of my sinuses had gone down my throat and into my lungs?

So it turns out I don't have recurring pneumonia, but it does turn out that the sore throat I had two days ago? Was not such a good thing after all.

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I wish I could make you better just by telling you how much you are loved.

Hang on sloopy, it's GOT to get better!
I caught a cold this weekend. I've been bitching about it for two days. Until now.

My dear, please get well soon. You've had enough!
You always seem to be able to put my life into a greater perspective.

Feel better soon!
I'm thinking a chicken soup and Kleenex run is called for. Hope you are feeling better very, very soon.
Yikes!! I hope you are 10000% better soon!!!!
You are having a rough time, aren't you? My son's swine also went into pneumonia. He's better now. My swine went into bronchitis ... which I can't seem to get rid of. I was up all night coughing and it has been a couple weeks of fighting this thing. DOWN WITH PIG DISEASES!!!
Poor Momo! Hope you are feeling better soon.
bless your heart, you poor thing! Hang in there... Think healing thoughts!
Momo. Feel better!
wow! Pretty rough! We have a couple of cases of swine flu here at my daughter's school. Hope you feel better soon.
Oh, MOMO! Sorry you've been feeling so poorly. Get well, Soon! And when you're all better, hopefully that means you're immune for the rest of the season. :)
You need a get well package! I wish I new where you lived.. wink wink email me!
When you get sick they give you a blue bendy straw?

Sorry, sweetie, hope you are better soon!
Oh, honey. You poor thing. I'm so sorry you've been nailed with so much illness. Get better SOON. And then tell the god of sickness to eff off.

Big (((hugs))) to you, my love.
I wish you lived near me--I'd totally bring you a pot of chicken noodle soup.
You need to kick up your feet and relax.
Hope you are better soon!!!
Oh, Momo, I'm so sorry.
Oh, honey! (The punster in my head wants to go, Totally tubular, man!) Get better! Wish I were closer, and I wish you only good hospital roommates with good taste in TV shows and hours for watching them.
Oy! Hope you feel better soon. That really sucks.
I take it that that is not a hookah pipe, huh? Get well, Momo.
Good grief! I think you should be illness free for the next FIVE YEARS, to make up for your run of sickness.

Feel better, girl.
Oh honey. I wish I could come mother you back to health.
No fair, we NEVER get given bongs in hospital here.

Take care of yourself MF.
Hope you feel better soon. You have a great attitude about it, considering.

Do they know what is wrong?

I know your pain. I had a similar issue last summer... bronchitis, walking pneumonia, possible pulmonary edema, then possible CANCER (!!) then finished off with a heaping helping of sarcodosis. Email me if you want to talk lung issues. :) And have them check for sarcoid.

In the meantime, take care.
All I can say is Oh dear!

And that I am wishing you some bad-a$$ immunity!
I take it that is NOT a meerschaum your are puffing on, am I right?

Good lord, my dear, rest and be well. Wishing you a speedy recovery from all the plague.
oh momo. (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))

oh momo. (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))

Dude, they should just let you go at this point. It's cruel to keep you alive.
Dear God! Poor Momo! Enough is enough! I wish I had a magic wand to wave over you into health! I'm sending you a huge virtual hug. I really, really hope you feel better soon!
XBoxhisnameistoolong had the best comment so far. Here's hoping you feel much better very very soon.
At least you can take cool pictures that make you look like you're in the resuscitation chamber on the secret ice base on planet Hoth. I hope you get better soon! Feeling crappy is too much a price to pay for cool Star Wars-y pictures.
Oh Momo, I hope you feel better soon! (and then stay that way!)

Also...Jim, you totally win for the Star Wars reference!! Love it!
Get better soon, momo. Lunch can't be the same without you. =)
oh yeah...I totally remember that. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny!


get better soon!
My lungs hurt just from reading this!
Feel better soon and STAY BETTER for crying out loud.
So the radioactivity didn't work, eh?? Get better!!!! I am so paranoid now hearing my kids coughing their lungs out... Pigs suck.
You put me to shame, with all this going on and still posting regularly. I'm not sure what my excuse was this past week.

Just focus on all the things you'll be immune to once all this is over!

DON'T think of all the other germs and such waiting in line for the next crack at you. Pretend I didn't say that.
You poor girl! What a fall you have had!
You poor girl! What a fall you have had!
Yikes Momo! Get better and stay healthy!

That's an order.
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