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Momo Fali's: Loathing

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I feel like I should get something out in the open. I want you to get a true feel for who I am and you can't do that unless you know there is something I despise with my entire being. I always tell my children never to use the word hate, unless we're talking about this.

This thing. This thing that makes me want to stay in bed, tucked safely under my blankets, this thing that makes me never want to leave my house and makes me want to, literally, run away to the other side of the country just so I can get away from it.

This thing is winter. I know there are a lot of people who enjoy the change of seasons and blah, blah, blah, but if you're trying to sell me on the upside to a visit from Jack Frost, you can save your breath. Jack Frost can bite me. And, you know that snowman? He's not called abominable for nothing.

There is the cold, slushy-muddy mess, the illnesses which rear their ugly heads and the not being able to walk out the door without everyone putting on socks, shoes, hats, coats and gloves.

There are no barbeques in winter. There is no reason to say, "A cold beer sounds great right now". There are no lazy days at the pool, or drawing chalk butterflies on the driveway. There are no bike rides, no camping, no catching lightning bugs.

Winter is cold and boring and LOOOOOOONG. And, right now all I can think about is how many days are left until spring.

So, if you live in Arizona and don't mind a house guest...drop me a line. Please.

I'll bring the cold beer.


Would it help at all if I gave you a big squeeze, smacked you on the butt a few times, and called you George?
Ican so relate Momo. Let's hold out hope it will be a mild, beautiful winter, esp on Jan 30th, k?

I moved to Florida because I couldn't bear one more winter. Now, when we are still sweating through September I think I can't bear one more summer.
Amen Sister!
I live in Florida. Never even seen snow. Come visit!
I feel your pain, and I have a feeling those of us in the Midwest are in for a hellacious winter. I know, I shouldn't tempt fate, but I think it's true.

Have you notice how wet it's been all summer? Imagine that same moisture were the temperature below freezing, which it soon will be.

I smell a road trip. You want cold? Come to Michigan! We'll let you in for the day, just don't come on the weekend when the Buckeyes tromp all over the Wolverines...I might have trouble protecting you then.
There's always a reason for cold beer. Switch to a "winter warmer" -- more alcohol -- when the mercury dips.

Other than that, I'm with ya.
I lived in El Paso for 30 years where our seasons were Hot, Africa Hot and Windy. I kind of like having 4 seasons. My wife is a Jersey girl, though, and is firmly planted in your camp. She doesn't even like opening the freezer door.
I'm right there with you!

Hate winter. Hate it. Still plotting our escape plan to Aruba. Might homeschool the kids for the month of January down there. I hate winter THAT much.
Hahahaha, you are SO right. I never say, "A cold beer sound good right now" in the middle of Feb.
Oh. But chili. Chili tastes so good when it's cold outside, no?
I can never understand how people live above the Mason-Dixon line. It's cold up there,y'all! Come on down to Mississippi! The seasons actually change down here !
I grew up in OH and I know of what you speak. Jack Frost can bite me too.

I always wish it would snow the week of Christmas and be all pretty and then GO AWAY.

It could also snow at ski resorts. But that's all.
Me too. I dread it. We have less of a winter now that we're in Idaho as opposed to Michigan- but still...
Come see us in Florida. Plenty to do here with the kids where we live. Promise. Although you may never want to leave when you see what our winter is like....I think you call it Spring.

I don't hate winter and I do sometimes like to visit it. I hate the Yankees, the Rangers, and the University of Miami athletics.
last winter almost did me in. I need to get back to Texas. I almost lost it.
After moving to Florida from Tennessee, I missed real seasons, but mostly just Fall... I loved the crisp days and the pretty leaves. I will never miss winter - it's nice to visit, but I don't like living there.

You're more than welcome to visit me on the Gulf Coast this winter.
I'm in Texas. People are complaining of the cold because it's 82 degrees, but the high today is forecast to be 92. We've had almost 70 100-degree days this year, so far.

Come visit!
Amen. I absolutely detest the freezing cold. Why I live in the Canadian prairies is beyond me. It's brutal. I can so relate to your plight.
Well, coming from a place where it NEVER RAINS and can decide to be 70 degrees in the winter...just because...I'll take the cold. Might change my tune if we move farther north...
This may sound bad, but come to Winnipeg. In January. Think everything you hate about winter and then add minus thirty without the windchill.
There. Feel better?
I get a touch of the SADS (seasonal affected disorder syndrome). Even with all the log fires and super stuff that go with the cold. Rubbish it is.
Oh, you can visit my folks house in AZ, make sure you feed the dog and then they can come up to IL and visit me and their lovely granddaughter. ! I hear ya, hate winter too. At least I know I can hop on that plane & go to AZ.
I despise Winter to hell with snow.

C'mon - lets run down to teh Sunshine state and knock down a few cold ones!!!!!
You're exactly like my husband in that way: you two should get together.

Err, maybe not. Never mind. :)
I definitely get off the hook living in Southern California. It gets a bit chilly here for us (as in like, maybe 40 or 50 at night) I'm sure you find that laughable. Here's to a short winter and an early spring. :)
Although it always sounds better on a cold day, a cold beer still sounds great even on a cold Seattle winter day.

But that is just me.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Um. Hi.

South Texan here.. we go to the Beach. in january to collect shells and we barely wear long sleeves.
WE BBQ in the winter. I think we have a month of 50 degrees maybe 30 in the mornings

wanna come down? I cook. You bring beer ;-)
I'm going to have to agree with you here (at least for the most part). WI winters are just too. damn. long.

I don't mind the cold and snow as long as it is restricted to the week between Christmas and New Year. It enhances the mood and makes for a pretty drive to go look at X-mas lights.

After that? It needs to be GONE. And this BS with it continuing to snow until Easter??? Bah!
My door (and cold beer fridge - yes, I have one of those!) is always open for you here in sunny SoCal!
I know exactly how you feel. I can feel the depression setting in already, and it's only September.
Hot Chocolate. What about hot chocolate?

Who am I kidding! I HATE these freaking Ohio winters! God help you if you find a warm winter haven and leave me freezing here in America's Armpit!!
Yeah, I mostly HATE Ohio just because of the frickin snow. I do like autumn though. Would miss the fall colors and pumpkin farms and that crap. But the snow I can do without.
It was 60 this morning.. i wanted to turn on the heat.. I AM NOT ready for winter.. take me with you!!!
I seriously do agree - winter is horrid.

But we're heading in to summer hear now. Come visit us during our summer and you may well want to experience winter! ☺
(Looooong time lurker!)

I was just going to say that you need to visit us here in AZ during our winters as they are quite glorious and fabulous and, well, perfect!
I like the seasons and all that mess, but I'd be happy if winter was like only 30 days long. And, rain or mush wouldn't be allowed. Neither would ice storms that take our power out for 2 months. You know what? Screw that mess...think you can fit me in your suitcase?
THANK YOU for saying this on all of our's behalf. It doesn't help that I was 100% pregnant, nauseous, and depressed for the last two winters and now have a phobia of Christmas itself. I want to move somewhere where summer happens between every season: fall, summer, winter, summer, spring, summer, summer, summer...
Thank you for reminding me why I'm glad I don't live in New Hampshire anymore. The month before we moved to northern California, we had 75" of snow in 17 days (and 15" the day after we left, just to slam the door on our way out.) Here, I occasionally wish for actual snow, just to liven things up a bit, but I assure you--I don't mean it.

Come visit!
Cold beer sounds good no matter what season or temperature.
Your winter sounds like my summer ... well, the flip coin of it. I'm looking forward to our two weeks of autumn and then our winter, but summer is insisting on sweltering on. Hope I'm not still wearing shorts on Halloween. *sigh* hate.
I love winter, but HATE the summer. I live in Louisiana and the snakes are really bad in the summer.

Hugs and Mocha,
I love the spring and especially the fall. Come winter, there are times when I get so nut, I nearly bounce off the walls. Claustrophobia starts creeping up.
If you're ever in the neighborhood in the winter, just stop on over. I'll make you a hot toddy. My gram said they cured everything. She was right.
Yep. Summer sure seemed to fly by way too fast this year. Im already getting depressed with the shorter days. UGH.
If it weren't for a trio of really cool holidays in fall/winter, I'd just hibernate until spring myself. Oh, and the whole football season.

The rest of the good stuff happens in the summer.

So, yeah. I hear ya.
I was born in Detroit, and my parents escaped to Hawaii for exactly this reason. It's still in the upper 80's here on Maui. Will that do? Your family is welcome ANYTIME!!
Another reason to RV!! Join the fun and follow the sun!
I live in New England. I'm of no help to you.
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