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Friday, September 4, 2009

No Answer

I was in the kitchen the other day when my seven year old son yelled to me from the living room, "Hey, Mom! Can I watch Cars?"

I replied, "No, you watched it on Sunday and again on Monday. Why don't you read a book instead?"

And, apparently he didn't like my response because then he yelled, "Ugh! Don't answer my questions ever again!"

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Now if you can just get him to stop asking them!
He wants a yes man, or woman? Probably make a good President.
That is perfection! I will use that with my kid!
Yes, I think I'll read a book instead of watching RHONY when it's on next. "Great idea!", mom.
Wow. If you'd recorded that, you just could hit play every time he asked an awkward question for the rest of your lives!!
I sure wish it we that easy in my house!
LMAO! Omgosh are our children related??? too funny!
Ahahahaha Momo! I can just see what's going to happen the next time he asks a question and is met with silence... he'll regret that statement for sure.
Can I hug him? Because he is so cute.
oh man....he kills me. :)
LOL.. sounds just like my nine year old!
Now you have a way out when he's peppering you with questions!
LMAO at Marinka comment.
hmmm. do you think it's that easy?
That kid has great logic and problem solving skillz.
Thank him for all the smiles he brings!
At least he didn't counter with, "But I read a book yesterday!"
TOO funny! I love that kid!
*S* he never runs out of funny does he?
He is a comedian, isn't he. I know he makes me laugh. And he's too cute!
I yelled the same thing back to my wife after she rejected my request to watch "Dawn of the Dead"... I hate that.
ROFL Sometimes I just need a good laugh. Today, that was it!
Kids can be sooo funny! My son saw a sign on the highway that said, DUI CRACK DOWN and he asked why does it say, "Do I Crack Down?".
Do you ever want to put your head in the freezer for like, nine hours?
Ahhh, but they are sooo sweet when they're sleeping. ;-)
Does that actually work? I like it
Haha, wow. That is obnoxious and cute all wrapped into one! How did you react? I think I probably would have laughed.
Well he told you
Your son is too cute.
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