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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Baby Talk

My seven year old son was playing around at bedtime recently, when I heard my husband yell up to him, "Quit goofing off and go night-night!"

I stopped what I was doing and took note of the moment, because I was certain that my husband hadn't said, "night-night" in years and that it would likely be the last time he uttered those words with one of our kids.

I suddenly wondered; when did we stop saying that? Words like night-night, binky and blankie are now but distant memories.

When did my son stop calling me, "Mama" and start calling me "Mommy"? When did my daughter stop calling me "Mommy" and start calling me "Mom"? And, when did she stop calling me "Mom" and start calling me "Hmmph" with an accompanying eye-roll?

These moments fly by, as much of life does, without us even taking notice. I, for one, am too busy cleaning the kitchen or picking up dirty socks to document anything but the big stuff.

I have photos of pre-school graduations and videos of talent shows. I have programs from Christmas plays and boxes full of artwork but, how are you supposed to note the last time your child referred to the dog as a "doggie"?

Hearing my husband call up to our son made me aware that those moments had passed us by. One minute my daughter was eating jars of food she called "num-num" and the next she's bringing home division-of-decimals-by-whole-numbers homework.

And if there's anything that makes you wish your kids were still saying things like "night-night", it's that.

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We do lose the moments in time, but not all of them. For instance, it was just yesterday when I picked up Eldest Weasel from practice that she said for the first time "Can I drive home?" My first thought, "you're so silly" then the lightbulb went off and I thought to myself, holy crap, she can.
Actually, I love math.

The other day, my nearly-18-year-old-son asked, "When will Daddy be home?" I almost cried.
-->Meanwhile my almost 3-year old doesn't just say Mama to get my attention it's "MAMA Mama mama MAMA MAMA MAMA MAH-MA, MAMA!!"
With an 18-year-old and a 15-year-old, baby talk is so far in the past it's like hearing another lifetime. Except . . . when my husband gets home from work and my girls greet him at the door the door with "Daddy!" Yes, even at this age.
It's often the small moments that get lost unless we specifically stop and make a note of them. We are so busy in this life, that can be hard to do.
They grow up so quick! The upside is that they are able to make their own breakfast and help with housework (in a very-limited way). I am starting to prepare them for the day they will be taking care of me!
I blame Kindergarten, Kindergarten happens and everything changes. I hate it.
Dang it, woman, you made me teary!

(It may be hormone related, but still.)
That makes me tear up! There is nothing more precious than hearing a little one say "blankie".

what is it with the dirty socks all over the house...I can't get past them!

Oh and yeah the baby talk kinda just ends. We still have it with the 2 year old but even he is already starting to call us Mom and Dad!
I'm thinking those days might be a good thing for me...I announced in yesterday's administrative staff meeting that I needed to take a break and "go potty" . Ugh.
My daughter took a pic of herself recently walking into the mall and it blew her hair up in a certain way and the look on her face made her look so young. I've been calling her Baby Anna ever since. She gets so mad. lol
When my youngest learns to say "watermelon" instead of "yaddamewhoa" I will weep real tears.
I couldn't begin to guess at when these milestones in verbiage happened. I'm onto when my kids decided it was okay to say d@mn in front of me.
Great Post! It reminds me to slow down and enjoy every minute because our son won't be a baby forever.
Great Post! It reminds me to slow down and enjoy every minute because our son won't be a baby forever.
I am so lucky, I am still a mama and a mommy and a mom, but rarely a "Mother!" that is one great thing about having such disparate ages in the house; it lasts longer.
You get the eye-roll too???

Ah yes, 18; daughter is starting University in a few days and I am still teary-eyed at the memory of her first day of kindergarden.
Wow. I never noticed the day my son stopped saying night-night or when he stopped calling me Mama and started calling me Mom.

Now Im all teary eyed wishing for for those days gone past, if only for a moment.
My youngest is 3 so we still get night-nights, blankies and cuggles. What makes me realise they are growing up is when I come across an old baby toy - one they have not played with for ages yet when they were crawling or toddling it was their favourite toy.
i wouldn't worry about it until they call you "mother" and it's only HALF a word ;-)
this post really touched my heart. thanks for sharing.
You are awesome. Every single time.
I remember my mom having a talk with me, suggesting I should stop calling her mommy, and my dad, daddy. I think I was about 25.
It is starting to happen for us already. Getting more Dad's and Mom's, and I kid you not "Jim's" (My name).

Come on son, you are two. Call me Daddy!
When my son went from "loook! da-da" to "duuude check it out!" is beyond me. I really should have been more observant. Or less buzzed...
Awww. That reminds me of my littlest brother. He used to call Pooh Bear "Pear Boo", and it was the cutest darn thing ever. And then one day he just stopped, and we all wanted to cry.
This is way too true. Thanks for the reminder to pay more attention to the little things!
You are just awesome... That's it - just simply awesome! Enjoy the moments...
Not at the same point as you.
but, at the same feeling as you.

love you.
What a wonderful post. Kendall still calls me Mommy sometimes, affectionately. Come to think of it, so does Kyle. Awwwww.
aint that the truth! I remember when the word Potty was erased from our family's vocab.
I miss reading story books to my kids. I think I liked them just as much as they did...and cartoons like Little Bear. They still ask me to tuck them in though - at 13 & 10! *S*
I'm right there in the midst of it with my 3-year-old and 6-week-old, but am still conscious that everything will someday be different. When Vincenzo asks me for the 100th time to play castle-ninja-turtles with him I remember that there will be one day that he asks, and it will be the very last time he asks, and though I won't know it's the last time at the time, I will someday miss being asked to play castle-ninja-turtles with him. So I say "yes."
Wow. Bea's young life just flash-forwarded before my eyes. We're just saying those things now and burying each one in brain time capsules.
I know, Momo. Just grab those moments as they fly by and jam 'em in a box. Oh, and label them, cuz if you're like me, you'll forget by tomorrow. ;-)
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