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Thursday, August 13, 2009

What Togetherness Will Get You

I am currently with my husband and two kids in a place we lovingly refer to as the "boogie woods". We are deep in the hills of southern Ohio, where there is (egads) no wi-fi. What withdrawal? I am typing this from our cabin rental office. What blog addiction? Thank goodness we're heading home soon. I'm starting to itch.

Before our trip to the hills, we spent two days together at an amusement park. If the four of us haven't been in the car, we've either been in a little hotel room or in a very small, A-frame cabin.

Yesterday, we all took a canoe trip. Four of us, four paddles, four life-jackets, two fishing nets and a cooler in one boat. It was togetherness at its finest.

After about a half hour on the river, we noticed storm clouds rolling in and thunder started rumbling. We luckily found a concrete bridge under which we took shelter while pounding rain came down around us.

While we waited for the storm to pass, the kids began to get restless. I tried to think quickly and said, "Why don't we play a game? Let's go through the alphabet and take turns coming up with words that have to do with our vacation." My husband was at the back of the canoe, so I told him to go first.

He replied, "Okay. A is for arguing."

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Bwahahahahahah, isn't THAT the truth! Still, arguing aside, I hope your time together is well worth it.
And B is for bickering, and C is for crying and D is for.....

Home or away--it's been a long week for me as well.
I think I figured out where your son got his smart aleck tendencies from.

Also, Rage Against the Meshugenah arrived today. That was fast!

Hurry home, I miss reading you.
Bwahaha! What a funny man your hubs is.
Love your vacation wrap ups. You seem to do the same things in Ohio we do! And funny how it always ends with "argument", too. I smell a theme.
I just got back from 11 days in Hawaii w/my family. Too much togetherness. We were nearly strangling each other by the last day!
Isn't he clever? Heh.
Oh, it's so good to know that other people understand that there IS such a thing as too much togetherness!
omg, was he on my family vacation too?????
Waiting out storms under a bridge in a boat are what memories are made of. If the boat trip had been uneventful it would find a space in the cobwebs of time. :)
A nice little slice of Americana, right there. Thanks for the smile :)
Oh yeah. I needed this today, thank you!
:) and once again (*smile*) I am reminded of why I read your blog.
It took my sisters and I until we were in our 40s (last year) to go on vacation together and not argue. Of course the fact we can drink probably helped . . . a lot! Another thing that helped is that when we got "home" we all went to different homes.
Thanks to you, and hubby, for a great laugh!
Nice :) Daddy wit FTW. We haven't had a chance yet as a family (very, very sad realizaion) to be together, like THAT, yet. Can't wait to see what schenanagins ensue when we do though :)
Bahaha.. that is why we have yet to take a family vacation yet.. :)
A is for arguing. That's priceless. And sounds like every family trip we've ever had.
Your son gets his humor from somewhere. WTG dad! (his Mom's kinda funny too). 3 cheers for family time!
A is for awesome!
Ah, togetherness. This is the stuff that family memories are made of.
I love it. Whether it was said growly at the time or not, he created a priceless line for future family storytellings.
This made me laugh out loud. I hope there was F for fun times too.
I see your son has learned from his daddy. ;)
But it is this memory that will last with your kids for the rest of their lives. I bet they will remember this trip forever.

Ahahahaha! But it still beats hanging out around home for weeks...
It's not a family trip without a little disagreement, right?
That - is hilarious.
I have the biggest smile from that ... so HIM! Hilarious. Plus I'm thinking of you smiling to yourself and thinking, "Welp, there's my blog post!"
I've been told that being a quick thinker can be annoying to those around you. ~Mary

Let me guess. B is for...bickering?
B is for bugbites,
C is for canoes,
D is for deer in the woods,
E is for eating
F is for fun, family time together!!!!
I do hope the rest of your vacation was awesome [sans arguing] and [sans lack of internet] !
I hope you said B is for butthead.

A is for All. All the things you are used to.

Taking your lives somewhere nice includes the normal things you do.

I go to a beach house in NC in 2 weeks. I bring 2 laptops and wirelsss cards. LOL
AH, the joys of family vacation!
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