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Momo Fali's: Pride

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Last Saturday, my 10 year old daughter and I woke at 4:00am to volunteer at breakfast for the Special Olympics. My daughter worked, literally, like it was her job. Running from table to table, wiping them down, pushing in chairs, throwing away trash.

She worked so intensely that she was sweating, and at one point a man pulled me over to his table where a group of people told me they "had never seen a kid work as hard as the girl in the blue shirt". When my kid walked over, they gave her a round of applause. I got to puff up my chest and tell them she was mine.

My seven year old son's defective heart has been acting up lately. He's been complaining of a "funny a butterfly" and yesterday his cardiologist hooked him up to a monitor. He has five large leads stuck to his chest and he wore the monitor over his shoulder all day as he ran and played yesterday. He has been a perfect patient. I'm proud to be his mom.

My husband has been working like a maniac. Long, long hours at the office, then hours more from home in the late evening. He often doesn't eat dinner until 10:00pm, and stays up until the wee hours on his laptop. Then he gets up at 6:00am to walk both dogs, rain or shine, sleet or snow and on the weekends he spends lots of time with his kids. Everything he does, he does for his family. He is a good man.

As for being proud of myself? Well, at least I have that whole being able to hang a spoon on the end of my nose thing.

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You're doing more than hanging spoons, my friend. (and don't think I'm not going to insist on a demo at BlogHer);

You keep everyone else together: you take care of everybody, you run the house, and thousands of other specific things that don't need to be listed here. You are a great mom, wife, and friend. You are THE BEST. Be proud of yourself too! :)

I have heard the family is a reflection of the mom--I am positive this is the case here :)
You have much to be proud of. Including what a wonderful person you are.
And don't short yourself about the spoon thing. That is talent. I even did a video post about how impressed I was when Middle Weasel spent hours trying to perfect her technique.
You have every right to puff up your chest! Your daughter, son, husband AND you all sound like wonderful people!
Don't be shy. I have the feeling you have many talents and have probably been shortlisted for the next Nobel.

Great kids like yours are always a reflection of a parent's greatness. Puff up the pride, woman, you deserve it!!

p.s. hope test results for your son turn out ok!!!
I think you can take pride in raising some pretty great kids.

Like your first commenter said, you hold it all together. I applaud you.

That's a lot to be proud of. And I'm with Lisa: it's your support that keeps them going, keeps you all together.
Be proud of yourself, woman, be proud! You have so much going for you and are a sweetheart, too! Your family is wonderful as well. BTW, I envy you your spoon trick. You are talented on top of everything else!
I really wasn't fishing for compliments, guys! But, thanks.
Your kids sound great and great kids usually have great parents behind them! :)
Please send your husband a hug and a thank you from here, and your daughter, too. As for the monitor: a Holt or a King? Been there done both, one for a week, one for a month. I tell my kids we have to keep the landline because you can't phone in the results over a cell.

And yeah, walking around with wires coming from your chest poking out at your shirt bottom to a cell-phone size thing at your waist does tend to generate raised eyebrows and the occasional question. Tell your son I say he's doing a great job!
Great post. You sure have a great family to be proud of. Like the others have said those kids are certainly a reflection of their parents.
Obviously, you can do more than hang a spoon from your nose having raised TWO such amazing and wonderful children!!
lol, great family
I hate to sound repeatative..but it sounds like to me.. they get their awesomeness from their Mom & Dad..
While the spoon thing is impressive, I would have to agree the Wonder Kids get a lot of their awesomeness from the Wonder Parents. Nicely done!
The spoon hanging is good, but recognizing how blessed you are and being able to take those moments... that is the real talent! Kudos to you...
Oooo I want a demo at BlogHer, too. I've never figured out that trick :)

You're definitely doing a great job with your kids -- and I love that other people recognized your daughter, too. Fingers crossed all is well with your son, and that you get answers soon!
I'd definitely be as proud as you are and I can't wait for the day when I can experience the same with my family. Keep being proud!
An enviable talent, that spoon thing. Adn really, you get to claim these kids; not a talent, perhaps, but surely a blessing.
I'd be proud of such a great family too. The mum holds the family together - your children are who they are due partly to your molding and guidance, and your husband couldn't be who he was if you didn't support him emotionally/mentally etc.... So everything you wrote should make you proud of yourself too!
You are very blessed. And your family is very blessed to have you. I enJOYed this post very much. Hugs.
I wish I could hang a spoon from the end of my nose....
My 3 yr old niece keeps asking me to JUGGLE for her, of all things. I can't do that either.
You are awesome:) I know your family is proud of you too!
Hey, that is no small feat! Just don't tell them you had peanut butter on it.
You can be incredibly proud of yourself for creating such beautiful kids.

(well, Dado Fali can be proud too *wink*)

I'm really proud of your daughter too. What an awesome experience for her, and you both!

And of course my little man has been a star patient. Did we expect anything different?

I'm thinking each and every member of your family has plenty to feel proud of! What a great post.
Be proud of you children.... Thanks for sharing.....
Totally awesome. =) I hope the fluttery heart is nothing serious.
I wish I could hang a spoon off my nose.
I happen to know yr pretty damn amazing. smooches. I can't wait for blogher roomie! I can't wait for you to just take care of you! xo
What a great family. Shows that you have passed on some wonderful traits and qualities.
Oh yes. Now remember this next time your standing in line and your lovely children say soemthing so outrageous that you want to dig a hole and die. ---just saying, cause you know it is coming.
Such a wonderful that cannot be so wonderful without an amazing mother and wife ;)
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