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Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting to Know Me: Bag o' Meds Edition

These are my meds. Don't harass me and ask you to give you good stuff, because I don't have anything like that.

These are my prescriptions for asthma, insomnia, migraines, sinus problems, womanly stuff (is too a medical condition) and anxiety. You try having a kid who almost died twice and see if you're not a little anxious. Hearing words like "bacteria" or "swine flu" send me into a complete tizzy (is too a real thing).

My son actually tried to outdo me once. This was his collection during one of those aforementioned near death experiences. He is always trying to compete with me! That boy is such a one-upper. I have no idea where he gets it.

I have tried to go without my medications. I'm currently on a no-sugar diet to help control my headaches, I have tried St. John's Wort and Melatonin for insomnia, and my mom once put me on mega-doses of vitamin C to try to ease my breathing problems. FYI...if you try mega-doses of vitamin C, be prepared for your colon to hate you.

Though if you're colon does end up hating you, I think I have something for that.

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Make sure you pack everything you need for Thursday!
My Xanax is already in the bag ready to meet you!
Is it okay for me to be laughing?
ugh! I suffer from migraines, too. After years of research and thousands of dollars I figured out what, for the most part, keeps me from having them...
Water. Lots and lots of water. Free water. Do you know how conflicting it feels to be that angry (oh, if only I had known sooner) and relieved at the same time!?
Impressive collection. I have migraines - God what a thing to be cursed with - and Maxalt works great for me. In case you are ever looking for something new to try.
I feel so...inadequate?

I use melatonin sometimes; I think its benefits are more mental than physiological...
I won't even try to one-up you. I don't have a competitive bone in my body.
Do you have any problems boarding an airplane with all that medicine?
Enjoy BlogHer and don't forget to pack the meds!
Just have a good time, medicated or otherwise! : )
I am in the same boat. You should see the top of my microwave (where I keep medications) when my allergy problems start acting up.
I don't feel so bad. I thought I was the only one with a cabinet full of pill bottles....I think I'm up to 12 different scripts now.

I would give everyone up if I could just be healthy...and psst, I have the good drugs, too! :)
Wow, that is a haul. Must be fun a the airport.

(Opens trench coat)

I'm from Canada and can hook you up with some cheap meds...
Now that is a rather impressive collection of medications!

I thought I held the record for the most prescription medications in one cabinet, but you might take the lead now!
I recognize a couple of those...the asthma related ones. They took me off of Advair and put me on an inhaler version of the steroid in it called Qvar. It really helped last time my asthma triggered out of control.
You and I are tied, but I *may* have two or three more brain meds to take. Yay for medication!

Can't wait to HUG YOU!
I am only noticing how clean your counters are compared to mine.
eh. you're a lightweight ;-)
You're the giraffe in Madagascar! I LOVE HIM! I take a handful of meds but you have me beat, Miss One-Upper.
On the plus side, all the oral meds are filling, so they can be looked at as a diet aid.
That's impressive. Careful with the Vitamin C. You do like your liver, don't you?

I've used Valerian Root and it always knocks me out cold if I absolutely have to sleep. Like on an airplane. Or operating really heavy farm machinery.
You win. That's impressive. I'll know who's room to hit when my sinuses are stuffy and I have a migraine and am anxious from all the bloggers!
Personally I'm psyched for the "getting to know you: up close for realz" edition where I get to hug you in person in Chicago. Can't wait to meet you there!
Yikes. Hope you have a large suitcase for Blogher...

I recognize the Advair... I have been on that too for asthma. Isn't it fun sucking in dust???

Have a great time, and don't forget anything, K?
I'm all for holistic cures, just don't let it go to far if you don't get any relief.
I definitely know where you are coming from with the anxiety meds. My boy did me in too!
Being a "med free" guy.
I feel for you.

As a Pharmaceutical Supply Network Engineer....

sure you have enough?
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