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Momo Fali's: I Can't Compete With That

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Can't Compete With That

Among our group of friends, I am lovingly referred to as a "one-upper". Someone tells a story, and I come back with something to top it.

If you reflect on the time you were driving in a snowstorm, I will tell you a story about walking through a blizzard and not being able to see two feet in front of me. If you were rear-ended by a car, I'll tell you about the time I was hit by a semi.

My two favorite words in conversation are, "That's nothing." But really, a girl can't help it if she's that irritating interesting.

But, my husband is the master competitor. It doesn't take much to get him defensive either. If you could declare a winner in conversation, he'd be sure to snag the gold medal. Though that medal would come at the expense of the other person. A person who ends up an exhausted heap on the floor crying, "Uncle! For the love of bacon...UNCLE!"

Last night, the two of us went to a concert. I had been painting and scraping wallpaper all day (You've scraped wallpaper? I've scraped nine layers.) and barely made myself presentable before running out the door. When we got to the stadium, I realized I had forgotten to put my wedding ring on.

As I do a hundred times a day, I went to rub my thumb against my rings. Only I didn't feel metal, just bare skin. I turned to my husband and said, "Aw! I forgot to put my rings on! I rub them all the time and it feels so weird when they're missing".

He asked, "You rub them?"

I said, "Yeah. Not consciously, but I rub them all the time."

He replied, "Well, I do this...". And then he turned into Mr. Competitive, and licked his wedding band.


That's a smart man, that one. ;-)
It is because you are so interesting! It must be or I, too, will have to put myself in the irritating category. It isn't my fault that I have had bad luck, embarked on so many doomed adventures or chosen companions so unwisely, but it is my right to share the resulting stories. I can't help it.
huh. that's NOTHING.

my husband plays ring toss with his.

Oh that's nothing; MY husband ugh, forget it. I suck at competitive comments ;)
He sure beat you with that move. He wins again!
Oh yeah? I take mine SHOPPING!
It takes a very strong woman to admit this...but at least you aren't Penelope.
You guys are my kind of people. We should all run away together sometime.
oh yeah well i would have TAKEN that ring and put it ....

Boys are weird. We'd win everything if they'd just go back to their home country.
omg .... LOL
You ain't seen nothing yet. Next time I see you? I'm ten upping you.
Smarty..."If you can't be with the one you love"
Yeah, that's a little wierd.

Thanks for letting me know I don't have the only wierd husband out there.
hmmm, I guess you both know what the other likes best....assuming you think of you spouse as you each molest your rings.
Of course he did. Funny funny
ok...that is hysterical. i'm sure the fact that you rub your rings was shocking to him. but he got you on that one for sure!
There are some competitions you should be happy to lose. :P
Sometimes losing is a good thing.

ROFL! He's hilarious!
Now that is love! LOL!
LMFAO! He's a gem!
Oh, *I* can tell one better than *that*!... (Actually, no, I can't.)

Don't sweat the one-upping. It's just a normal feature of being good at seeing the stories in normal life.
You two were meant f.or each other
Nothing wrong with some friendly competition between loved ones.
And now I see where the son gets it from!
If you're ever mad at him, just say something like "Hey, I just jabbed myself in the eye with a fork." Then stand back.
LMAO!!! That's a riot!!! And I want to party with guys go to concerts quite a bit, no? See, now you should start you're One-ups with, "AND then this one time at band camp...."
ha! he is a keeper!
I like him!!! LOL!
awww! a man after your own heart!
LOL - the sight of that must've been something else!

P.S. Drop by when you get a chance? I've nominated you for the "Kick Ass Blogger" Club ;)
Ha, ha, ha. I thought, what on earth can he do to top that? That's what.
lol good one. Your family is full of zingers.
Thanks for the laugh!!!
OK, uncle - I must confess to being a "one upper" sometimes, too. Very funny...
does he have a blog?
You know, it'd be easy to jump on your bandwagon and mock him, but, as you already know deep down, he totally won.

Heh heh, catching up. I was going to say it's nice that he kissed your ring, but erm, it sounds a bit rude so I won't.
Bad Jo.
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