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Momo Fali's: Getting to Know Me: Bed-Head Edition

Friday, July 17, 2009

Getting to Know Me: Bed-Head Edition

This is me in the morning. You screamed, didn't you? Because of my insomnia, I'm both a night-owl and an early bird. You would look bad too.

Note the oily skin, black circles under my eyes and the surly expression which stays until I've had a cup of coffee. Thank you, God, for electricity and for whoever had the idea to grind up coffee beans and run hot water over them.

Ironically, back in the 80's I tried to get my hair to look like this...only with bigger bangs. Thank you, God, for curling irons, teasing combs and Aqua Net.

Tell me boys and girls, do you get up early or stay up late. Or, if you're a sorry sucker like me, both?

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Both, my dear.

I'm off today, and I have been up since 4
It's a good thing there's no time to sleep at BlogHer anyway.
Is there something wrong with me? Because I think you look great.
see, i think you're gorgeous!!
just don't breathe on me, ok?
i can NOT wait to meet you!!!!!!
you are HAWT! crossing my fingers I get to see you looking this way at BlogHer! *wink wink*
When I am in a play I regularly get only 3 hours of sleep a night. Eventually it takes a toll.

;) J/K... we could be sisters with that look.

This past week I've been both a night owl and early riser... or to be more precise, an all-night cougher-never-get-to-sleeper.

Stupid flu.
I think I look like that right now.
But you definately make it look better than I do!
you look infinitely better than i do in the morning, hon.

wish i were going to blogher this year. i'd totally make out with you.
I'm both too. And you look fabulous.

I think your hair looks pretty awesome.

I'm normally a sleeper - tucked in my 11 and I'll sleep as late as I can possibly get away with.

The last few weeks I've been to bed LATE - 12 or 1 - and up at normal time - 7ish.

You are brave lass!
I have never really outted myself on my blog.
Well there was the one time when I showed off my face while wearing a miracle face cream. People said I looked like a Mime. Such insults!

It's true, bed head was so desirable, who knew it was just as easy as late to bed, early to rise.
You know of course, that when you click on the picture it gets big. Really big. I knew I liked your style!
Your enthusiasm is infectious. Lately, I've been doing that sleep for 4 hours but feel like you went for a run thing. I love it so sarcastically.
For me, it depends upon a lot of factors. Most often, the predominant factor is the disposition of my five-year-old, and whether he goes to bed late or gets up early.

On my own, I'm a morning person. I think I'm the only one in the family.
That look says you're ready to eat any small children that may cross your path. I have the same look. Mine helps me to reinforce to my kids I'm not a morning person, I'm not interested in breakfast, and I don't function without coffee.

Perhaps I'd be better if I didn't stay up all night, but it seems late night is the only time I can just have peace and quiet. Why waste that time sleeping, right?
Well, I'm a night owl but with kids I'm forced to get up way earlier than I should. We need a pill that will allow us to stay up late, wake up early and get the rest needed. Someone needs to get on that...
Sleep is for the weak. All the best infomercials are on overnight anyway.

You look cute.
You rock!
Is it wrong that I'm sitting here thinking that your skin looks great?

I stay up way too late and get up way too early.. thank goodness that nobody expects me to sleep at BlogHer ;-) I'll run on the giddy high of all y'all and then crash when I get home!
BTW ~ love that green color on you ;-)
and a picture of me in the morning.. yowza.. MWAH
I'm a night owl. I wouldn't be an early riser AT ALL except for a pesky little thing known as my children.
you look great - especially if you haven't had any sleep or coffee?! And I remember that hairdo...

I'm currently stuck in an insomnia state as well, this baby belly is getting to big to get comfy!
Please, I don't look that good even after my first cup of coffee! I don't think you can take a bad photo. Ok, the surly expression isn't nice, but the rest of you looks fine. Even the black circles under your eyes have a certain finesse.
I'm an afternoon person if left on my own. But, I've been doing the insomnia routine for so long, I don't know what I am anymore. Get up early, stay up late, yes that's all me.
Now go get some coffee.. .
You're adorable. I wish my hair looked that good when I woke is all bunched up in a hair tie that went wacky.
I'm glad I had swallowed my tea before opening this post. You are my new hero. Awesome look you've got going there.
-->There is NO WAY I would post a picture of what I look like in the a.m. It would scare small children.
Yer still hot, chickie. And nothing a good cup of joe wouldn't take care of.

I am usually a morning person, but have been working on staying up past nine to prep for BlogHer. Do you think I'll look funny at the People's Party wearing pj's?
You carry it lady.

And I'm from the permanently tired stable.
This summer I have definitely been burning the candle at both ends!
You are HOT! :)

Though I normally go to bed by about 10:30 under normal circumstances (i.e. when my husband is home & not traveling), I really enjoy staying up late late late because I am very productive late at night.

But I also am productive early, so I get up super early too!
Smokin! :D

Last night I went to bed at 2 and got up at 6. A bit less than usual, but still..I don't sleep much either.

I don't know how people that go to bed at 10 o'clock get anything done. :D
You look better than I will after my weekend of plays ;)
I prefer to go to bed early and get up early--rarely happens in the summer :0
Both... You look better than me in the morning time gal! lol
I also think you look great-- I smell a rat. I wanna see the real picture, now.

I stay up way too late and get up at what most people would consider a normal time, around 8 usually. But I stay up so late it FEELS really early. Does that count?
I would love to look like that first thing--you're beautiful. I know you're not fishing for compliments, and I know that photo looks less than ideal to you, but, add a smile to it and you're what I aspire to. Hang in there!
You call that "bedhead?!" Oy. Your hair looks like what Hollywood tries to pass off as bedhead in movies. I'm not buying it. :)

I'd like to say I'm a night owl, but the child changed all that.
Sadly, for my husband, I do both. Sad for him because if I can't sleep, he doesn't get much either, wink wink nudge nudge. I'd give it all up for some real sleep though.
It's a sexy look! You look hawt Momo!
No, I didn't scream. I am used to looking at myself in the morning so I quite used to the moring look.

Me = Sorry Suka
I am like you. I do both.
I get up early AND I make the coffee!
After 2 cups, I'm good to go!
Both, all the way.
OOOOO Lord, girl, you need some sleep for sure!
Oh darling, I feel as if you have thrown down a gauntlet. Because I Know I look worse in the morning. Where is the crease on your face, the hot side flush and the cold side? The drool? The fuzz and frizz?

Oh I am so very tempted to prove that I look way worse in the morning.
Momo- That is some bed head. On my site, on the pictures on the side (it rotates between pictures so may not be up there on first click) where my daughter is in front of me with winter boots and a t-shirt on- I believe that is bed head that I have there too. It's not as apparent with shorter hair. I am more of an evening person. I used to be a morning person, a long time ago. If I don't get a change to say it- Have fun on your trip next week! -Jason
Momo- That is some bed head. On my site, on the pictures on the side (it rotates between pictures so may not be up there on first click) where my daughter is in front of me with winter boots and a t-shirt on- I believe that is bed head that I have there too. It's not as apparent with shorter hair. I am more of an evening person. I used to be a morning person, a long time ago. If I don't get a change to say it- Have fun on your trip next week! -Jason
I was expecting something irrepressibly matronly. Not. You look defiant but cute. Don't sweat it.
Now that is hawt hair. Admit it.

Hey, is that an Ambien stuck in your hair?
The other day, I had to get up at 6am. Having been sleeping in all summer, it was QUITE a RUDE awakening. I don't know how I'm going to get up at 5am ever again. I'm a night owl-If I could stay up til 1 or so every night and sleep til ten, I'd be in heaven.
You are ADORABLE! I heart you <3
you totally look like a back up singer, dancer for AC/DC. and I mean that in a good way!

My sleep schedule is dictated by the little people. If I could have my way I'd go to bed at 8pm wake up at 8am, have a nap from 3-6pm and start the cycle all over again.

My sister got over her insomnia with acupunture. she is a whole new person.
Wow, that's some crazy bedhead!

I'm an early to bed early to rise kinda guy(though before kids it was the exact opposite. I was up at 5:30 this morning, ran, and got showered before the coffee pot even turned itself on!
Awwwwww. I love this photo of you. Poor thing!

I am a night person by nature, but lately I've been getting up earlier and earlier which I am NOT liking!

PS: I KIND OF miss the days of Aqua Net!
I'm kind of neither. I'm usually up naturally before 8 (but for work around 6:30), and I generally try to be in bed early. I'm just weird. I like my sleep and am not overly pleasant when I don't get enough of it.
That's HOT.
And, I work night shift, because I'm a night owl and was born for this stuff.
I HATE insomnia. I had 30 great years of sleep until I had kids and I have slept through the night maybe eight times since then. And my kid is 4.
this early bird finally gave up after about 20 years of hanging out with night owls :/

you look great
I'm kinda diggin the look....
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