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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Yesterday morning, my seven year old son was playing in our back yard. I looked out the window to see him talking to himself...non-stop.

I watched for a few minutes then I walked outside and asked, "Who are you talking to?"

He replied, "My friends."

"What friends?"

He held out his arm and pointed toward the garage, "The cars. The cars are my friends."

I found this oddly comforting. Not the fact that my son was going all David Hasselhoff on me, but because these friends of his were real objects.

When my daughter was young, she had an entire entourage of imaginary friends. Friends we couldn't see. We would get in a lot of trouble when one of them was sitting on the couch and we didn't realize it. For the record, you can smash something that isn't even there.

Her favorite friend was Simba. Simba went everywhere with us. Simba ate with us, watched TV with us and even ran errands with us.

And, one time, we accidentally left Simba in a church pew.

After Mass, as the entire congregation was beginning to exit the church, we stood at the back of the building trying to comfort our crying daughter who was throwing a fit because we were leaving her friend behind.

Trying to talk sense into her did no good. Our little girl was crushed. So we did the only thing we could think of doing. People watched as my husband walked back to our empty pew, grabbed at the air, "picked up" Simba and delivered him to our daughter's waiting arms.

Now do you see why I'm happy about my son's new friends? You can't take an SUV to church. Though I will say, his friends do cost more to feed.

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And they can't argue about a distinct absence of friends.
Let's see you explain why you need to change his friends oil and lube its chassis, though.
You'd better hide the keys so he and his friends don't go joyriding. :)
Just wait until he has a fight with his friends and you have to have them towed.

I still miss my imaginary friends. good thing they'll be at BlogHer!
Aw. That is too adorable about your daughters Imaginary Friend Simba! And how awesome of your husband to go back and GET Simba from the pew.

But, yes, I can see why you are happy your son's friends are at least visible!
That's funny! My sister's imaginary friend was Popeye, and mine was Benji (the dog).
LOL--but what will you do when your son DOES want to bring his friends to Mass? ;)
I got me some friends too! :D

That is too cute!
Are the cars at least backed into the garage, so he can talk to their faces?
Wow, I bet he feels popular. Or are only YOUR cars his friends?
This story is so sweet.

Almost makes me wish that my kids had an imaginary friend. Almost.
Oh my. Per the usual. Your kids are really the most interesting ones on the block.
You have very creative children! They have interesting friends. I bet you're never bored!
He makes friends easily. Live a happy life, he will.
I would be happy too. I don't get imaginary friends. I guess I just always talked to myself.
I totally get this because I once had to return to the bathroom at a road trip pit stop because my daughter had left her imaginary cell phone on the counter when she was washing her hands. She's three.
My imaginary friend was a bouncy ball. My imaginary friend went bouncing into the street, down a hill, and into traffic. My imaginary friend was never seen again. I think your son's imaginary friend ran over my imaginary friend. That's sad.
I think imaginary friends are so cute, and although I've read plenty of blog stories like this I have to admit that my children never had an imaginary friend. But my 7 year old daughter has an imaginary horse. When it got to -5C two nights ago she wanted to bring the horse inside, and I was happy to go with the flow but the horse couldn't fit through the door. (We didn't find this out until all the warm air from inside the house had been replaced by all the icy wind from outside.)
i had an imaginary friend once. my mom hated her because she had to walk holding her hand too, and she always told me that it made her look like an idiot. ha ha ha. at least i could make her look like an idiot. she deserved it ;)

as for your son?

Ahahahaha! That was great! Poor Simba... maybe he wasn't finished praying yet?

My daughter nor I ever had imaginary friends. I now kinda wish we had.
Can't say I've ever done anything like that but hey.

I had a paper secretary once. Will have to write a post about that.

But its nice they have imagination. A lot of kids these days are led by media and toys designed for no thought.
LOL-very cute post!!! lilest bean never had imaginary friends BUT she swears she 'sees people' should I be concerned?
Too funny. I wish I was there to see that. Your husband sounds like a good man.
I had imaginary friends as a child and my brother tormented me by stomping on them.
I need therapy...
are we not supposed to talk to our cars? :p
I am totally picturing a scene where I explain that Simba is your responsibility, and if you are not mature enough to take care of Simba, then we will think twice before allowing you to have another imaginary friend.
...and then I have my head examined.
I accidentally left my daughter's imaginary friend, O.M., at home on our front porch the other day. I apparently didn't give her enough time to get in the car.
That is too cute. I remember one day when my middle brother was having a particularly rough time, being over tired and such, and his imaginary friend drank all of his milk. Tears and wailing ensued. (followed by naptime I think)
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