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Monday, July 27, 2009

Forget's Chicago that Rocks

I learned many things at the blogging conference I just attended in Chicago. There were a lot of sessions, and speakers, and sponsors...and parties.

The first thing I learned is that you can't physically be in three different places at once, no matter how hard you try. The moment I arrived, I had a trio of gatherings to attend. I chose to go to a volunteer meeting where the coordinator told us not to show up at our 7:00am shift hungover. Which led me to raise my Corona in the air in agreement and exclaim, "Hear hear!"

I also found out that no matter how much you love your roommate, you may not like her as a bedmate. Unless, of course, you like waking up with another woman lying on half of your body with her face nuzzled in your neck. Did I mention the snoring?

I learned invaluable information, such as how to use your Blackberry to find a dive bar near the Sears Tower that serves $3.00 margaritas and cheese-stuffed pretzels. I found out that you can pay a bum to show you to the train station and that meeting your favorite bloggers is kind of like meeting your best friend and a celebrity all at the same time. That's not my line, it's his.

I was taught that free beer is awesome, sun-dried tomato and goat cheese canapé turns to paste in your mouth and that deep-fried macaroni and cheese may be the world's most perfect food. Though you may want to have a defibrillator handy.

I found out that my favorite author is more than amazing in person and that she won't sign her latest book when it's a copy you checked-out from the library and carted to Chicago. What? I was totally going to pay the library to replace it. Don't judge me, people.

If it wasn't for the conference, I wouldn't have been educated in how to drive a Tahoe (thanks for the loaner, Chevy), how to win an iPod Touch (thanks for the raffle, Hanes) and how to find hidden hotel suites giving out free clothes (thanks for the shirt and jeans, GAP).

And finally, I learned that it is great to see old friends and that you shouldn't take Ambien before saying goodbye to your new friends, because when they are hugging and crying, you'll be laughing and chasing unicorns.

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Meeting you FINALLY and hugging you and then spending time with you... a total highlight of my weekend.

ADORE YOU and all your gorgeousness.
Were the unicorns in the form of a creepy looking cake? Just wondering.

Nom nom...deep fried mac and cheese! I had way too many of those.

One of my fave times this weekend was just the 5 of us (you, me, Piper, Secret Agent Mama, and Patron). We'll always have Chicago! :)

It was such a love fest; I don't think I'll truly get off of this high for several weeks. xoxo
I really wished you actually lived in Columbus, Indiana. And I'm also pretty much over the whole you're not a big Polynesian woman thing.
Sounds like a truly awesome weekend!
And that you will need a week to recover!

Thanks for taking Flat Bad Momma. She is safe with my brother and staying for an extended vacation in Chicago. I can't get her to talk. Must have been some time!
I so wish I was there.
Awesome recap Momo.
Momo, I was SO happy to meet you. You were truly one of the people I most wanted to meet and I hope we get together sooner than later since SERIOUSLY!! We don't live very far away!
I miss my tall blonde friend already!
(We should form a crime-fighting duo...we could get CAPES!!!)
...and now the entire internet knows I snore. Would hate you a little if you weren't so damn snuggly!

Glad you made it home safe. Thanks for lettin' me bum a ride!!
But did you drink a Busy Dad with Busy Dad?
Glad you had a great time!

also a little curious as to how Weaselmomma's gonna feel by being linked to under "old"...
It was so great to see you! Sorry we did not connect ovah cocktails. I had 3 days of consecutive hangovers but not one of those fun nights was spent hanging out with you!!! Next year, Momo, next year.

sounds like a FAB time-even the 'bedmate' lol
I so wish i could have gone and am so envious of those of you that did...maybe next yr
After reading everyone's posts about the BlogHer convention, I must say I look forward to my first one. I'm glad you had a great time. I'm sorry I couldn't meet up with everyone at some point. Life is an interferring b*****d! I'm tipping my Miller Lite to you!
It sounds like it was such a great time!!! Congrats on all the stuff you won and even bigger smiles for all the fun you had :)
I hope one day we have Blogher in Dallas so you can have Shiner Bock--it really is the best ;)
There were free Gap clothes? Thanks for hogging that fun information you big 'ho.

Oh um, it's me - Carolyn. We met outside. We drank Miller Lite together. You remember... Right?
How fun! Did you take photos? If so, we would love to see them! Happy Monday!
Yes, you have to post pictures. Embarassing ones preferred. jk.

And the library book thing. I believe you. Really.
I also believe deep-fried macaroni and cheese IS the world's most perfect food!

Jen Lancaster is an amazing author. She rocks!
Dude. NYC next year. That's my hood. I'm in... Looking forward to more formally making an ass out of myself in front of my peers...
Glad you had a good time...and dude, Ambien is evil, huh? :)
I loved seeing you for the first three times and being on the phone and going MOMO! into my phone and my friend going "Huh?" and having to stop being awestruck and having to go back to talking on my phone and pretending that I didn't just see you AND PIPER walk past me three times.

But at least I got to hug you both numerous times throughout the weekend.

I already miss you!
You are the best. Is your liver still hurting? Because Bossy couldn't stop quoting you for the rest of sunday.
I have yet to meet another blogger face to face and can't WAIT until next year. Thanks for sharing the stories.
Yup. That was one hell of a conference.
one day, ms. momo. one day...
"Unless, of course, you like waking up with another woman lying on half of your body with her face nuzzled in your neck."

If this is the norm, I'm in for next year's meeting.
It was a treat to meet you, Momo. You're a peach :)
So glad we got to meet!
I am SO happy you had such a great time and wish I could have joined you! But still, Whoo Hooo!!!
You are a total celebrity in my world. And an awesome friend. So how much will the picture of us fetch on TMZ?
So, so great to meet you.

See you next year, hotness ;)
Another round of delicious Miller Lite? Why, thank you, let's get two. Each.

I said it on a few other's blogs, and I'll say it here: the good news is that I can live vicariously through your postings about this great event!
It sounds heavenly! Can't wait to go next year!

(laughing and chasing unicorns sounds pretty cool to me!)
I hated not being able to meet you at Blogher! (darn having to leave early)

Maybe next year. :)
Spending time with you at the $3.00 Patron Place is such a great memory. Hugging you every time I saw you is another great memory. Being your friend is a great honor, my dear.

Sounds like you had a good time, except for the sleeping arrangement.
I'm glad I finally got to meet you. I wish I had had more time to chat when I wasn't so freaking brain dead.
Lovely recap. And I THINK we met (still processing). I was with Kathy from The Junk Drawer. She was so thrilled to see you at Day 1 Registration. BlogHer 10, here we come!
I was so glad to meet you in Chicago, only I wish I'd actually hung out with you more, rather than just squeal and hug and squeal again!

Just getting back from a vacay after BlogHer and catching up...
Sounds incredible! And YAY for awesome free stuff!
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