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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Little Picasso

Long-time readers may remember these pictures my son drew of me and my husband. Let's see if he's advanced in the last year, shall we?

This is me. I am happy that he gave me legs that go all the way to my neck, but my square hair-cut isn't very flattering. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mommy Scissorhands.

This is my husband. As you can see by the size of his pecs, he's been working out. The look of shock on his face is probably a reaction to the fact that I cleaned the bathrooms, because with as hairy as he is, those drains can get pretty clogged. Maybe I should give him a trim.

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You forgot to mention your club foot.

But the drawings are very cute! Put those in the "keeper" file!
I need to get a doo like that before July.
Your picture is awesomeness..

But your husband has a head shaped like a carrot.. that made me LOL.
Your hair, though square, covers your head. Your husband's is balanced precipitously, as though at any moment it might slip to the floor.

Great pictures!
Perhaps you could use this as your Driver's Licence photo. Fabulous artwork.
so adorable... funny how that's an acceptable image for a man, but if it been a child's drawing of his mother, let's say, major vodka consumption would commence...
Definitly a budding young artist. How flattered you both must be!!
Tara R: driver's license photo! *snerk* That's funny! But then, I once had one so bad even the DMV guy said, no. No. Let's take that one over.

I'd gone to push my glasses up and the camera made it look like I had my finger up my nose.
My God -- you're married to a carrot head.

But still better than Carrot Top.
Great pictures! You definitely have a budding artist on your hands! Love your 'do!'
Have to love who we are in the eyes of a child.
These are AWESOME. Keep 'em coming!
good thing you have those scissorhands! lol
You sure those aren't pom poms you are holding? Been playing cheerleader, have you?
Dad must be a hairy dude to inspire that drawing. He probably stays warm in the winter.
I'm so glad I found your blog today! This post is great! I have masterpieces my children created when they were little- love em! enJOY your day!
That second picture reminds me that I need to shave my legs.
Haha, too cute.
Aw, those are just great. At least when you show him these when he is older, you have your blog to remind you of your first reactions... which will undoubtably make him laugh too.
Don't be too bummed about the flat head; now you'll always have a place to set your beer!

And I think you're misinterpreting the hair: I think his arms should actually be used for trimming hedges. Or taking down branches less than 5 inches in diameter. Just a thought.
very cute; however, I will now be having nightmares about caterpillar man and spider-hand woman.
I Love them! That is hilarious about Daddy's hairs. And head hair!

I laughed out loud at AlisonH's comment, because, from what I've always heard, the BMV people never offer to take a picture over! Years ago, my mom's friend begged to have her picture taken over, since she just looked up from putting her purse down and it looked like her chin was melting down off her face. Nope!
You seem to have one club foot and Daddy is wearing leg & arm tassles....
Your face kinda looks like a puppy's. Maybe it's true what they say about people who start to look like their pets.
Those are so awesome I don't even know what to say. I can't wait for my own son to start drawing!!
Oh, I love these.

Nathan did one last fall of the entire family and it was so great that I framed it and put it on the mantle.
Mommy Scissorhands with a club foot it looks like!

these must be framed!
At least you've got a beautiful smile. Heh.
wow :P love the hair. In all my days around kids I've never seen anything like that. He's just cool like that.

I should have my 4yo draw me...
I think he wants to make sure he doesn't make either of you too attractive, so no one steals you from him. Or he has a wicked sense of humor. Or, as I suspect, both. ~Mary
I think you both look excellent!
I so heart the art my kiddos create! So sweet.

I love these drawings! Your son is even cuter on paper!
You seriously entertain me! Love the commentary!
hahahaha, love it.
Just saw the older drawings... He has improved.. Love how his drawing have 'filled out' now. :) Even funnier is your interpretation of them!! :)
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