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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Maybe I Need Eye Spackle Instead

Friday afternoon, I picked up my daughter at school, ran home to pick up the puppy, took her to the vet (then took her back home after her appointment), then quickly got my son and his gear together and drove him to t-ball practice. Also, what else is new? This is why I sometimes forget to breathe.

After practice, the kids and I stopped by a carry-out for some Corona milk then drove home to make a quick pit-stop before heading out to a cookout. On the way home I gave everyone jobs so that we could get to our friends' house on time, because I knew they were waiting on us.

I told my son, "Your jobs are to take off your cleats, put your socks down the laundry chute, go to the bathroom, wash your hands and grab your Crocs."

Then I looked in the rear view mirror at my daughter and said, "You let both dogs out and feed them."

She nodded then asked, "What are your jobs?"

I replied, "I'm going to give the puppy her medicine, give your brother his medicine, and I need to touch up my makeup."

My daughter questioned me, "Makeup? Why do you need to do that?"

I tried to reassure her that I wouldn't be cutting into her play time. "I just need to touch up under my eyes."

"Oh. I can understand that."

I sarcastically replied, "Gee, thanks!"

"No, Mom. Just because you don't get enough sleep and you always look so tired."

"Uh. Thanks, again!"

"Wait. I mean, everyone needs eye makeup, but especially you."

My daughter. The girl can dig herself in a hole and she doesn't even need a shovel.

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kids. gotta love them.
or just keep them locked in their rooms.
Ouch *L* I get that kinda thing too. Fun, no? really have a laundry chute?

My 2 year old is already starting. Every time he sees me without pants he says, "Your bottom!" and giggles.
Nice. Email me and I have the perfect solution for you. It's like Magic eraser for your face, but not really because it covers and doesn't remove, but you know what I mean.
Hmm...sounds like my daughter! WE are both honest to a fault!
Guys are pretty good at stating the obvious too (well, obvious to us, well, um,I'll shut up now)
Kids say the darndest things.

And make you wanna kick a puppy.
She needs to hang out with my 5yo--after lunch: 'well, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.'
Ouch! Thankfully my 3 yo isn't that honest, but I can see the day coming.
And she thinks she's being helpful and kind. Tact=empathy+learning how to apply said empathy. She'll get there, she's trying.
At least she noticed.
Hey, at least you know she's honest :/
Haha, oh dear. At least you know she didn't mean it the way it came out. ;)
I thought only us husbands could dig holes that deep.
ha ha, mine say, "Who hit you? Do you have two black eyes? Oh, right, couldn't sleep again? Now what's for dinner?"
tee hee....gotta love kids. they can lift you up.....and smack you down. LOL
If you find a place to buy eye spackle, let me know. I could use a gallon or two of the stuff myself.
At least she didn't tell you that you smell. I get that from my kids all the time!
Hey, tell her that's a good skill to have (snickers) I have it too ;)
Kids just ooze compliments,don't they? Mine are pretty blunt with me at times. Now, if you turned it around, they'd probably cry or pout. I gave up on makeup when I was 13. It was torture on my eyes to wear it. My attitude now is, this is how I am. Sometimes I have such dark circles under my eyes that even eye spackle wouldn't cure it. Cute post.
bwahahaha ;-) damn.

I just snorted Diet Dr Pepper out my nose. Poor you. ;-)
Kids, honest, brutal and just lovely ;-)
Hahaha! Just drink more Corona. Eyebags don't matter as much when you're happily passed out.
At least she was being fair and making sure you had "jobs" too... Fairness and honesty - you can't go wrong with that. Hope the Corona was good (I know it was well deserved)
Hah! Well I suppose it's better her telling you than someone on the street.
Oh, I am dreading the day the Emily is older.

Today, she told me that I was beautiful, a Princess, and her Best Friend.

Fast forward a few years and I'll be right here with you.
Too cute...sounds like my life story! ha-ha

My father said ALMOST the same thing to me last week! And he's 60 years old. You'd think he would KNOW better!
So delicately put, huh?
From Kendall (age 6 at the time), in the shower with me (two showerheads), patting her belly. "My belly is just like your belly, only yours looks a little puffy, like there's a baby in it, but really there isn't." Out of the mouthes of babes.... Her body is EXACTLY like mine; she'll get hers...
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