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Friday, May 22, 2009

I Blame Wikipedia

Last night, my ten year old daughter played in the first round of softball playoffs for her spring league (regular season champions, thankyouverymuch).

Even though she worked on homework from the time she got home from school until the time we left for the game, she still had a bundle of it left to finish after her shower. Because her teacher allows it and because it was almost 9:30 PM, while she completed her math, I worked on typing a report for her. I didn't change her writing, no matter how much it killed me not to.

I typed that paper word for word. Okay, okay...there was one exception.

Her report on slave turned activist, Sojourner Truth, had facts...I'll give her that, but I'm pretty sure she took a little liberty with the sentence, "I think Sojourner Truth had a great sense of humor".


Ya never know Sojourner may have been a frickin riot! ;)
well, she did have a funny name - that means good sense of humour, right?
Forever the optimist. Got to love that.
That's logical. With a first name like Sojourner, you'd have to have a good sense of humor or you'd lie about our name.
Hey, at least she knows what's important in life!

And dang, I would love to have been able to type my daughter's stuff. When she was younger, it was very painful to watch her take an hour to hunt and peck a single paragraph. Thank God for school pc classes!
Now that's pretty funny. I picked up a book by Sojourner recently. There's a picture (drawing) of her on the front cover. She's not smiling!
i don't know... maybe that's a really insightful thing for her to say.
She must have meant Sanjay from American Idol.
Our next great blogger in the making...
Awesome blog, today was my first visit and I'm hooked.
And did you laugh when you read that?... It's a family gift there, you know.
If any of the sentences in her report used the words "FAIL" or "Tweeps", you'd have a very strong blame case.
yay. i don't clean up my kids papers either...when I'M typing them!! :)
That's neat that you can do that to help speed things up. Best of luck to her in the playoffs!
I would have had to stop ten times to laugh if I did that for mine; fortunately, I don't ever have to because they type better than i do!
Are you sure she didn't put that in there just to make you laugh? ;)
Funny addition to the facts. Maybe she enjoyed knock-knock jokes.
Your daughter clearly has a great sense of humor! How cute!
That's too funny! As a teacher, every once in awhile I typed out a student's paper for him/her and I'd actually go back and undo the spellchecks that Word automatically did. As a teacher-turned-parent, I wish I had assigned less homework during my teaching years!
Sojourner Truth didn't have a great sense-of-humor? What are you telling me, girl? That some information on Wikipedia is incorrect? I'm going to go add that line to a variety of entries on Wikipedia. Just for fun. Biographies like Hitler's or Freud's or Stalin's.
I always thought she was a real knee slapper too.
She's actually at the improve next week.
I've got an award waiting for you at my place! xoxo
You have The Best Kids...EVER!!
the times she hosted Saturday Night Live was my favorite!
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