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Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby Fay

Today is Grandparent's Day at my kids' school. Of course, my son is sick which means he'll be missing this valuable opportunity to entertain the masses. So, for your listening pleasure, here is seven seconds of him singing for you, as he did for anyone who would listen while we were out running errands on Friday.

This includes everyone at my husband's office, random people on the playground and every employee at LensCrafters.

And, if anyone from our county agency is watching, maybe we can end our 11 month-long battle about whether or not my son needs speech therapy.

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I loved this and so did my 5 year old who made me keep replaying it.
What a talent! And he knows how to work the camera, too.
Aw...come on! I want the whole song!
What a cutie pie.
Seriously. Where is the REST of the video? He was robbed!

Baby Fay.... that's entirely too cute.
I'm with Kathy. You can't leave it that short and expect us to be satisfied!

Encore, encore!

(i don't know if that's the only part of the song he knows or what, but throw us a bone Momo! He's so cute!)
He's adorable. And he loves to sing for strangers. I'm sure there's a way you can cash in on that.
He's delightful! I'm with the rest. I want more! Cute post.
THIS MADE MY DAY..that was wonderful..thanks for sharing!!!
What a sweetheart. So. Adorable.
You need to move to Britain. I hear they have a talent show there.
He is so cute--he has the cutest face :)
Any chance you'll add more?
HE has the CUTEST LITTLE BABY FACE. Awwww.... I just want to squeeze him!
I'm drawing comparisons to Chris Daughtry from Idol.
Found you on Mark's blog at the Naked Soul. How you feel at a given moment shapes what you think and how you act during the next moment. Life is as fulfilling and meaningful as you choose.
baby fay will be thrilled that there is a whole song dedicated to her!

we totally need the rest of the song, too.
i must have your son. i MUST.

he is the bestest little guy in the world.

i neeeeeeeeeed more!
Speech therapy?

Perhaps you could suggest they spend that budget on a vocal coach ;-)
He is adorable! I'd like to hear the rest of the song too!
The eyes!
what a cutie! i love baby fay! she's so cute. hee hee.
Those 2 finalists on American Idol just trembled a little.

Wasn't Baby Fay(e) the first baboon heart transplant baby? I think so. I'm sure she had the cutest little baby fay(ce) too.
Awwwwww.... a future star there, for sure. Yes, we need the full song, please.
Yes - post more of it! That's adorable. ADORABLE!
Doesn't look too sick to me! :) What a cutie.
He is so stinkin' cute I can't even stand it!
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