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Momo Fali's: Then All My Friends Asked For One

Monday, April 6, 2009

Then All My Friends Asked For One

On Friday night I attended a jewelry party. Although, it wasn't so much a jewelry party as it was a chance to get out with the girls, drink some wine and play dress-up with gold and silver that belonged to someone else.

The jewelry sales consultant organized a game for us, so that we could earn tickets for a chance to win a door prize. She would say a letter and we had to pull something out of our purse that started with that letter.

Being that I'm highly competitive, I felt my purse was well-stocked and that I could win the prize for sure. I'd collect all the tickets and walk away with that $5.00 bracelet if it killed me!

A few years ago, on a girl's weekend, my best friend emptied the contents of her purse on the dining room table. You had to see it to believe it because you name it, she had it. There were oodles of things which had no place in a handbag. I seem to recall her saying, "So there's my packing tape. Oh, and my Alice Cooper School's Out album from 1972!"

As much as I missed her company, I am thankful she and her Mary Poppins purse weren't there to compete with me on Friday.

The sales consultant started with "P" and a lady I'll refer to as Quick-Draw proudly held up her phone. It wasn't more than a nanosecond.

The next letter was "G" and before I could get my gloss into my hand, someone held up gum.

Next came "M", and I can't even tell you what the winner had that time, because I was busy thinking about tossing the contents of my purse across the room.

But, it pays to be patient so instead I held tight and waited. When the consultant said the letter "D" and all the ladies were trying to find their drivers licenses, I not only won the ticket, but I also won for originality.

That's right, I pulled out my dog's tranquilizers. After 11 years, that mutt is finally starting to pay off.


Dogs never let you down.
I'd have been all "OOOHH! Panty-liner!"
I remember being on a flight one time that was delayed for what seemed like hours...and the flight attendants played a similar game with the passengers. I was amazed when the flight attendant asked if anyone had a pickle, and gosh be darned if one old lady actually HAD one in her purse! She claimed it was leftover from lunch and she was taking it to her grandson who loves pickles.
Um. Ok. Sure.
So there is a plus side to all the medication you have to give dogs these days.
LOL...too did you win the door prize?
Oh I'd lose that game. I don't carry a purse. If it doesn't fit in my jeans pocket I don't carry it. It's the simplest part of my life!
Did you win anything?
Was there a V? hmmmm????

Thank goodness the dog finally paid off. LOL>
Well done you Poppins wannabee. ;-)
LOL....but did you win the bracelet?
I'm just curious as to why you keep the tranquilizers so handy...

You might want to get those refilled. They probably expired a couple of years ago. LOL.
People should never underestimate the power of the Mom Bag!
Great story!
That is so funny. Dog tranquilizers saved the day!
Oh, that's funny!

I used to have an everything purse. But I recently downsized. I'm having a hard time getting used to it. No room for knitting in there?
A classic "Why I love Momo" post! nice!
Ha! The funniest part about it is that you actually carry them in your purse in the first place!

I get my Poppins' way honestly ... my Mom used to carry salt and pepper shakers in her purse! C'mon NOW!

Uh, and it was Welcome to my Nightmare, not School's Out! Jeez!
A hilarious thing to have on hand, I must say!
I am good at that game too!!! Play-Doh, random toys, and texturizing's hard telling what I can pull out...though "Special-K" for the pooch tops it all!
At first read I thought you'd said

"When she said G someone whipped out a GUN!"

I am glad it was only guM.

(I think I need to have a eye test.)
High five, sister! You rock those tranquilizers! lol!

(pssst....giveaway is's huge! I've added lots more!)
*SNORT* The title. OMG.... I'm rolling.
I love it.
Lol, that is too funny. And very original.
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