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Friday, April 3, 2009

How to Pass the Class with Gas

I work as an aide in a second grade classroom where the teacher once asked for examples of words with the "short i" sound and one of the kids raised his hand and said, "Tit". I always felt he deserved partial credit.

So it shouldn't have been any surprise when I was grading papers yesterday and more than a few of them took the word "start" and rhymed it with "fart". For that, they each earned a big, red happy face.

Some days, I really love my job.

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Second grade, eh? My husband would have written the same thing.
Would they have got extra smilies if they had also used shart?
Ah, the innocence of youth. Or maybe NOT so innocent... But you know, you start rhyming and working your way down the alphabet, art, bart, cart, dart, fart...
THANK YOU for sharing this.

I spent yesterday afternoon hanging out with my nephew. He's 8 and in the 2nd grade.

Our topics of discussion included how drinking juice gives him the farts, the best knuckle cracking methods and how to sneak the food you don't want to eat off of your plate and onto your brother's.

Awesome. And good thing you weren't looking for words that rhyme with "truck".
"red face" -- perfect.
My 4 and 6yo love to rhyme. The other day, my 6yo said to me,

"Mommy! Ella was rhyming and said the bad pee-pee word!"

"No I didn't!"

"Yes you did, Ella! You said the bad pee-pee word, but you just put and 'E' sound at the end of it!"

I had to think hard about this one. Usually, Ella says the 'bad butt word'. This time, she said, "Dicky".

How obvious is that I have an inappropriate 18yo boy in my house?
Funny. And SPD beat me to the Shart comment.
Well thank God they weren't rhyming with words like schmoobs!
Oh, and I forgot to tell you -- funny title!
I hate the word fart! My kids will say that someone "let one".

Funny that words like fart and tit show up in a 2nd grade class.
Haha, funny indeed. I like fart but Tit is surprising LOL.
Just don't ask them to rhyme with 'bunt'
I could never teach kids that young. Or, I would be asked not to teach kids that young.
A red happy face for fart...job well done:)
Sometimes I really miss those little writing assignments.
That's always great. Especially when it's not your kid.
You are now officially the 'Cool Teacher Aide.'
Good thing they weren't rhyming with "tit!"
That's awesome. Ah,the perks of your job :)
Why did the first kid not get full credit?
hahahahaha...still chuckling...
My little one would be right there getting a big red face then.. :)
god, i love kids.
I am confused :-)
I cracked up the other day when a neurosurgeon was making morning rounds. He asked the patient is they'd been passing gas and the patient said "What" and the neuro doc said "HAVE YOU BEEN FARTING??" Bwah ahaahaaa!!
I wish you could've been my teacher when I was in school.
I have no clue how I've missed all your posts recently.

I love kids. I love kids with a sense of humor.
Lol, too funny :)
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