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Momo Fali's: Tatiana

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


If you are not a viewer of American Idol, let me introduce to you Tatiana. Some of us are hoping Tatiana gets sent home soon...

...and some of us aren't. Here is my son's take on it. Also, you get a look at his OCD flavor of the month. Not long ago, he swiped his forehead a thousand times a day, then he moved on to scratching his arms and legs incessantly, then to pulling up his pants over, and over, and over. See if you can guess what he does obsessively now.

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I am probably the only person who does not know who Tatiana is, but what the f*&k? What is her talent? Can it really be laughing?

Your son does a much better Tatiana.
You know I am ass backwards because I watched your son's video first.
Your sons impersonation makes that phsyco cackling freakshow a little bit endearing.
(but only a little)
Wow, I saw her in the beginning, never would have thought she'd make it any farther! Now I know to blame your kid!
i love his impression, eyebrows and all.
I love how when you asked him to stop wiggling his eyebrows, he got a cheshire cat grin, leaned forward and wiggled to beat the band. Classic.

Oh, and Tatiana? One word. FREAK SHOW. ;)

Yep. When I tell him to stop doing something, he hears, "Do it more."
I do the eyebrow thing when Tatiana sings too--what's so strange about that?
awww, my little guy is so cute ;)

what? i told you he is my favorite!

as for tatiana-- i can only HOPE she isn't picked for the wildcard show. she is SO SO SO SO SO annoying. ugh.
I took in the little guy first too, and I wish I had stopped there. Fake laughing gets on my wick, my sister has a friend that does it, and I just want to build a sound proof booth and nail her into it every time she starts.
I don't watch but she definitely has to go. Are you joking about OCD or does he actually have it?
Awww man, he's so awesome! I totally love your kid!
I don't watch American Idol but the first video was enough to make me want to punch her.

The second video makes me laugh and want to hug him. His eyebrow wiggle is awesome.
She makes my head want to explode. He, makes my heart go THUD.

Love that kid of yours, the eyebrows.. *giggle*
Look at those eyebrows but sorry little guy I really do not want that girl getting a wild card spot!
I will be doing that with my eyebrows all day now! It's cute! Tatiana is a nightmare! bleh!
Oh dear sweet Jeebus - you are mother of the year.
In a fit of boredom, I watched AI last week. Could someone get Simon a can opener to help him out of his shirt?
I LOL'ed. His impression was spot on.
Ok, that does it. The cable stays off at my house for at least a couple more years. Funny.
Oh hell no. Someone please remove her. Now.

Thank god we had cute eyebrows to look at to keep our eyes from rolling!
Seeing your son was like meeting a celebrity for the first time!

And thank you for validating my inability to sit through that show. I'd rather hear your kid go "aaa hahaha" for an hour.
I am totally with BusyDad on this. I want his autograph now, too.

You must have the patience of a saint. When it gets to evening time, if my kid so much as twitches accidentally a second time I go "quit that or go to bed!"

"But it's 6:30!"

"Yeah, then just sit still. Stiller! MORE STILL THAN THAT!"

And so on. It's a real party at my house when I don't get enough sleep.

Which is only during the week. But actually also on the weekends.

And with Tatiana, I finally found a reason not to long for a move back to the states. Thank you.
And now I know why I don't watch Idol. I would have to throw the remote at the screen.

Give that kid a cigar and those eyebrows and you have the next Groucho Marx! :)
Okay...secretly? A part of me LOVES Tatiana. She is awesomely entertaining. THERE I SAID IT.
Hilarious! He cracks me up.

Michael's part parrot too. I'm glad I haven't let him watch that show. I only saw Tatiana once and that was too much.
His eyes are just beautiful. And he must have a wicked sense of humor just like his mom. Too cute.
I just read your comment for my Heartaversary post and now I'm the one in tears!

Please, please email me!! If there is any way I can support you during this, I am here! I have a 6 year old daughter so it hit home with me. We have had a few blips in the heart radar with her recently.

I am so grateful that you came to visit my blog. I was really hesitant on writing that post. I did it for my husband to lift his spirits. As the doctors predicted, there is a sort of "anniversary" depression that happens with adult bypass patients. I am so overwhelmed by all of the incredible outpouring of kind words I have received. I received over 75 emails (not comment related!) It was unbelievable!

Also, my son and daughter both have sensory issues as well. I can completely relate!

Again, please email me! Sorry for the blog on your blog! I just didn't know any other way to contact you!

{{{Big giant warm hugs to you and your family}}}
I don't know anything about American Idol and after that impression being lauded as spot on, I don't wanna.

He'll move onto a new habit, soon, right? I've been raising my right eyebrow for about 5 years now and my freaking forehead gets tired, man.
ROFLMBO!!! Your little man is great, he would be so much fun to just hang out with! And that video of Tatiana makes me realize what everyone's been talkingabout. We haven't hooked up our cable yet, now I want to just so I can follow along and dislike her along with the rest of the viewers!
man he is cute! great impression :)
I was going to quit that show forever if she made it through.

I didn't even click on the video of her because I can't hear her again...just can't.

Your little guy, however, rocks.
I like your son doing the laugh, Tatania though...
Ben does these things! Aggravating! It almost is like "Kid, do it exactly right and it will irritate me less!"
I love the eyebrow thing though. Ben blows spit bubbles.
Her laugh is too funny! Your son is too cute!
What a cutie!! (your son, NOT Tatiana!)
Tatiana is a NIGHTMARE
tatiana makes me want to run screaming from the room.

kudos to the spot-on mimic!
so glad i hate that show and tatiana just confirmed that i was right to hate it.

your son's a pistol bet he keeps you on your toes :)
Ohmygosh - I wanted to hold a pillow over her face. And the eyebrow thing is awesome!
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