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Friday, March 27, 2009

Fountain of Youth

Each day in the second grade class in which I work, the teacher goes around the room and asks the students if there is anything they are concerned about. The hands quickly shoot up and they begin talking about their problems.

Here is an example of some of the things they've mentioned lately:

"My arm is scratched, because I was playing basketball with my sister and ran into a brick wall."

"My puppy is sick."

"We're moving to a new house."

"I had a hard time waking up this morning."

"My brother has a swim-meet this weekend and I hope he does well."

Then the teacher calls on me and here are some of the things I have said (okay, wanted to say...I don't want to traumatize anyone) in the last couple of weeks:

"Out of my sister's four best friends, three of them have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The third one just got the news."

"My mom is being sued for money which is rightfully hers and was left for her in the will of a man with sound mind, who she nursed through his sickness and death for 12 years. Who's suing? The daughter who never came to visit him."

"I am in a continuing battle with health insurance and our county over medications and therapy that my son needs, but no one seems to want to pay for."

"My husband is working 16 hour days to support us and we never see him anymore."

"I haven't slept well in over 10 years."

And what I've learned from this little exercise in reflection and sharing, is that I really wish I was seven again.

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UGH, ain't that the truth sometimes!

Hugs to you on this FRIDAY! (at least it's the weekend...?)

Thanks for sharing your angst, I hope that helps.

You should totally declare these feelings, perhaps not as bluntly, but share all the same.
7 is a good age, isn't it. I'm so sorry for the stress circling around you, I hope you can find some relief from it somehow.
But at age 7 their problems SEEM as big as ours. I'm sorry about your sister's scary that disease is.
Every time my kids complain about HOW MUCH I ask them to do, I think, "man, if you only knew what was waiting for you."

That's a lot of stress to be internalizing, and unfortunately, not a lot of ways to reduce it. Sending good thoughts your way.
I hear ya sister.
Every single time I post a Grace in Small Things I wonder if I couldn't get away with, just this once, posting s Shitiness in Small Things.
I hope your sister's friends win their battles.
Being grown really stinks sometimes doesn't it? Sending positive thoughts your way!
Damn it all to hell. I am probably not supposed to swear on your blog but-I am just so sorry, and nothing I can say helps or changes anything. Frick.
what awful news! this is not a happy time.

oh what a drag it is getting old... 7 would be fun, but then your mom would make you brush your teeth and take a bath and that is proof positive life is just so cruel and unfair!

But just like then, it will get better. we're cheering you on. (I'm so sorry for your sister and her friends!)
To live life a kid again.. ohhh!

have a great week end.
I think we as women should get together once a week and talk like that. Maybe opening up and talking about the hard stuff at first would eventually get us to 7-year-old type problems.

I hope things get better for you! Good luck!
Ugh. You've got a lot on your plate right now. :(

Have a virtual Bellini on me. It's Friday. I need a good drinking buddy.
Hugs! My girls do this everyday at school days and the teacher writes down the problems and the entire class prays for the peace, love etc. concerning the issues. (It's a Christian school obviously)

So...praying for recovery for your sister's three best friends.

Praying your mother finds peace and the man's will is acknowledged and respected by the courts.

Praying you will find answers and solutions in your insurance battle. Praying your have the strength and will from God to help in the fight.

Praying your husband will have some rest and be able to spend time with you and the family.

Praying God gives you peace in your life.

I pray this helps you :)
Kudos to your mom for taking care of him and doing the right thing. In the end, the rest is just money, and I'd bet the daughter is suing not only for greed but also for lashing out at her shame in not having done what she should have to someone she owed so much to, and because your mom DID do the right thing when she did not.

My prayer just went up for your mom and for your sister's friends; it's what I can do from here. And to add this observation: when you go through a long and life-threatening illness, you come out of it with an intense sense of the importance of love in our lives. Everything else is just noise.
At least no little girl said "it makes me uncomfortable when my Aunt makes me take off my panties"
You and me both!
I wish you only rainbows and puppies. And of course the meds your son needs without the hassles.
Life is so much simpler when you are seven. Sigh.

Sending you virtual flowers (and maybe even some beer) from Canada.
It is interesting how are problems or perceived problems are in relation to our age. For a second grader the problems they expressed are just as meaningful and worrisome as the problems you as an adult expressed.
I want to be a kid again every day. Everything seems so simple. I hope everything works out for you, your family, and your friends.
I definitely hear you there. Good luck with all those trying situations. My thoughts are with you, your family, and also your friends.
Maybe not 7, my childhood stank, but maybe 18, when I was young and free and before I irrevocably effed up my life.
Sometimes you just need to get it out, even if nobody is listening.
I'm constantly tell my 6 year old that I wish I could be 6 for a little longer.

Wouldn't it be nice to have one more sleep over with your best friend..
Oh, Momo, I'm so sorry the world is crashing down around you. Prayers on the way.
You are so right. Wouldn't it be great to just have one day without our grown up cares and worries?
You and your family are a strong lot Momo. I'm sorry all these stresses probably don't leave you feeling very strong. Thinking about you all.
To be child again when your biggest worry is whether the folks are serious when they say you MUST eat all your vegetables before you can get dessert.

Stay strong, Momo.
That is the tall difference in perspectives between youth and adult life isn't it......
To be seven again, with worries that seem so enormous.......
From the mouths of babes, eh? Little do they know about the future that's ahead of them.
Virtually patting your back and making it'll be okay noises.
You have an award over at my place.
Getting old sucks! I wish all I had to worry about was that the neighbor kid called me a name or wouldn't play with me. Friggin' responsibility is for the birds... :D
I double dog--no I TRIPLE dog--dare you!!
I wish I was seven yeas old too. The kid who ran into the brick wall made me laugh.
Amen! I posted about how kid are sort of free from the one of my blogs today.
Oh to be young and carefree again. Also, what a neat idea to help the kids get stuff out so that they are able to focus on their work.
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