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Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Weiner and a Hound Dog

Here is the winner of the giveaway. Ladies, please don't be intimidated by a) my manicure or b) my raspy voice. Nails don't stay pretty when you work with second graders and wash your hands 50 times a day, and the voice is the result of a sinus infection and lungs full of mucus. See how much the hand washing helps?

I asked my son to show you his Elvis impersonation and you will note he stays in character throughout the clip. Well, at least his upper lip does. He is a consummate professional.

Congratulations, Chuck!

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ELVIS was GREAT! (smile)

... and you do not have a raspy voice. Where did that come from ???

O.M.G. I have the biggest crush on your son. That Elvis impersonation is priceless and he is so stinking cute!!
Okay Speedcat, it's not so much raspy as it is snotty and congested. But, that didn't sound as appealing.
Cute Elvis lip curl. lol He's adorable.

Congrats, Chuck, you bastard!
Very cute. And we always sound worse to ourselves than others (isn't THAT true of so many things!).
Hey! Wow! That's really awesome! Thanks for having the contest Momo.

I used to think I did a decent Elvis. It's now clear I need to work on it. Thanks for pulling my name (and not a rabbit) outta the hat little Man!
OMG! Your lil Elvis is so dang cute!!

Congrats Chuck!
Elvis is to cute...and here I thought he left the building...instead he's having tubes put in his ears...who knew! :)

Congrats Chuck!
Your hat looks a little faded. I've got one in burnt orange, if you're interested.

That was, hands down, the best Elvis I've seen in a long, long time.
I gobble cutiepies like your little guy up! Better watch out. Add Elvis to the mix, and dude...really watch out!

Congrats Chuck!
Will have to share with my oldest--she has had a crush on Elvis for a few years ;)
Little Elvis is ten kinds of cool.
elvis obviously has RETURNED to the building ... and is picking names out of hats.

too cute.
He's adorable. I just read a few other posts of yours as this is my first time and I just wanted to say hi and I'll be back
He's fabulous Momo! What a the Elvis!

Congrats Chuck!
Elvis is AWESOME. Love the lip. So cute!

Congrats Chuck!

And Momo: So cool to hear you! Can't wait to talk to you in person at BlogHer!
Congrats to Chuck.

Now, onto the important stuff. Can I please, please, please be friends with your kid? He is all kinds of awesome.
Congrats to Chuck! Score!

Your son is awesome, really loved the Elvis!

And Brenda Vaccaro you ain't:) You sounded fine!
That Elvis impersonation was to die for. What a cutie!
Cute -

and as a fellow Buckeye - LOVE the hat.

I know I have to get in line, but I love your son! Congrats Chuck!
I know I have to get in line, but I love your son! Congrats Chuck!
Sweet! And congrats to Chuck.
He is so awesomely cute!
your voice is HAWTTTT.
i love it. and i LOVED the vid of my favorite little guy :]

i have moved so please update your reader!

That is IT. Your son OWNS my heart FOREVER.
He is the cutest little man! Those eyes!
And the Elvis lip is dead-on!
yay we get to put a face to all the cheeky stuff, hee hee. And your voice is good. Mine sounds like a 5 year old. Tsk.
Dang, my comment didn't come through the first time.

Love the Elvis impersonation! The lip curl is just right.

Congrats to Chuck!
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