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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Sound of Music

I normally don't touch on anything too deep around here, but I am about to reveal some very troubling information from my past. Really, really bad music choices.

It all started when I was five years old and would lock myself in our bathroom where the acoustics were best. I would take my handy-dandy tape recorder and belt out "The Way We Were", and my childhood theme song, "Rhinestone Cowboy". Also, whenever Donny and Marie were on you couldn't peel me away from the television.

When I was seven, I got an 8-track player. One with a shoulder strap so I could walk down the street, looking cool, while The Village People, Olivia Newton-John, and The Bee Gees blasted from the speaker.

After that, I moved on to Journey, Loverboy, Prince, and Pat Benatar. Wait. I was Pat Benatar. Then Night Ranger, Van Halen, and Bon Jovi.

In high school, I was all over the place. I listened to pop music, like U2, but obscure bands played on the sound-system at my very contemporary, retail sales job and I liked that music too.

This is also when I developed my love for Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell, and what my best friend refers to as "hippie music". My husband calls this my tree-hugger period. Whatever, dude. If that's the case, I will forever be hugging trees. Trees are groovy and Stephen Stills rules.

My husband is also a Zeppelin fan and he's more than fond of Metallica, my son likes classical music, and my daughter gets her kicks from country. We have learned to get along. We have learned to appreciate each other's music. Well, except for my daughter's taste in country tunes. Unless, of course, it's "Rhinestone Cowboy."

Tell me, boys and girls, what do you listen to?

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I used to listen and dance (by myself) to Martika. lol That's my shameful secret.
OMG, I super duper love Led Zeppelin :D
You and I were musical twins until the hippie music part.

I can appreciate that stuff, but I currently listen to alot of pop, dance, house, and electronica (always looking for music for my spin classes!), with a side of AC/DC and such.
i am the most eclectic music gal ever. like ever. Dolly Parton to indie rock to the cure
Led Zeppelin and Joni Mitchell? I always knew you had The Best taste in musical choices.
Right now I am on a Foo Fighters kick but I really enjoy most classic rock like Floyd and Queen.
Love Zepplin, Queen, The Beatles--basically anything up to Bon Jovi. I think music took a disturbing trend when he cut his hair.
when i was growing up i went through a few stages where I was consumed with a particular artist. There was the Buddy Holly period, the Beatles period, the Temptation period (this period was shared with the 4 Tops period).

Now, i am big into current indie rock as evidenced by my profile
totally oldies.

and ... um ... country.

i actually have two marie osmond songs on my ipod.

*hangs head in shame*
Everyone is allowed to be a geek at age 7. I listen to a little bit of everything. Mostly what I grew up with in the 80's and college memories of the 90's and much country (sue me).
Ummm....what's wrong with the BeeGees? :o) I remember winning an orange transister radio with an earpiece--I loved listening to The Captain and Tenille and Elton John.

Now I listen to everything (except country), but my favorite stuff goes back to when I was growing up in the 70's & 80's--Earth, Wind & Fire, Prince, Teena Marie. For current stuff I love Maroon 5, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Duffy.
My shameful musical secret is Michael Jackson. Yes, I said it. Say what you want about the man, but his music will forever rule all.

I'm currently into alternative music - mostly Canadian bands. Modest Mouse, City and Colour, Finger Eleven, Franz Ferdinand, etc.

Oh, and U2. Hugely into U2, though I like their older stuff much better than the new.

My husband? Loves Metallica. It's unhealthy. He also loves Led Zeppelin. To the point where I'm not allowed to even think about touching the dial when it's on the radio.
I listen to everything. There really isn't anything that I completely hate. If you could see my iPod list you would think I was odd...;)
I am fairly eclectic--classic rock, indie rock, alternative, jazz.

No rap! No country!
Geesh - my first concert was Leif Garret!
My friends and I used to make up dance routines to Le Chic's "Freak Out".

High School era - Duran Duran
College - Grateful Dead
Now - Classic Rock & the current stuff (Huge TOOL fan)
Heavy metal and Irish folk music. No, really.
I still remember how cool the Donnie and Marie show was. And I even had a Marie doll. But my cousin, as usual, bested me, by getting the Donnie and Marie Doll.
ONLY the good stuff.

Zeppelin does top the list, though my taste in music has nothing to do with the fact that I was named for one of their songs.
I listened to all the same funny i LOVED Rhinestone cowboy!!!
I seem to be going through a second teenage-hood. Where I would listen to the likes of Journey and Dan Fogelberg in high school, now I can't get enough of Ozzy, Metallica and anything really loud and angry. I was more than a little excited that AC/DC came out with a new album last year. Rock on!
I listen to most anything. There is always music playing in my house.
Hmmmm. I currently love Razorlight, Adele, Amy Winehouse etc. I have always loved Indie Guitar Pop and retro stuff like Blondie, Bowie, Iggy op, The CLash. I also like a bit of ska like The Specials, stuff from Norah Jones, Dusty Springfield. I love a good tune.
I am so all over the place. Pop, rap, country, classical, soundtracks, punk, metal, jazz, oldies, etc.....

My latest obsession is Irish punk bands.
I try to be open minded and I consider myself to have vast musical interests, but contemporary country just makes me cringe. I try, but I can't do it.
I'm everywhere, though I never took to metal. I also know The Sound of Music verbatim because my mother watched it every single time it came on and made her children watch it too. It's surprising I'm not gay.
I think we may be have part of same music club. You are in Ohio, right? I lived there for 34 years so maybe it's that connection.
Rhinestone Cowboy - Check
Donny & Marie - Check and Check
Village People - For reals

Gotta run, I think it's time to add a little Rhinestone Cowboy to my ipod
There wasn't much in the 1980s that I liked, except for The Police, and that incredible band Asia - who my friend and I believed would take over the entire musical scene. Yeah. Anyway... I remain faithful to the Beatles as the ultimate.
ha ha ha ha ha
i love that music!

what do i listen to?

oh jeeeze.

everything from dixie chicks, to beethoven. van halen to sarah mclachlan. i listen to everything but heavy metal. even classical & elevator peak my interest some days. ha ha ha ha.
ps: i moved so you have to update your reader please :]

Momo...I might be slightly responsible for your daughter liking country...oops =)
you don't even want to know :p
Did you just call Pat Benatar a bad music choice? Cause I am pretty sure she is awesome. And I am not sure how you can be Pat Benatar when I am celarly Pat Benatar.
Ummmm, "electic" is probably the best answer. I was a metalhead in high school, but now I like most anything I can sing along to - including a lot of "kids" music, and funny/smart music. Bare Naked Ladies comes to mind, and a lot of what could be called folk music. But I can't stand Bruce Springsteen - guess they'll have to revoke my NJ driver's license.
I listen to just about everything. Except country, apparently the only gal in Texas who doesn't. But my favorite album is Carole King's Tapestry and that's when my kids bust out the hippie comments.
I can imagine how cute/cool you looked carrying an 8 track.

I like most stuff, but have a preference for teenybopper music. Embarrassing, but true.
Ha! I was just listening to "My Clone Sleeps Alone" on my MP3! I had it turned up to 11.

You and I could probably spend a few hours talking about this subject.

Oh, and on that same playlist with Pat Benatar singing about clones? A song by Stephen Stills circa early/mid 80's called "Stranger", remember that one?
80s: eurythmics and (shshsh!) madonna. huey lewis, wham, culture club. CYNDI LAUPER! tears for fears.

90s: depeche mode (i know, i was supposed to listen to that in the 80s. eh), u2, space, ocean colour scene, lighthouse family (brit stuff).

00s : air, rufus wainwright and--exotica: martin denny, tipsy. lounge music.

yeah that last line is where i lost all credibility, isn't it.
I got to see Pat Benetar in concert last summer :) And I sang backup for Carole King. She's AMAZING. I love just about everything (except heavy metal) I have a particular passion for soundtracks of film scores.
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