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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just a Hunch

I get the impression that my daughter has developed an aversion to closing her dresser drawers. Don't ask me how I know this. I just do.

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My daughter (age 6) suffers from this as well....

My tweenager suffers from clothes all over his room disease...
My almost-14-year-old's dresser looks EXACTLY like that, except it's tall and brown, and there are stacks of CLEAN laundry all over the room as well.

Drives me NUTS.
You must be psychic! ;)
I am an enabler. To cover my OCD.
Wow, I can't believe you got that from THAT! A mother always knows, I guess.
my kids all do that same thing. my husband starting saying "doors, drawers, and floors" to my kids when it was time to clean up. that basically meant if you would close your armoire doors, your dresser drawers, and pick up your floor your room would be clean!
haha My kids do the same thing...but with kitchen cabinets.

Your daughter has a great dresser drawers there. So many drawers, lots of places to put clothes! Nice.
At least she gets her clothes IN the drawers. That is hilarious!
My 29 year old husband does the same thing so I'm pretty sure she won't outgrow it.
I think you might be onto something, Momo!
seriously- I can't even look at that picture- I'm reaching for my Xanax!
I share her aversion. If fact, I salute it.
Yeah, that's a mess and a half.
Don't be so quick to judge--Zoe didn't visit you recently, did she?
LOL Momo, with a 9-year-old, a 17-year-old, and a 93-year-old, that's what my kitchen looks like every time I walk in there. (Don't think it's just the kids - my grandma suffers from it too. All three have identical symptoms.) I'm sure their dressers would look the same if they ever bothered to put their clothes in them. "Bring me all the clothes (and towels - you have to be specific!) on your floor" invites a deluge, and I'm left wondering how much of the laundry we're washing is already clean...
HOly cow! You must be psychic. :)
That is hilarious! I can't imagine how you would know that!
You must not have cats... because an open drawer spells "home" to our three felines.... they even open the drawers themselves (as I have no small children anymore - unless you count my husband).
It's like that mommy intuition is just, just MAGICAL!

BTW, that condition is catching. It's popping up all over the place in my house. You should see my shins...

:^) Anna

P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
perhaps our daughters are actually separated at birth.

although, i must admit, the roo-girl comes by it honestly *blushes*
Eh, at least she puts the stuff in there. It looks like it might be somewhat folded. I'm just proud that mine are learning to put their stuff up. I'm so 'meh' about things lately.

I'm glad your sweet boy did alright, Momo. He's adorable!!
Sadly, for some, it doesn't get any better. I STILL leave cabinet doors and dresser drawers open when I am at my mother's house!
Sometimes? When I;m having a rough time picking out an outfit? My drawers look *exactly* like this. EXACTLY. Don't judge! :)
Thats making my OCD kick into overdrive. I cannot have open drawers or closets or cabinets!
Has she, by chance, ever studied under my wife?
Haha, what gave it away?
That's funny!
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