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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Eyes Have It

Look at what my husband found, in the far reaches of a cabinet while searching to see if we had any more cans of coffee. The cabinet goes so far back that it ends up behind our dishwasher. That's my excuse anyway.

He didn't find any coffee. Not that either one of us could think about drinking, or eating, anything after seeing this.

I found it particularly interesting that the forgotten potatoes look healthier than my spider plant.

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Your potatoes have tentacles. I think it's going to start talking and walk off next...

Thanks Momo, I feel so much better about my life now. You Rock!
LOL--I guess you could plant them!
Is that from prehistoric times?

Wow, too bad that cabinet didn't have a bunch of dirt in it too; you would have had quite a crop by now! :)

(and I've done this several times myself; LOL)
You should chuck the spider plant and put one of those potatoes in the pot.
Potatoes going to root always makes me feel very productive. Like I've liberated them somehow, in a very Phoebe Buffay kind of way.
piper totally cracked me up! hilarious...liberated potatoes!

once at the end of my sophomore year in college my roommate was cleaning out from under her bed and pulled out a bunch of raisins. and when i say bunch i mean they were still on the vine. evidently she had eaten grapes at one point and what was left got shoved under her bed. i have a hard time eating raisins now.
plant the potatoes in the planter -
Seriously, get them in the ground. Fresh spuds in the winter! Woo!

Good thing those tentacles didn;t have eyes on them...
Sweet, another week or so and you can have your own potato harvest. Or a science experiment.
Well lookie there, you are an accidental gardener.
Wowza! I've never been able to get them to do that!! They've always melted into smelly goo before that.

Wow, did I just admit that? damn
I think those are mine. Wow, those really are deep cabinets.
I can't keep a plant alive for the life of me. Seriously how hard is it to water something now and then.
oh dearie me.
I think you have something going. Just call yourself a farmer.
That is too funny -- you have grown those like a Plant Nursery!
See? I knew my theory of mutant potatoes from Planet Spudtron was correct! I knew it!
this makes me totally happy. :)

yay. house plants!
LOL - oh girl - I'm almost surprised it didn't walk off to the garden by itself! ;)
The fact that you didn't find them by their putrid rotting smell says a lot for your cabinetry.

Not that I have any idea that rotting potatoes out rank spoiled milk or ground beef.
I'm thinking that you just got a head start on a science project. You TOTALLY meant to do that, right?
I agree with chucking the spider plant and just growing potatoes instead. You like fries, right?
Are you sure it's not alive? Cause it looks like it's moving. For real.
That's awfully scary. I sense the dawn of a new career for you -- horror movie screenwriter. Shudder!
Be grateful you caught them when you did. You might have had a remodeling project on your hands when those sprouts broke through to find sunlight.
I have the same thing growing on the counter next to my fridge. It is hidden behind the plethora of dog treats, but I know it is there. Once a week I make a mental note to throw them away. Thanks for reminding me.
I have the very same sight in front of me, but they are tulip bulbs!
i think you could win at the county fair with that one! ;-)
You know, that doesn't look too bad to me. A week or two ago I had to pull a bag of gooey ones out of our pantry...
that gave me the HEEBIE JEEBIES! ha ha ha. seriously. it did. but i swear, if i don't start eating our potatoes quick enough, we'll have the SAME problem!

That's about all I could grow, too. I have a black thumb when it comes to plants;)
Wow! I don't feel so bad about my 6 junk drawers now. Cool! Thanks!
Don't turn your back on them for a second!
The last time I found a bag of forgotten potatoes, they had turned into black liquid stuff. I'd have prefered yours.
I would still eat them .... HA HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
Oh. Snap... another thing to add onto my to do list.
Yum! Cut those eyes off and have some fries. LOL
That's totally awesome. No attack-of-the-killer-potato-slime some of us have suffered through. Holding still to take a pic of that would've meant losing your lunch - and breakfast, and everything you ate last week. Bummer on the no coffee, though.
I would die without coffee. DIE.
Awesome gardening skills! :D Now I don't feel so bad about my cabinet potato garden. :D

Why do they sell 10 lb bags anyways? We can usually get through only the first LB or so before tey take root. :D
lol, that's awesome
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