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Momo Fali's: Bring it, Longhorns

Monday, January 5, 2009

Bring it, Longhorns

Dear NukeDad,

I thought I'd make sure you don't want to back out of our little wager. You know, the one where you write a groveling post after Ohio State beats Texas tonight in the Fiesta Bowl.

Just in case you haven't heard of him, this is James Laurinaitis. He's going to do some ball stripping, intercepting, serious tackling, and maybe a little sacking. He's a nice guy, so he won't pop any one's head off, but he could if he wanted to.

Actually, you may remember him from scenes like this...

Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow.



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thems fighting words- can't wait to see the fireworks.
Wow. I don't watch football, but I want to see how this turns out.

I love ya.
I am smack dab in the middle of Longhorn country--ugh! I really really really hope we (the Buckeyes of course) kick their pompous we-were-robbed-of-our-championship-title whiney butts!!!!!
Oh, no you didn't!! I'm a Longhorn fan. Lived in Austin for 19 years and went to UT. You are in trouble!!!
Now I will have to catch the highlights on ESPN.. nice smack talkin.. :)
I think I love you.

I was sent over here by Captain Dumbass and I am soooo glad I was.
I am a HUGE Buckeye fan. Born and raised in Ohio, went to OSU and worked for OSU Medical Center for years. I have been transplated to IL and it's soo hard to find The Buckeye love.

Oh, Momo!

You poor misguided soul. Deep down. Deep, deeeeep down. Way, way, waaaaayyyyy deep down. Do you really think they stand a chance?
O-H-I-O....take those Hook em horns and shove them...well you know where. :)
Remember, Momo, the hardest part about eating a crow sandwich is keeping the bun closed. But, you probably already know that since it's been your main course the last 2 years. Don't choke on the feathers. ;)
Watch it....
dont hate me cuz my fav colors are crimson and cream go sooners!
I am not even a football fan(but I have lived in the Buckeye State) but will root for Ohio just to see Nukedad make good on the bet.
Being a Hokie (VT just beat Cincinnati in the Orange Bowl), I got my football love for the year.

But IF I had to pick sides, I'd have to say Ohio State, because MoMo is cool and has been nice to me. And she said 'ball stripping' HehHeh...gotta like a chick like that...;)
Oh, Momo.

What a sad sad day.

I am not one for shit talking. But really, although Laurinaitis is great he can't carry all them Buckeyes across the UT Offense. Colt has a rocket for an arm, and in case you were to caught up watching O-H-I-O this season, you missed that he can run also. Our D-Fence isn't shabby either.

However, I will say that living in Cbus for 2 years OSU has one of the best fight songs and I do miss the remixes of them.

are you kidding me???
brian orakpo eats freshman QBs for breakfast! colt mccoy isn't an unexperienced 18 yr old freshman in his 2nd game ever, good thing for you it will be over early so you don't have to stay up too late!
Hahaha that toilet is hilarious...I could think of faces that would go good there...
My husband is still ticked that we aren't getting bowl games in England. Good luck on the win.
*nonna shaking her head at all you crazy football fans*

as my hubby would say "is it football season? how many homeruns did they get?"

we are true rednecks, if it don't have wheels on it, we don't watch it. GO NASCAR!
I'm with Nonna. Except for the NASCAR business.

Just shaking my head. ;)

When does the Tour de France start again? Oh yeah, next July.
I'm in in whole-hearted agreement, TEXAS SUCKS!

Go Buckeyes! (I have family in Lima and really wanted to attend OSU way back in the day). My collegiate fav sucked totally this year. I'll cheer for my home state boys.

so... this JUST popped up in my reader a few minutes ago. (thanks, google, for NOTHING!!!)

i'm so sorry......
Im sorry you lost. xoxoxox
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