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Monday, December 15, 2008

Who Do You Look Like?

The other day someone left me this comment, most likely after seeing this picture of me...

"Hey- I have never spoken with you or heard your voice, but I was watching Jerry McGuire and when Bonnie Hunt was on screen she seemed "familiar"- who does she remind me of? I thought- YOU. From the few small profile pics and your funny stories, I have created you to be like her in my head- please tell me you speak with a Chicago dialect!"

Not Chicago, but I am from the Midwest. Does that count? But, I have heard the Bonnie Hunt thing before. Except she's cuter, funnier, and smarter.

When I was in junior high school I had short, permed hair. At the time, there was a little known actress named Meg Ryan starring on "As the World Turns" and lots of people told me I looked like her. Now, however, she resembles Michael Jackson and I would not take that as a compliment.

In high school, when my hair grew long and straight, I was often compared to Marcia "Oh, my nose!" Brady.

And, in my 20's when "Mad About You" was on television, there were some folks who said I resembled Helen Hunt. Personally, I think it's just because we both have gigantic foreheads.

As for celebrity look-a-likes, if you took that gigantic forehead, and threw in John Mayer's crooked smile...

...and the hairy monsters that are Brooke Shields' eyebrows...

...and Paris Hilton's wonky eye...

...and Jamie Farr's nose...

...then you would have an accurate comparison to me. Tell me boys and girls, who do you resemble?

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I don't know who *I* resemble, but you totally look like a much younger Bonnie Hunt. Younger and cuter. Probably smarter and funnier, too...
SHUT YOUR MOUTH: You are waaaaay cuter than Bonnie Hunt, and I even think she's pretty adorable herself.

I am pretty certain that the only celebrity look-a-like comment I've ever received is that I have a J.Lo butt, which in some circles is a compliment, and in some...not so much. :)
You're waaay cuter than Bonnie Hunt.

As for me, I have no idea. I do know that when BOSSY came to So. CA for a meet-up, she told me I looked like Neve Campbell and therefore hated me because she loves John Cusack... ?
You are as cute as a younger Bonnie Hunt and funny too. I don't see the Jamie Farr thing, but can see Helen Hunt. As a teen i was told I look like Demi Moore(the Ghost Years) just because I had short dark hair.
I asked Mr. W what celeb I look like now and he said "You look like WeaselMomma. Your a celebrity in your own right". I think he's a suck-up, but a good one.
I once got told I look like Meryl Streep. Who is, like, wayyyy older than me...
omigod, you are SO cuter than bonnie hunt.

i don't look like anyone really (except my mom), but my daughter? if one more person tells her she looks like the olsen twins (in their cute days, not in their -- ahem -- drugged-out stage), she is going to HURT someone!
OMG, you're beautiful! You have amazing skin! Lucky girl. Who do I look like?

Take your pick.
I agree with Melisa...I think your cuter than Bonnie Hunt!

And who do I look like? A girl my neurologist used to hang out with...other than that, I resemble no actor that I know of....
I think you resemble her- I still do, but her funny stories and your funny stories make you a dead wringer (of course, you are a younger version...) You sure not a little Chicago dialect?
I think you are adorable--more so than Bonnie ;)
I am pretty sure I don't resemble ANY movie stars, but I think you are beautiful!
I can see the Bonnie Hunt thing, except younger, with better skin and sweeter than pie ;-)

I have no clue. I look like a campbell's soup kid.
You're gorgeous! I think you have softer features than Bonnie, but I do see the resemblance.

I have no idea who I look like, but I did post a pic of myself today as a tattoo on David Beckham's body...if you're interested. :)
Oh, snap! Bonnie Hunt, cuter than you? Say, whaaaatt! Uh, Uh, girlfriend, ohnoyoudi'nt! Not if that picture of you at the top is any indication!

You aren't alone in your Brady Bunch association. A long time ago, I was told I looked like Bobby Brady.

Fortunately, that time is past. For a peek at what I look like now, please see

You will be amazed.
Back in the 80's in high school, in my big blonde hair days, I was told I looked like Heather Locklear. These days? Not even close! LOL
You make Bonnie look like a frump queen! But at least the reader picked someone smart and famous! That was nice enough!

Me? No clue. Someone one said Geena Davis and I was insulted. Her cheeks are chipmunks!
I hear Rosario Dawson pretty often. I used to hear Aaliyah. :)
According to some, I am none other than Judy Garland. I think it's my heart-shaped face, dark hair, and possibly my nose or something?

I admit, I do think I look kinda like her when she was young. Suits me, I'm an oz fan! :)
thanks for the linklove over to my Boy/daddy blog!

I was once told MANY years ago that I look like the actor Chris O'Donnell. Then someone else said I look like Ex PA Governor, Homeland Defense Secretary Tom Ridge! yikes!
Thanks for the linky love!

I was told once I look like that doctor on Grey's Anatomy...the blonde bitchy one...can't remember her name. Not Izzy, the not-as-pretty one. lol

I always wanted to be like Drew Barrymore.
You have a wonky eye? *L* I don't look like anybody, I don't think. Nobody but me. I've had two people recently tell me that I look "just like" their friend though. One was at Wal-mart. It was the check out girl. She told me that and as I was watching the little credit card machine, making sure the items she rung up were coming up the right price, I could see her staring at me as she rung up and put things int he bag. It was creepy. That must be how celebs feel, getting stared at. It was weird. I would have done the same thing probably! *L*
all I know is yr hot. xo
I figured it out the other day, watching tv with the kids. Meg Ryan looks like a Who. Really, watch the Jim Carrey Grinch and tell me I'm wrong.

PS: You're totally way hotter than Bonnie Hunt. WAY.
YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH hotter than Bonnie Hunt.. crazy girl..

And I got your tweet the other night..I am just camping out in my hole right now.. but the boy at BlogHer would be f.u.n.n.y! :)

PS.. I hear I look like the girl from Wings all the time.. Crystal Bernard. *well for the folks that are my age who even know there was a show called wings.. :)
Believe it or not, the only celeb I've ever been compared to is Helen Hunt. I bet it's the forehead for me, too ;)
I don't see the Helen Hunt thing. The poor woman doesn't have a forehead. She's got a fivehead. Heck, she's got a sixhead. Yikes. Your forehead, on the other hand, looks totally average (which is a complement!)

When I was younger, I was told quite a bit that I looked like Uma Thurman. I don't see it, but whatevs.

You know who I think Tea Leonie looks like? Tom Cruise. They're like twins separated at birth.
I've no idea who I look like but you totally make a cute Bonnie Hunt!
you are so much hotter than bonnie hunt ;)

i don't think i resemble any kind of celebrity, but i'm sure we could find SOME unknown celeb who looks like me!
In my younger days I have been likened to Beau Bridges and John Ritter.

These days I am not told I look like any celebrity, but I am occasionally mistaken for being my son's grandfather.
I posted once after seeing this celebrity morph thing and it morphed a photo of me with little effort into Greg Brady. Of course, it listed other more gender appropriate celebrity look alikes that I was more proud of, but none seemed more spot on than that Greg Brady morph.
I think you are soooo way cuter than Jamie Farr.
You have a wonky eye? No...I cant see it. I don't believe you. ;) Also, you are way funnier than Bonnie Hunt. She's funny and all but let me honest here, all her lines are written for her. You on the other hand come up with you own stuff. That makes you WAY FUNNIER!!!
Nathan Lane.

Shut up.
I think you are way more beautiful than any of them.

And I usually get accused of looking (and sounding) like Leah Remini - From the TV show King Of Queens
I don't think I look like anyone but I've had several people tell me I look like Kate Winslet in Titanic. I don't see it but apparently some people do. I could only dream of looking even REMOTELY like Kate Winslet.
When I was younger people said I looked like Terri Garr (does anyone even remember who she is?!) and now people always tell me I look like Meryl Streep.
I do, I do! I remember who Teri Garr was! When I was a younger (ahem) lad I used to have a big crush on her. Man, hadn't thought of her in many moons!
I totally watched ATWT when Meg Ryan was on. And you are so right about her current state of affairs.

Growing up I always got Alyssa Milano from her Who's The Boss days. Then for a long time I got Lisa Rinna back from when she was on Days. But then her lips went the way of Meg Ryan's and not so much.

Now I don't really get anyone anymore. Maybe I just look like me now.
In high school, I looked a lot like Kristie McNichol (in the "Family" era). There was a nanosecond in college when lots of people thought I looked like Winona Ryder (back when she was still pretty), but that faded fast. Ione Skye (from "Say Anything") is the one that stuck for a while. Now, I look like no one famous, though. Which is just fine.

You, by the way, are much prettier than Bonnie Hunt.
I get Belinda Carlisle, but I don't see it.

However, the majority of people can't see past my red hair. So, most people say I look just like any red head they've ever known.

ps. Bonnie is SUPER funny, cute, and smart! And, I totally see it :)
All of these people are scary. Marsha looks the most normal, which tells you how scary the rest of them are.
Oh holy crap, I hear Bonnie Hunt too ALL THE TIME. Also, Barbra Streisand, which distresses me.

As for you, not so much Bonnie Hunt, someone younger and prettier.

Me? I'm pretty much Bonnie Huntish. (See at the end...seriously skip all the other drivel of that post and scroll to the end for the Bonnie Hunt explosion).
Depends on who you ask. I say no one. My grandmother says Kirstie Alley (the skinny one, not the fat on...sorry...). I say no.
Bonnie Hunt? Come on now... :D
People have said that I look like Larry Bird. No comment. :D
I see the Jamie Farr connection for sure. :D

As for me, I get the McDreamy thing from my wife and Bud Bundy from everyone else. LOL
Oi, you are so much cuter than them. And as for the Frankentsein's Momo, stop. You're lovely.

I've had tons of comparisons in my time but all I can think of is Julia Roberts, Tori Amos and Kate Blanchett. It's the big mouth, and I used to have curly reddish hair. I don't really look like any of them. But I don't mind. Hee hee.
I don't actually know who Bonnie Hunt is, but I can tell you you look much younger and cuter than her.

Apparently I look like half the women in Montreal. We went there on vacation once and my husband couldn't stop staring.

Famous people? When I was very young and working in an office we played a game once. Everybody had to decide who would play their colleague in a movie of their life. I waited with bated breath and they chose Jennifer Anniston. Because of the long hair and big nose :-(
My college boyfriend used to say that I looked like Bobbie from Guiding light because I had huge brown eyes.

I totally didn't and don't look like her. Other than that, I got nothin'.
DUDE - I almost just blew mint mocha out my nose at that forehead comment! BWAHAHAHA!

I usually get Belinda Carlyle (sp?) or Cybill Shepherd. Not sure if these are good things...
I'm the wrong person to pick my lookalike, but I'm sure my wife could pick a few. I have a very generic face, though, so I wouldn't be that surprised by many names.

As for you, I'll just say you've definitely got a solid edge over Bonnie Hunt, and I've got nothing at all against her.
Enjoy your tweets and blog. Quite creative and fun.. And yes, I agree w/ others. You r cuter than Bonnie!
As a child I looked like Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls) and now more like Patricia Heaton from Everybody Loves Raymond... not sure I agree, but I get that from time to time depending on hairstyle.
Merry Christmas and keep entertaining us!
What the hell is Jamie Farr doing in there (well, some of the others too, but, that's CRAZY LOL!). I also think you're way cuter than Bonnie, but she is quite pretty and funny, funny!

When I was in highschool, after the braces and glasses were off, I was told by a couple of guys that I reminded them of Phoebe Cates ... yah, Mrs. Kevin Kline/ hot red bikini bod in Ridgemont high. HUH???!!! I think they were just trying to get in my pants because there is no way, and uh, my boobage was nowhere near that back in the day, either :)

Now when I do one of those celebrity lookalike computer things, they keep bringing up Asian male pop singers. Oh, and the odd Elvis Costello. WTF?

How the mighty have fallen LOL!
I love Bonnie Hunt and Meg Ryan. :)
Rachel Griffiths, poor dear. I hear that nearly once a week. I feel like I owe it to her to get my hair cut more regularly and start working out. I'm ruining her image.
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