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Saturday, November 15, 2008

She's Practically a Dinosaur

One of our nieces gave birth to her first child today, and another niece had a baby a couple of weeks ago. Aside from reminding me that I am old enough to be a great-aunt, these brand new babies bring back memories of when my children were newborns.

You know? Those times when I got no sleep. Those times when I walked around with circles of milk on the front of my shirt, spit-up on my shoulder, and my hair unwashed most of the time. Ah...good times, good times.

When my son was born, my daughter attended a preschool where dismissal was a nightmare. Crowds of moms, kids, strollers, and toddlers, all confined in a five foot wide hallway. The only nice thing, was that there was literally no room for small talk. I felt safe picking up my daughter looking unkempt.

But one day when I arrived without make-up, in my husband's sweatpants, an over-sized sweatshirt, and a hat to hide my greasy head, all the moms in that hallway turned to greet me with uproarious laughter.

I looked bad, but I didn't look that bad. I quickly peeked down to see if I had bodily fluids on my shirt, but realized I was all clean. Baggy maybe, but not dirty. Though I certainly wasn't in any condition for "all eyes on me".

As I approached the door to the classroom, I found out why I was so popular. The roughly 60 year-old teacher had taped up a piece of paper with, "How old is Mrs. H?" printed on top. Underneath, there was a list of the kids' names and their best guess at their teacher's age.

Most kids guessed 40, some 50, and one even guessed 92.

But, my daughter? Well, she apparently didn't care what I looked like, or whether she would draw attention to her frumpy mom, when she said her teacher was 100,000 years old.


Well... to a pre-schooler, 12yo is ancient. 100,000 seems reasonable. Your kids are a hoot!
I bet she didn't look a day over 99,999!
What was that teacher thinking?! She had to have known that cute little assignment wasn't going to end well...

Part of me was VERY relieved when our preschool went to carpool pick up and drop off only. I missed going to the classroom but didn't have to worry about what I was wearing anymore.
Those kinds of assignments crack me up. I think teachers do it on purpose to drag the creativity out of the kids.
kids always say the funniest things, especially when they are younger.. that teacher was ASKING for it! LOL!

your kids sound like so much fun. i wish we had little kids around here like that-- always cheerful and giving a great little laugh!
Too funny!! *snicker* and a *snort*!!!
*snort* sounds about right to me!
kids, gotta love 'em.
Don't ask if you don't want the answer! :D
Ha! Did a spit take on that one! My own wee lass wondered what was so funny.

But, hey, after a certain point what difference does a few tens of thousands of years make?

And you can probably take comfort in that they weren't laughing AT you, they were laughing WITH you :)!
The school drop-off and pick-up pressure -- to look good, effortlessly monitor your scrambling and hungry children, remember everybody's names, AND have a peppy conversation -- MAN, it's insane! Takes me right back to high school. Or maybe junior high. I would say thanks for the memories, but I'm still living it! And I may not be a great-aunt yet, but I just scheduled a mammogram...does that count?

Otherwise, I'm hoping that the lack of an update signifies things continue to get better at plague central.... Sending some warm Hawaiian sunshine and aloha!
too funny! My son said I was 89 in his mother's day card to me... he was 4, I was only 39.

I guess I keep well for an oldie.

I have a great nephew the same age as my oldest son. So I hear ya there... actually my DH's side of the family, but still....
"Those times when I got no sleep. Those times when I walked around with circles of milk on the front of my shirt, spit-up on my shoulder, and my hair unwashed most of the time. Ah...good times, good times"

Yep. Thats why I am GLAD I only have ONE child.

"when I arrived without make-up, in my husband's sweatpants, an over-sized sweatshirt, and a hat to hide my greasy head"

Wait...I still look like that!
LOL!!You described me perfectly...that is when my children were small. :)
I STILL suck at figuring out people's ages. I've learned to just change the subject rather than answer. :D I guess that is one way amongst many that I am like a preschooler. Funny, though, I'm a parent to one. he he :)
I used to LIVE for Fridays when I was in high school- For all the obvious reasons, but also because that was the day my kindergarten-aged brother would bring home his weekly class newsletter, which always included the kids' responses to a question the reacher posed to the class. Much like this, some of the responses were HILARIOUS.
Well, if you're going to guess, shoot for the moon. It's all just numbers once you get past 9.
LOL - I'm almost surprised she didn't say a mil. ;)

But seriously - on the teacher? What was the point of that little exercise?

lol - beats me!
Maybe it was a Price is Right kind of strategy?
That is so cute. My daughter is the same way. Kids just don't have a very good concept at that age.
I think, that for some teachers, that's a good guess.
Come get your bling!
Since everything is about minutes or seconds to my son, her age would have been equivilant to PI.
oh my goodness... poor teacher. Was she a good sport about it?
My middle child is very precise & has a great memory. Even at age 3, he would tell total strangers my real age (and weight). He also had no problem asking adults their age. Still does this.
Heh. Brilliant. At least kids are honest, right?
I love how their little minds work!
So cute, I bet she was just practicing her "0's" right? Frumpy mom stage, we've all been there... great aunt, that'd hurt, though, LOL!
Oh how embarrassing! But congrats on the new little family members :)
I am sorry..that is funny though.. lol
Oh that is precious!!! I l LOVE IT! Out of the mouths of babes...
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