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Momo Fali's: Gratitude

Thursday, November 6, 2008


When I started this blog back in 1872, I did it for very selfish reasons. I was looking for a creative outlet. A place to tame the wild writing beast who had been chomping at the bit since college. I also thought it would be great to journal the crazy things my kids do.

When my son told a woman with big lips that she looked like a fish, I knew I needed to write this stuff down. Not only so we could look back and laugh, but so I had material to use against him later. If the kid wants to embarrass me, I will save up all these juicy bits for when he brings home a girl I don't like and I can tell her that she resembles the masculine woman who he once referred to as "kind of a girl".

In starting this blog, what I did not expect to find was a community.

So, to all the people who left comments yesterday, thank you. To all the people who sent good wishes, I appreciate it so very much. To all the people who sent e-mails, who offered to send my son a card, who asked his name so they could pray for him, I am grateful to you.

We are trudging through. He is not in the hospital, but he is not well. The doctors think it is part bacterial, part viral, and possibly part allergic reaction. He has a fever, he is covered with a sunburn-like rash that occasionally turns into hives, he has vomited, he has bad diarrhea and he is lethargic. But, things could be much worse. They certainly have been before.

But like before, he will get through it, and because I wanted a place to occasionally write down a few words, we have a lot more support than we used to.

And lest you think the kid is losing his wits, at the doctor's office today, he asked a nurse with droopy scrubs on if she had pooped her pants.

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well i am a crybaby and once again you made me cry. 'cause it is a beautiful, sweet community we've got here, and cause your kid is SO. FREAKIN'. FUNNY. I did a lot of praying today and will continue. Tell him he has a lot of fans & friends out there thinking about him! AS do you!
I'm so glad he's going to be okay. I'm keeping him in my thoughts.
An allergic reaction? Seriously? Wow, this is all just so amazing. Hang in there - all things are possible.

Continued prayers and virtual hugs...
You're an amazing women, Momo, and I suppose that's why you have such an amazing boy.
once again even sick as a pup, he's crackin us up. What a blessing he is! Prayers continuing to go up for all of you. Don't stop believin'!

now here's my question; somethign I've wondered since I wandered in last year...why does he never say funny stuff about men? *s*

Again, I hope he feels better soon. I wish I could have seen the look on that nurse's face.
Sending my thoughts & prayers for a full and speedy recovery.

Sounds like he is on his way!
Your boy is like you, my dear, despite it all, he's still got his funny on. Please keep us updated! We're worried about the little guy (and you as well).
I am still praying for him, and you. I cannot wait to read more about his healing! :] That lil guy is ONE TOUGH COOKIE!
Still sending good thoughts and stuff your way hon. And I feel bad that I'm laughing at a sick kid,but I can't believe he said that, hee hee.
That is comforting. Hillarious, but comforting.

You'll stay in my thoughts.
Sending you positive thoughts, prayers, and all that good gushy stuff this Friday morning!

p.s. Also mentally crossing off droopy scrubs from my fashion list. ;)
He sounds like constant, albeit embarrassing, comic relief.
Glad he's not lost his sense of humor in this.

I will pray for him as well.
He (and you) certainly sound tougher than me. I've saved up some naked video of the kids when they were young. If they test me in their teens, I'm posting it to their MySpace pages. Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.
It shows you what an amazing kid he is - feeling so sick and yet still his funny little self.
I'm glad he's at home. I hope you see some big improvements over the weekend!
I'm glad he's at home. I hope you see some big improvements over the weekend!
It is strange how strangers can feel like a community and rally around each other when needed. I hope that your little guy comes through this with flying colors and that you stay strong as well. We are all here for you.
I've been following your tweets and wanted to let you know that you have been in my thoughts. I am glad to know that he isn't in the hospital and at home.

Stay strong. Sending you a million virtual hugs.
Really. Did he really ask the nurse that?

I hope today is a better day...these mystery things are the most awful. Adding my prayers.

He may not be "at his best" at the moment but at least he hasn't lost his touch! Fabulous kid!

My thoughts and prayers stay with you all.
awwww glad he is going to be okay...theres nuttin worse than a sick baby!
I did giggle at the poopie nurse pants comment!
At least he's got his moxy ;)

I am praying for y'all. I am glad you are looking at the glass half full side--you have no idea how much your positive attitude and humor help him :)
Dunno what to say really, all the best to you guys.
Momo, I hope your boy gets better soon!
Stay strong darling and I love that kid!

Poopy pants! Love it!!!

Sending you lots of hugs and I hope he's doing better today.
your son's comment to the woman with the big lips cracked me up. I'm still laughing!
That's awesome. Even when they're sick, their little minds are still working away!

Still sending good thoughts. Hoping they figure it out quickly and he feels better soon.
first time to catch up- I'm so sorry to hear about your son... I'm sending well wishes!
Sorry your son is so sick, but if he's asking the nurse if she's got poopy pants that's got to be a good sign, right?
kisses to you- yr such a great woman and mama...kiss that wee one and I am here!
If you receive a mental bouquet in the next couple of days, that's from me.

I'm working on my psychic powers.
Hey, MF! Woops, maybe MoFa (?) is better shorthand? Happy to be part of the community, I am getting acquainted with all sorts of interesting folks.

Just checking in, see how the peep is doing. Sorry he's still illin', but glad to know he can be at home. Keeping my prayer flags flapping (I have plenty of hot air!)

Oh, and as soon as I solve the bandwidth problem, I'll post some ice cream for you and family to enjoy! (wink)


Hang in there, Momo - your boy is a resilient one... but you already knew that. ;)

Keep us posted, k? Will keep you guys in my prayers!
Hugs and love. Hang in there...
That last sentence did me in. I love your little boy.

Hang in there. We're here for you.
I'm so glad he's still being himself! Poopy pants! lol!
I am still thinking of you all.
You're in my thoughts.
oh Momo!! I never had a chance to answer your email but I will!!

You guys are in my thoughts and know that!

Anything you need, you ask!
So sorry to hear your son isn't well; my best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery!!
He WILL get through this. You know I have been praying for THAT boy for a long time.

I do know his name and I have his photo so GOD knows EXACTLY who I am praying for.

"he asked a nurse with droopy scrubs on if she had pooped her pants."

put TEARS in my eyes.

What an amazing child he is.

(hugs, love, prayers)
I know I twitter death you all the time saying that I am praying for you guys..

And that boy of yours...hug him for me.. even if I am a strange big dork from Long Island.. his fight..and humor slays me..
:snort: Yep, he still has his spirit!
::hugs:: Definitely in my prayers. That last bit about what he asked the nurse made me smile, I'm glad he still has his sense of humor and spirit. :)
My best to the little guy.

Full marks for his sense of humor!
I love you a bushel and a peck, and a hug around the neck.
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