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Monday, November 3, 2008

Calling Willard Scott

I was uncomfortably holding my daughter on my lap when I said, "I can't believe you're almost 10 years old. In less than two months, you'll be in double digits."

She said, "Oh no. That's true! I will be!"

I didn't think I heard her correctly. "What? Aren't you excited to turn 10?"

She replied, "I am, but I'll be in double digits for the rest of my life! It's so permanent. Unless..."

"Unless what?"

"Well, unless I live as long as those Smucker's people."

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Is that really what us double digit folk have to look forward to?
Those Smucker's people! ROFL!!

Now I'm a little depressed. Isn't there anything else at the end of double digits? (other than death and jam, I mean)
That is awesome. She is smart as a whip. My goal in life has now shifted to make it to be one of those Smucker's people.
I just want to move in with you!
Oh, man, she's a keeper, that one.
Tag, you're it! Come on over and see what you've won! :)
I love the way that kids think. They have the best logic, lol. She just put 1 foot in my grave for me.
She is SO cute.
And hey, that's a good thing to aspire to be. ;)
She's a clever one!
Love it. I'm always surprised when my own kids, when faced with the fact of their age and growth, are worried about getting to really old age. I remind them that their other choice is to not reach old age. Oddly, that doesn't make them feel better.
Smuckers people. Oh my goodness. That's hysterical!
happy birthday to the double digit's all downhill from there!
just saying hello from twittermoms preemie group. my blog is at
What a cutie! My son was so excited to enter the double-digits. Now he can't wait to be a teenager (he's 11). Sheesh.
hahahaha, I hope she lives that long. No telling what she will come up with in the triple digits.
smart girl!
LOL - my goodness, she IS a clever one, isn't she? :D
That's hilarious! That's cool she knows being in the double digits is just the highpoint of life!

Does anyone remember (in the 80s?) the Dannon yogurt commercials that showcased the world's 112-year-olds? weren't they all from the Russian steppes, too?
I thought about your daughter today when I was listening to Eat, Pray, Love and the author described her first metaphysical crisis as her realization she was about to enter the double digits.
Wow. she already has the understanding that double digits are forever?
*LAUGH* My kids feel sad about getting older too. I always loved getting a year older.
I think you have two of the funniest children I've heard of. Like mother, like daughter/son, I think! ;)
She is too funny, I feel like we would get along great, I totally love the way she thinks.
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