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Momo Fali's: Why You Should Marry a Good Speller

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why You Should Marry a Good Speller


"my wife got attacked by a warthog real bad"
Priceless, you made me spit tea.
That'd be:
That post should have had a LOL warning!!
His family must have moved generations ago because they wanted to have "Our Kansas"
I give it 5 snickers and 2 snorts! THAT was funny!
i love you. seriously.
i SO needed that laugh :]
I just spit all over my monitor. Thank you! Happy Friday!
"I'll just drag her over to Oak St."

Bwahahahahahahaha! That is classic.
OMG. That is classic. It's like naming your child Ed so you don't have to teach them to write "Alexander."
Good thing she didn't get attacked by a Chupacabra. Hilarious!
That was pure comedy. Thanks for the laughs!
I don't know which is funnier-the warthog attack or the Oak street comment.
No way... that is too funny!

I'm with Kori... I don't know which is funnier... the warthog attack "real bad" or dragging her to Oak street!
I can't tell if the husband is dumber than the wife. He can't spell, but she let herself get attacked by a warthog.
I haven't laughed this hard (am still laughing as I'm typing) in weeks. How on earth did you find this? Absolutely fabulous.
I really hope that was fake. For the sake of the US. Lordy be do we have some dumb folks living here. Love it!
First of all, bwahahahahah! Secondly, who KNEW there were warthogs on Eucalyptus Street? This is priceless.
Ahhhh I'm ashamed that I laughed as hard as I did. But that was hilarious!
LMAO!!! Oh goodness i am so prolly goin to hell for LMAO but Thank goodness I Live on Boston ST mr gp can spell that!!!
No way! That is precious.
haha- I always tease my husband that I don't actually know for a fact that he can read- he refuses to read my blog, which is actually a good thing, but the point is- I'd be screwed over on Eucalyptus Street- did I spell that right?
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