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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oprah Cliffs Notes V

On yesterday's Oprah, Dr. Oz discussed numerous differences between men and women.

He started by introducing us to two lovely people who had dedicated their dead bodies to science. Two people who allowed themselves to be dissected, because they knew it was the only way they could get Oprah tickets. Here is where Dr. Oz massaged the dead woman's bladder. He later walked across the stage and tickled the man's prostate.

This is Brian. Brian discussed his hair transplant and how he had a section of scalp removed from the back of his head and moved to the the front. You can clearly see the improvement between his before picture, which looks like a mug shot, and his after picture...which looks like a mug shot with hair.

This is Jennifer, along with her husband, and her son Benjamin. Jennifer noticed that after her son was born, her memory started to fade and she would forget important words like, "tomato and chandelier". Dr. Oz confirmed that Jennifer was indeed suffering from "Mommy Brain". Apparently, babies suck the life out of their Mother's noggin by stealing her omega-3 fats. As you can see, Benjamin was quite enthralled with Dr. Oz's theory. Either that, or all that brain sucking really wore him out.

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When they signed the paperwork to donate their bodies, I wonder if 'agree to have my prostate tickled on national T.V., was in the fine print.
wow! i had no idea i missed so much by not watching oprah. of course i can't really watch oprah since it isn't on here, but still.
Damn vampire babies.
He tickled the dead guys prostate?
Ahem ... I've heard of that. Isn't it called necrophilia?
24 at heart beat me to my comment, so I'll just say this:

YOU WATCH OPRAH! hehehehehe@!
Mommy brain--that is my excuse from now on--for EVERYTHING ;)
"Two people who allowed themselves to be dissected, because they knew it was the only way they could get Oprah tickets."


and most likely TRUE.
You are the best Oprah recapper!
I love it when Dr Oz is on Oprah. His eyebrows are so entertaining!
See, even if I wathced TV, which I don't, I wouldn't even need to watch Oprah now because you have captured it all so succintly; thank you!
I think I suffer from "Mommy Brain"!
oh my gosh... That's weird with the dead people on Oprah.
Then the mommy brain thing, that's so... oh, what's that word I'm thinking of?
I have missed these! Maybe Dr. Oz should ask if that boy is okay.
I've never watched Opera. But that sounds like an odd but interesting segment.
Do you wonder if those people ever said anything about being caught dead on Oprah?
I really thought you wrote that one of the dead people walked OVER to Dr. Oz to get his prostate tickled. And for some reason an animatronic dead guy with no skin creeps me out way more than one standing there, waiting on Dr. Oz to tickle his prostate.

Thanks for you kind comment on my post!
and Oprah today? the coupon lady? good god, i can't even find my freakin' wallet much less remember coupons.

damn that Oprah.
Dr. Oz is normally great, but man, that's just creepy.
You are priceless.
My Tivo has been recording every other Oprah instead of every day for some odd reason that I can't figure out. Can you just do this every day in case my Tivo acts up? Thanks!
Eeeeewwww. Prostate tickling. Is that allowed?
Dr. Oz should fight Dr. Phil Oprah's former favorite doc of choice to the death.
Meanwhile, mommy can't stop smiling -- which just goes to show that the less brain you have, the happier you are. Poor daddy wishes he could have his wits removed, too.
I knew that kids suck out all your energy, now it's your.... what was I saying?

My uncle recently passed away. He donated his body to the University of Tenn. Body Farm and it's forensic science research. I thought that was very cool.
My child is sucking the life out of me as I type.. 10:30 at night and the stinker will not fall asleep..
I have word issues since motherhood. I like those shirts that read something about "I have the dumb"
It's too true. Mid-sentence I am stumped by a simple word, then I forget altogether my point. Dr. Oz can call it what he wants, I call it mom-nesia.
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