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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In Contrast

Today, I'll be giving you a view of our master bathroom. Please don't think me a bad housekeeper because of the hideous shelf paper and chipped wood. We've been redecorating this room...for almost eleven years.

This is my husband's shelf. The trimmer set is only used for about a month out of the year when he grows a goatee. Also, keep in mind that we share the dental floss and mouthwash. I wouldn't want you to think the jumbo Blue Mint is because the poor guy has a major case of halitosis.

This is my shelf. Actually, there's even more stuff hidden in a nearby cabinet. About three times more stuff. It takes a village, people. It takes a village.

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I have that same moisturizer in the white jar with blue lid.
And oh honey, we don't even want to do a comparison of mine to his, he doesn't even have a whole shelf, and I've got TWO bathrooms. And 2 drawers. And several baskets stuffed between the bed and nightstand. Two closets. Why do women always have more junk than men?
No fair! How does he get a whole shelf?! I don't get a whole shelf. I want a shelf!!!
WOW! So neat and tidy! I think you would pass out if I showed you our messy bathroom, but "YEAH! Aveeno!" :-)
A village, sure, but it looks like you've got most of the commonwealth on that shelf! Hold some elections, or something. The town crier will thank you. ;)
If a commercial comes on for a skin cream or a lotion, the Oilybeauhunk will look at me, say "No" and change the channel - quickly. Skin cream & lotion is my crack. I need a big shelf like you have.
I guess i better buy some aveeno stock-since your side is full of it! I will say i have a jar or aveeno face cream that I LOVE!
You are sooooo organized! I use the same neutrogena moisturizer. :)
You are one organized lady :)
I am addicted to skin products. As you are I see.. :)
My stuff is all thrown in a bag, in a basket, in an undisclosed location. EVEN TO ME. And my man has TWICE the stuff I have. And three times as many shoes. I'm pretty sure he's gay. *sigh*
I could do this same post with our showers. The only thing is that my husband has to share his shower and tub with our kids....yet mine is still more over stuffed!!
I am speechless over the organization and neatness of your shelves. I aspire to be as neat!
i can completely relate to this... but my husband complains none the less...
Actually, your shelf looks a boit bare. I have a makeup steamer trunk, and I need another. Plus, my skincare is very expensive, and yet? I still buy too much of it.

I'm with you there. Do I see some Aveda products on that shelf as well? Sweeeet.
i just love how all your products are evenly spaced with labels facing front. Tell me you did that just for the picture and that it doesn't alwyas look that neat *L*
Please tell me you organized this stuff just for these pictures. Please don't tell me it's always this organized! lol. My shit is just shoved in a drawer, and the husband's products (and by "products" i mean aftershave and that's it) is crammed into the medicine cabinet. seriously.
You are inspiring me to take pictures of every surface which houses my "beauty" products. I may need another blog.
Ha ha ha!

You could have done this as a wordless wednesday post - titled "Men vs. Women". ;-)
Well it all looks very tidy. And girls need stuff. :D
Looks neat to me. A village you say? For me it's beginning to require a planet!
nice job on the FREE-99 Loreal! i'm shedding a proud tear! what I want to know is, how come I pour my heart out on my blog and get 3 comments, and you post a pic of your powder room and get 20??? you are magic, Momo!
Yes. It certainly does take a village doesn't it!
I love how neat everything is.

And I use "Lovely" too! Isn't it lovely?
wait, does that make me the village idiot????
Wow, he's got a lot of stuff.
I feel like I just came over to your house, got to peek into your bathroom cabinets during a potty break and nothing fell over, exposing me and my nosy tendencies. AWESOME.
HAHHAHHA! Love it.

Also: please come organize the beauty department in my house.
On the contrary, I think you're a phenomenal housekeeper-- did you organize all this stuff just for the picture??

Either way, you have a lot to teach my wife!
I only wish my bathroom was that neat and sparkly. Can you send someone to get the toothpaste off the back splash?
I'll be glad to forgive your shelf paper, but frankly Momo I'm worried. You said you and Hubby share the mouthwash and dental floss. Do you also share a tooth brush... because I only saw one of those?!! lol :P

I would N-E-V-E-R admit that upon stumbling into a darked bathroom after an exhausted day of corraling kids and pets and balancing schedules and hormones I've *accidently* used my husband's toothbrush. Nope. I'd never admit that! :-X
Try sharing the bathroom with another woman sometime--I don't get a shelf. I don't even get a spot--my stuff goes wherever it fits, and only if it's stuff that MUST be used in the bathroom--the rest is kept in my room, where I'm fresh out of shelves until I get my unpack done, which may not be for another few months at the rate I'm going.
You care more, hence, you have more stuff. I'm just impressed you gave the hubby a shelf.
I think your husband is lucky he even gets a shelf!

And, I am so impressed with how neat your stuff is. Ughhh, mine is all thrown in a couple drawers.
ha ha ha ha. your hubby is lucky he gets a shelf. when we first moved into our house, i gave curt half of the medicine cabinet. funny, 5 months later, all that's in there, of his, is his razor. HA HA HA HA.

you are right, it takes a village!
I was about to say, if that's all the war paint and stuff ya got, your husband is lucky.

But you nipped that in the bud...
Ours looks the same and I noticed too many new wrinkles this morning- I'm afraid my village isn't do me much good- how about a country?
I'm not the first to notice that all the stuff on your husband's self color coordinates - am I? There's a teal/black color scheme going there.
You're both so neat and tidy!! No way would I show a picture of my messy stuff!!
I'm impressed by the neatness. Seriously.
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