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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Actually Always Look Like That

In honor of Halloween, I would like to share our family's costumes that have been my favorites...

This is my daughter as Jessie from Toy Story II. I know, she's adorable.

This is my son as Frankenstein. They have a lot in common, what with the stitches, scars and speech delay.

This is my husband. He really likes bananas.

And, here I am as Milk, Gone Bad. Get it? You can tell I'm a chain smoker by the way I'm holding the cigarette backward. Speaking of hands...with palms that large, I should've gone as Meadowlark Lemon.

Tell me, boys and girls...which one is your favorite? Hint: Don't vote for the monkey.

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Milk Gone Bad is hands down the winner. That is awesome! Nicely done. :)
I'm liking the bad milk too. But the Frankenstein and Jessie outfits are veeeery close seconds. Your hubby could have done a companion outfit and gone as sour cream.
My vote goes to the milk too.
Your costume is awesome. But I gotta give it to your daughter!
All are great but that hair on lil' miss Jessie is just to die for. She wins!
Jesse is beyond adorable...but I like the Milk Gone Bad with the ciggy that's going to burn her esophagus!
Your kids are very cute but Milk Gone Bad is totally the best :)
The Freckles! The Stitches! The Poo Flinging! The IRONY! How can I choose?
Oh God the monkey is just so funny....

Frankenstein might be at the top of my list with Milk close behind! Milk is HYSTERICAL!

PS- My first married Halloween, my husband dressed as Spongebob. It was GREAT!!
I think the Curious George and Milk Gone Bad costumes are awesome, but just on the cuteness factor alone, it's a tie between Jessie and Franky.
Milk Gone Bad of course. I can relate we have some in the fridge
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MILK GONE BAD!! Now THAT's unique! LOL!
I can't choose between Jessie and Frankenstein. They're both adorable!
I'm going to have to go with Frankenstein over Jessie, because I'm always partial to "scary" Halloween costumes vs. conventional ones.

And you lost out just because you can't compete with that kind of cuteness. Sorry, bud.
They are all great, but I think I like 'milk gone bad' for humor and originality!
That's a toughie.

Milk Gone Bad is brilliant but how can I resist the lure of red hair and freckles? and then there's that darling not so scary Frankenstein.

Darn you woman. Cuteness abounds here.

I won't pick and you can't make me ;-p
The kids are adorable, but I'm a sucker for thoughtful/sarcastic/ironic costumes like yours!!
Milk, gone bad. Hands down. It's the most original.

However, Frank is looking totally cute and Jessie is adorable!

you can't make me pick between (among??? drat the copy editor in me) cute kids and clever cleverness.

three-way tie? (sorry, curious george, you lose!)
Love them all! But I have had a special place in my heart for George since I was a wee lass with a little brother who's favorite toy was his Curious George. He loved it til the eyes fell off and my mom had to give him an eye transplant. (the monkey, not the brother.)
Milk gone mad is awesome, but the wee ones win.
that's great- so clever AND the beer went with the costume- is there anything better?
The kids win the cute contest, but Milk Gone Bad wins for originality. Sorry George.
You win, you win! That's an awesome costume. Love it!
Happy Halloween!!
Milk; definitly milk. Though I liked all of htem. Even the monkey.
You win x100,000

*flashes devil horns*

Your Milk costume wins hands down!

Ever since my son and hubby bought me a gorgeous pair of gorgeous diamond earrings from for my birthday recently, I decided to throw a halloween bash for my son.

He's going as Batman of course, I'm gonna be Sarah Palin!
Oh, that's funny! Since when was milk gorgeous? But in the interest of family peace there, I'd say the kids tie.
While you look like a total bad ass....I have to give it to your daughter. Cute wins out in this one!
milk gone bad is BRILLIANT.
love you in the last one girl. You rock it!
Oh, the milk takes it. I love the clever costumes. Of course, the Frankenstein and Woody are very cute.
lol - LOVE all of those costumes!!

I've got an award for ya whenever you get a chance ;)
you naughty naughty milk! HA love it!
I'd say you, then your daughter.


The monkey comes in LAST.

Milk gone bad -- definitely. Not only is it funny, it's creative!

And your kids are cute as can be!
Milk Gone Bad was the best hon, though the kids are very cute. You did great for a non scary fan.
milk gone bad is the most creative! Hilarious. Very, very cute.

The kids are adorable as well.

I don't trust the monkey.
Your costume is hilarious! Bravo!
Can I make it a four-way tie? I can't decide! Kudos to your husband for wearing that. I love the creativity of your costume, and your kids are just so darned cute!
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