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Momo Fali's: Yodka

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is Yodka. Yodka was the sixth wheel at the cabin with my girlfriend's this past weekend. Wait. Did I say sixth wheel? Because actually, Yodka was doing most of the driving.

Yodka is made by pouring one, or two, bottles of vodka into a very large container, after you squeeze in the juice from as many lemons and limes you can fit, and then adding sugar. Lots of it. See the granules caked on the bottom? It's like one big lemon drop.

We insist on doing shots of Yodka whenever something big happens, like when someone says the word "and". Or, when we're watching Ohio State football games and they score. The year the Buckeyes beat Northwestern 54-10, was especially rough on us.

If you think you'd like to try it, be forewarned, Yodka can make you do crazy think you can suddenly shoot pool, or swim laps in a hot-tub, or play ping-pong like you're Serena Williams, or sing Led Zeppelin on a karaoke machine better than Robert Plant could.

What? I was rocking that joint. And, you totally should've heard me playing guitar on my pool stick.

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Momo--I'm ashamed. There's still vodka in that bottle!
Unfortunately, that sounds eerily familiar....
Yummy. I think I am going to try a new recipe this weekend.
Oh my gosh! That sounds like so much fun!! I'm soooo bringing that to our next girls' weekend.

Glad you had a wonderful time honey.
That sounds delish.
Suddenly I'm thirsty.
Oooh. Dangerous.

Yummy, yummy danger.
...and another drink I must share with my neighbors. Thank you Momo!
That one is totally on my list to drink when my little guy weans :)
What's with all the lemons? Isn't that just wasted space?
I'm beginning to worry about you....that huge jug of Yodka...the gargantuan bottle of wine bigger than your son....Do you need an intervention? :)
Wish I had been there! Yum!!
and it's pretty too...
i'ma make me some of that stuff. it looks fabulously tasty. and it doubles as a pretty decoration, too! ha ha ha hah a.

glad that you had a good time!
mmm, sounds yummy!
Sounds great- surprised you remember as much as you do!
rock it, hon! PLAY that bad-boy pool stick!
I just responded to your comment on my blog in a new post over at my place. You ROCK!
Ooh, I wonder if it would work as well with oranges. I think I'll try some at our Halloween party.
Bossy must have that drink now. Oh, and what are you doing having all that fun without BOSSY?
oh how i love me some yodka just you wait till daylight savings time I will so totally yodka it up around here and i will carry a picket sign that says.....

mama foli made me yodka it up! then the neighbors will cheer and welll and...
*hiccup* excuse me.
Oh man - you just made me miss it already!!

Excellent post; you painted a fun picture of the weekend, and made your fellow weekender girls (I'm sure I can speak for the others) smile and laugh at the memories.
Man does that look tasty. I'm wishing I had some yodka right now. As an added bonus my husband hates vodka so I could have that all to myself!
OMG, if you knew how seriously I love lemon drops you would NOT have said that. Damn, now I have to try Yodka.
hilarious... sounds like fun (and sounds amazingly tasty) BUT I get a headache just thinking about it...
AND... AND... AND...

just sayin'.
Say this, I never thought I could, but Yodka, so much cooler than even Yoda it is.
lol - I actually haven't heard of Yodka - but it SURE sounds good!

I will have to make some for Hubz the next time we see a Buckeye game. He says he doesn't ever want to live where it snows, but if he had to, he'd come back home to Ohio.

Have you ever made peanut butter & chocolate buckeyes?

I've been MIA and look at what I missed!! i want to spend weekend with Momo and Yodka!! Damn you sound like fun to party with!
i once trained an entire orphanage the words to every whitney houston song with yodka. you're not kidding!
OMG I'm TOTALLY gonna do this for our annual FLAGAWEEN party on November 1st! WOOHOO thanks for the idea;)
I'm coming to your party. Invite, schminvite!
I'm so jealous. I wanna drink some Yodka with you!!

We make ours with Arizona green tea ( it just sounds healthy). It has to be Arizona, otherwise it's not sweet enough.
Ooooh, that sounds good!
"or swim laps in a hot-tub"


I am having some Yodka right now! It works miracles
When I lived in San Diego, the Brazilian girls (not the band) who lived downstairs would mash limes into a bowl of sugar and add cacha├ža (liquor I've been told is like tequila made out of sugarcane) to make caipirinhas. I've never had a better drink in my life. Why it's never occurred to me to keep a Tupperware container of it on hand just goes to show how much less resourceful I am than Momo Fali.
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