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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Number Two On My List...Don't Forget Limes

Tomorrow afternoon, I am leaving for my annual girl's trip, which we refer to as our GGW, or Girl's Get-Away Weekend. Our husbands call it Girls Gone Wild. Hardly. Last year I got a concussion and we sat around making pot holders.

There is always a lot of planning and organization involved with stepping out of my routine and having my husband step in, but throw in having no electricity for four days...with no end in sight...and you'll see one Mommy whose head feels like it may pop off.

We have been living in limbo since Sunday, shuttling back and forth between my Mom's house, 20 miles from here. Thank goodness, there hasn't been any school. There are no batteries anywhere in town, stations have run out of gas, and when I called around looking for a generator, people laughed at me.

But, our GGW house has power and we've spent a small fortune to rent the place...which some of us can't even afford. Have I mentioned that I'm in the mortgage business? Regardless, this is our one opportunity each year to have a real break, recharge and eat obscene amounts of chocolate.

My husband will be busy while I'm gone, driving the kids around to various activities, all while treating every intersection like a four-way stop.

He will entertain them without the use of TV, Wii, or computer. He will continue to drive 20 minutes, each way, twice a day, to charge a battery in hopes of keeping our fish alive (we've only lost one, so far). And, he will have to make due without any cold food or drinks, grocery stores with doors closed to the public, and no ice available within city limits.

But, he will not be the only frazzled person in this family. Today, I have to make lists and schedules, pack my stuff...and somehow find a liquor store that's open so I can buy my vodka. Some of us have real priorities.

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Yes. YES! I don't even drink anymore and I was mentally checking off liquor store from your list. Yeah, yeah, your poor husband, but dude-he'll be fine. Have a MOST excellent time!
I'm hoping for the sake of everyone involved that the power comes back on soon.

How much you wanna bet there isn't a drop of vodka left in town? What else are people going to do?
I really cannot get over the devastation Ike has caused in OHIO!! Have fun on your weekend, seems to be it couldn't have come at a better time!
I'm thinking someone could film your husband while you are gone--it might make for a great reality show :)

Have fun with your GGW!
vodka and limes ... yay! Can I come? Or maybe you could bring the goods to Orange County, sit by the beach, enjoy the 90 degree weather and electricity? Hope it's a fun one. You deserve it after all the stress lately!
Um.. do you have room for one more.. I am kinda big.. but I always come with holding some liquor and chips!!!

Have a GREAT time Momo!!!
you go, girl! your priorities are totally in order!
Have a fabulous, fabulous fabulously wonderful time honey!
Recharge, Relax and enjoy!!!
Can't wait to hear about all the fun!!!
Sounds good to me. Is someone bringing chocolate?
I love it when a plan comes together.

You did plan this right? The hurricane, the power outage, all that?

It's genius! The perfect way to get a husband to appreciate you.
Wow- what a great weekend to get away! :) Have a great time, and I'm sure you will be MUCH appreciated when you return! :)
See, if you bought the vodka FIRST, then the dead fish, lack of batteries and starvation kids would not have bothered you. The trick in life is not that WHAT, it's the IN WHAT ORDER. Have fun and good luck on your quest for booze. Sounds Mad Max-esque.
Starvation kids? Obviously MY liquor store is NOT out of booze :)
A week with no power? Really? Sheesh! The winds hit us too...and the surrounding counties but we were only down for about 36-40 hours. The food in the fridge is being thrown out. Awesome. Sometimes meal planning 2 weeks in advance can kick your rear. Well, mine. Good luck on your quests! I have vodka here. You can have it. :)
i want a girls weekend! Even if pot holders are the focus.

we have one child and my husband would literally DIE if he had to entertain her without the use of electricity.
I'm more than a little worried about Misty's kid...

"we have one child and my husband would literally DIE if he had to entertain her without the use of electricity."

Here sweetie, catch the toaster!
Have fun on your trip :)
Have fun and YOUR priorities are right in line.

Hope the power comes back on soon.
I can't even imagine. I hope you have a great GGW!
I really hope you have a GREAT time on your Girls Get Away Weekend. You really need it.

Have Fun!!!
Hope you have a great time on your weekend!
i hope you have a FABULOUS weekend! enjoy that vodka! ;)
Is it sad that I read with envy about your concussion and potholder weekend? That's how badly I need a GGW. Your priorities are flawless.
Have a brilliant time my lovely, and if you have vodka, all will be well at home, you will not worry, you will sleep soundly. Siggggghhh, vodka is so important.
Wow. I had no idea you were affected by IKE! Hope you had a great time with the girls! :)
If the shoe was on the other foot (a Guy's Gone Wild get-a-way) my wife would have cancelled for me. No way she would let me leave her with no power!

He's a good egg the husband of yours.
Relieved to see that you priorities are in order. They can take care of themselves. You won't survive the weekend without vodka. You go girl.
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