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Monday, September 8, 2008

Not Your Typical Tourist

The picture at the bottom of the last post was taken last week on our vacation in Virginia. Moments after I captured the shot, I joined my daughter in the ocean.

I was in hip-deep water as we were lightheartedly jumping in the waves. Since I was trying not to get my hair wet, I had my sunglasses on top of my head to prevent fly-aways from getting whipped with saltwater.

After a few minutes, we turned to head back toward the beach. My daughter was wading ahead of me so I could keep my eye on her, but she kept looking back to watch the waves. Apparently, she's much smarter than her mother, because I suddenly heard her yell, "Mom! Look out!"

I soon realized she had warned me a little too late, because as the last syllable left her lips, I was blindsided by a massive wave. I was knocked to my knees and as I flailed about under the water, all I could think about were my new sunglasses. What? Seven dollars is a lot for shades when your line of work is mortgage lending. Hi Fannie! Hi Freddie! Need bailed out much?

When I came up for air, I sputtered and spit, then immediately set about looking for my glasses. But, after a few moments of searching I realized sun in my eyes was the least of my worries. Was that a breeze I felt across my chest?

As I faced the beach, I looked down to find that my halter had come undone, and my entire bathing suit top was around my waist. I stood there mortified as I flashed the Labor Day crowd.

At least if I had found my sunglasses I could've hid some of my embarrassment...because I sure wasn't hiding much else.


Hey just think, you probably made many people very happy all at once! hahahaha
I hate to laugh at other people, but.... that really made me giggle! I bet the labor day crowd didn't realize that there would be a free show. LOL
Well hello MoMo and Fali...!
Heehee! I would've liked to have seen that! No! What! I didn't mean it like THAT.....honestly, that is one of my worst nightmares! Having MY top falling off, not seeing your girls. Ok, I'm stopping now.

So, did you find your sunglasses? :) least she warned you. i mean just think if you hadn't had that 1/2 second warning. that could have been bad. (just trying to make you feel better...)
Now that would have been a post closing photo!
Where is THAT picture?????
OMG, I think I just snorted my iced tea up my nose! Funny stuff!
OMG...I read that first line as "the picture at the bottom of THIS post" and was expecting a MOMO FALI show...
We laugh at people like you here in Orange County. And I mean that in the nicest way. Tourists are our amusement at the beach. They fall all the time, they turn bright red in the sun from "tanning", they expose themselves on a regular basis. It never gets old. Lots of giggles!
I wonder if anyone got any photos.
i have an overwhelming fear of this.

of course, it would require actually going in the water, and i fear that more.

so i think i'm safe.
I'm am sitting here laughin' SO HARD! I too did the same EXACT thing. Except I was (I guess fortunately,) at a primarily gay beach with my brothers-in-law. I was told "Aw Sug, no one here pays attention to those babies anyway". Way to make me feel better.
OMG that totally made me giggle. My hubby is in the mortgage business too and I can beat your $7 glasses with my $5.99 ones. I cannot afford to lose them bad boys.

Was Joe Francis there filming you for Girls Gone Wild? LOL
Oh, my Bob!
Somewhere on the beach there was a guy sitting in his lawn chair, dumbstruck, whispering, "I didn't know I could DO that!"
I feel your pain. I think it is every girls worst nightmare to come out of a pool or the surf with their top off. Actually, my mother in law flashed a group of college kids at the beach earlier this summer. I hear that they are slowly regaining their eyesight.
Thats too funny NOT to laugh with you!

I am sorry you were exposed but, that made for one awesome blog post!

PS: I would have been concerned about my sunglasses too! That is until I felt that kind of breeze!
You Buckeye fans are so shameless! ;)
Oh, man too funny!
*rofl* You've GOT to be kidding?!!??!!? I would NEVER have been able to live that one down. Not ever. Wow Mom, you take the cake.
And, for years to come your children will be telling their children (one day) all about grandma's boobs at the beach.
You should have just yelled, "DID ANY OF YOU FIND A PAIR OF SUNGLASSES?"
Oh golly. That is hilarious.
That's great! I recently had one of my two-year-olds pull down my shirt at a party at my boss's house, but I did have a bra on underneath.
I knew there was a reason I don't get in the ocean. I always thought it was the jellyfish. Now I realize it's my intense fear of having the waves rip away my bathing suit thereby blinding five hundred people in one shot.
that would completely happen to me. in fact, I think it has.

and that post below? sigh. and lovely.
All that and the sun in your eyes unbearable.
LOL! Ah geeeeeez, how come I miss all the good stuff?!

Too funny!
LMAO @Xbox :-)

Well, honey somewhere we're gonna stumble across someone who blogs how their lovely labor day vacation was 'perked' up by a woman in the water inadvertently flashing them her goods and thus prompting the birds and the bees talk earlier than anticipated :-)

Love this :-) I so needed a giggle, sorry it's at your expense :-)

*cat calls*
Ouch. I'm so sorry!

I used to swim at a pool that had a resident Dirty Old Man who would grab you going by. (He finally got told by the lifeguards, one more time buddy and we're barring the door.) I determined permanently then that I would never wear a bathing suit dependent on the good behavior of others.

Didn't realize that waves could be said "others," though.
Always like you...Give, give, give.
See, this is why I like human :)
And the other tourists had no idea it was a nude beach.
Did you ask for tips? -- For a new pair of sunglasses?

I am VERY picky about bathing suit tops for that very reason ;)
I did something similar back in high school. I was mortified. Now, the CROWD would be mortified!
Note to self: NEVER take your meds (especially your big nasty pill, the muscle relaxant that you HAVE to take but HATE to take cuz you choke on it) while reading Momo's blog.

~snapping my notebook shut and walking off giggling~
A classic Momo moment! Hilarious my dear!
I have two AWARDS for you over at my blog!

After this, you certainly deserve an award!
OMGosh I am sorry but LMFAO! Thanks for making me realize when I think I got it bad....someone else has it worse!
Thats a classic....I so hope you will join our secret santa soiree I want you to buy me $7 sunglasses!
Oh that is too funny! I can't really laugh though... my boobs have been flashed all across atlanta -- when I was breastfeeding those girls came out everywhere and I often forgot to cover back up! Yikes!
Hilarious and I would be ticked off about the sunglasses too!
Hee hee, I would have died. And xbox's comment nearly killed me too, snort.
My big sister's friend sewed her a terrycloth bikini in high school. (Do not ask me why she thought that was a good idea. I can guess why she gave it away.) I, at 12, borrowed it: I'd been invited to a local pool. I dove off the side, and suddenly one hand was holding the top from falling up and off, and one was holding the bottom from falling down and off. Terry stretches in the water, and the thing was big on me to begin with. The trick at that very mortify-able age was to figure how the heck to get gracefully OUT of there!

But oh goodness, you had it worse. Ouch.
Maybe you should have pulled your top over your head. If you can't see them, they can't see you... isn't that how it works? LMAO!
OMG... that is hilarious! (okay, probably not for you at the time, but thanks for the belly laugh!)
OMG!!.....I laughed so hard I made my dog jump!
How embarrassing! Did you find your sunglasses?
HILARIOUS! Mr.4444's mom did this at a pool party back in the 1970's. She had only one boob out of her suit, though. Again, hilarious :)
Why no picture at the bottom of this post???

:-) Sorry, but I'm still laughing!!
You kill me.. seriously.. that was hysterical..

Oh .. frannie and freddie suck the life out of our household too..
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