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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Everybody Cut, Everybody Cut...

When I was a young, impressionable 12 year old girl, life as I knew it changed forever. Something huge happened. Something so big, I will never, ever forget it. Footloose was released.

You all remember, right? Oh, it's just me then. Well, Footloose is a movie in which Kevin Bacon plays Ren, a hip, city-slickin', high school kid who moves with his Mother to a town that's so small that racing tractors is what you do on a Saturday afternoon. A town so tiny, that playing chicken in your pick-up truck, with a semi, is what you do after church. A town so minuscule, that because some kids died in an accident after a night of dancing, they outlaw the hustle completely.

But, that was all before Kevin Bacon comes to town to save everyone from their tango-less existence. He rescues "the girl" from her abusive boyfriend, gets the town to overturn their silly law (Note to self: When trying to get something accomplished in the bible belt, quote Ecclesiastes in a town hall meeting). But, over and above all else, he teaches Christopher Penn how to dance.

Let me remind you, I was 12. Kevin Bacon was a teenage rebel, with a cute, spiky haircut and some fine moves. So, I did what any girl would do...I saw the movie 40 times and plastered his picture over every square inch of my room. That dude was the cat's meow. Enough said.

My crush on Kevin Bacon came only after Jack Wagner. Quit laughing. And, Jack came after Greg Brady, the members of Night Ranger, and every cast member of The Outsiders. As it turns out, my husband closely resembles one of those Brat Pack fellas. Who's laughing now?

What I want to know, boys and girls, is who was your pre-teen, celebrity crush?


First of all, it wasn't just you. I was right there with you, except I think I liked the movie more than you did because you didn't mention anything about seeing the movie IN THE FRONT ROW, which I did each and every time I paid my $3.00 movie admission to stare at that hot piece of Bacon. (And there IS a time to dance.)

I was a couple of years older than you were at the time it came out, so I really thought there was a chance I'd end up with him, but Kyra Sedgwick was a couple of degrees closer, I guess...

Other crushes for me: Shaun Cassidy (I wore his face on my jeans and t-shirts from Sears), John Taylor from Duran Duran, Michael Hutchence from INXS (RIP), Adam Ant, and John Crawford from Berlin (the band, not the city), who I actually corresponded with via snail mail back and forth about six times. Thought I had a chance with him, too...teen girls have crazy minds!
I was Donny Osmond's secret girlfriend. The one in all those romantic stories in TigerBeat.
I should really post this under anonymous. But it was Tom Cruise, way before he jumped the shark.
Mine was David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman


That little blond haired girl from Escape to Witch Mountain.
I went from Davy Jones to Bobby Sherman to Donny Osmond to Mick Jagger. And now you know how old I am.

Thesedays, it's John Cusack.
Btw, I'm on a movie kick this week. Speaking of Kevin Bacon, he is awesome in In The Cut. It's an erotic thriller with Meg Ryan and Mark Ruffalo. Did I mention I have a crush on Mark Ruffalo?

Anyway, it's actually a decent movie and Kevin Bacon has a small part which is truly oscar worthy.
Hmmm. I loved the outsiders, but when I was 12 I think I quite fancied a brit band called Bros (Luke Goss played the baddy in Hellboy II and a vampire baddy in Blade. He was cute.)

I also like Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe and Matt Dillon. Yum.
I couldn't resist this question, so here I am finally de-lurking after months of reading...

Donny Osmond was first. I remember buying trading cards of the Osmond brothers and memorizing all Donny's "faves".

If that wasn't embarrassing enough, Donny's tenure was usurped by Leif Garrett and Jimmy McNichol - and I thought both of them were just GREAT singers. Oh my.

Those guys were then overtaken by Scott Baio and John Travolta in the Kotter years, and then as the teen years continued there was Johnny Depp and Richard Greico on 21 Jump Street and Tommy Shaw of Styx.

What a funny trip down memory lane!

Incidentally, there is one remaining celebrity that is on my husband-approved "list" - Mark Harmon.
Um, it wasn't just you. I ADORE Footloose and Ren.

My 8 year old daughter crushes so hard on him as well. She watches that movie over and over and over and over again.

My childhood crush for the longest time was Fred Savage.

Don't laugh.

OK, laugh. It's funny. But he was soooooo cute in The Wonder Years.
oh my gosh. i think sarah and i lived parallel lives. mine were donny osmond, leif garret, jimmy mcnichol, shawn cassidy. when i was a teenager i don't think i crushed like i did when i was a kid. i liked music, but for some reason nobody stood out to me past about 5th grade. even now...meh. maybe that means i am mature. maybe that means i am weird. i'm guessing the latter.
First lust was Rudolph Mantooth (love the name) from Adam-12 (yes, I'm 102 years old), then Parker Stevenson in The Hardy Boys, then the lead singer, Robin Zander, of Cheap Trick, then it just spiraled out of control from there and it was Roger Daltrey of The Who and Mick Jagger (WHAT was I thinking?)

Reaching puberty and experiencing hormonal havoc did nothing to help me raise my standards until college when I finally got contact lenses.
"Jump Back!"
I always liked Ferris (Matthew Broderick) and Duckie (Jon Cryer)
*dreamy sigh*
sad to say, I learned to kiss with a Kirk Cameron Poster... It's true...

And I was a fan of Prince at twelve... When high school came along, I saw Gleaming the Cube and Christian Slater was my end-all heart throb...
I was in love with Tom Burlinson who played Jim in the movie "The Man From Snowy River" *Sigh* I love that movie. He was so dreamy.
Mine ranged from Shawn Cassidy to Kirk Cameron to Ricky Schroeder. Oh and Roger from Duran Duran. Remember those teenie bopper magazines? I'd cut out those pictures and plaster them on my wall. Those were the days.
Forgot to say I also LOVED Footloose! And I also remember Rudolph (or was it Randolph?) Mantooth - wasn't he also a paramedic on "Emergency!" Boy I would have been really young then...

It's embarrassing to think I ever bought Tiger Beat...but I did!!! Did anyone ever sign up for the contests to win a date with so and so? I never did that but always wondered what actually happened on those dates...
Oh boy! To this day, if Footloose is on some obscure channel - I will watch it.
I would have died for Shawn Cassidy.
I loved Andy Gibb.
Then it was Eric Stoltz in "Some kind of Wonderful"
Then it was that guy from "Eddie and the Cruisers.
And if those weren't embarrassing enough - I would drool over Cool Rider from Grease 2. Gah!
I was SO there. 8th grade slumber party and the biggest thrill was being allowed to RENT THAT MOVIE. I still know all the songs. Which is embarrassing to admit, but still, "Let's Hear It For The Boy?" How can you resist singing along? need to get this on my netflix Ricky Schroder was was first.
I was going to marry Scott Baio. Thank GOD I didn't...he's a hot mess!
Michael Jackson . . . there, I said it (I also blogged about it and revealed my extensive collection of MJ memorabilia). So glad no one KNOWS me here . . .
My parents wouldn't let me watch Footloose *L* I crushed on that Atreyu kid from the Neverending Story, then Esai Morales from LaBamba, then *shudder* Michael Jackson *shudder* then Patrick Swayze from Dirty Dancing. Always Elvis though.
Kirk Cameron, Micheal J. Fox, John Taylor from Duran Duran. Then came River Phoenix and Christian Slater. Ah, the 80s...
Well, you know me! My first celebrity crush was Alice Cooper when I was 6 (I know - that is quite odd). Then it was John Travolta in Grease and SNF when I was about 9. Next came Mike Reno, the lead singer of Loverboy when I was 12-13. I don't remember any big crush after that.

It won't shock you to know I never saw Footloose.
Easy--DURAN DURAN I wanted to marry all of them but Andy because he was already married and he was too short--even then I had a thing against short guys (and I am 5"2)
Oh, and Zoesdad, I had a girl-crush on that little blond haired girl from Escape to Witch Mountain when I was 6 or 7.
Brett Michaels from Poison. *sigh* And still not that bad looking! :)
And then it was Jordan from NKOTB.
Jason Bateman! I saw him once skiing and spent the next oh TWO YEARS imagining that he and I would ride up in the lift together and totally fall in love for ever and ever and ever.

When I saw him all growed up, for a split second I thought, "what's my old boyfriend doing on tv?"
paul mccartney. but not the "sir" paul mccartney or the "wings" paul mccartney.

i'm talkin' the old BEATLES paul mccartney. but that's because i'm o.l.d.

be still my beating heart.
River Phoenix. Raawwwrrr...
My sister was in love with the movie Footloose & Kevin Bacon. For me, it was Dirty Dancing & Patrick Swayze. Ah, the memories.
My very first celeb crush was Sean Cassidy, and I remember Kirk Cameron, Mackenzie Astin, Sebastian Bach, Bret Michaels, and River Phoenix (RIP)...

John Taylor (Duran Duran), Robert Taylor (Duran Duran) and John Oates (Yes, of Hall and Oates, stop laughing!)
I'll admit to a pre-teen jones for David Cassidy... I'm not proud.
For me it was New Kids on The Block; Jordan specifically. Oh the shame!!! lol!
I'm going to reveal something here that I have never admitted to anyone before including my husband. I was in love with David Hasselhoff. Knight Rider was SO kickass back then, and I had this thing for older guys....and now I have to go poke my eyes out with a stick.
lol - for me it was the Greasers from Outsiders.

All the way!
Definitely did not think this post would go in that direction. All I saw was cut cut and I assumed psychological disorder! Where is my brain!??!

My crush....Patrick Swayze!
J.T.T. 'nuff said
Kirk Cameron and Michael J. Fox were my room's wallpaper.
John Taylor from Duran Duran.
It all started with Shawn Cassidy and his brother David.

Then it was John Travolta as Vinny Barbarino.

Then it was Leif Garrett and Andy Gibb.

Then it was Matt Dillon. And Scott Baio.

Then it was Ugh. Prince.

Then Richard Greico and Johnny Depp.

Then, it went downhill from there to the long haired rockers....

I was a boy crazy kid since I was about seven.
Oh my goodness. The OUTSIDERS! You just reminded me that we actually had a fan club in junior high. We used to write a newsletter and everything! *sigh* it's too bad that C. Thomas Howell didn't age so well...
Footloose is a good one. It was filmed a half hour away from where I grew up.

Anyway, it would have to be Trey Ames. You never heard of him, huh? Yeah, that's the way I liked it.
Footloose was awesome. I recently just let my daughter watch it. Rite of passage. Kevin Bacon, of course. Shaun Cassidy did it for me too.
I loved Christian Slater, and I'm pretty sure he loved me back.
Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
I too loved Kevin Bacon AND Jack Wagner.

Along with Johnny Depp via "21 Jump Street" days.
Jake from Sixteen Candles.

All boys were compared to Jake, most didn't measure up.

Also had a thing for Shaun Cassidy when I was much younger. I even have one of his records still a do run, run, a do run run. He was also one of the Hardy Boys though, so very cool. I wanted to name my puppy after him, but my sister and I couldn't agree on a name, so his name ended up as Puppy.

Um, today, I have a strange attraction to Harry Connick Jr. Oh, and still LOVE LOVE LOVE Jon Bon Jovi!!
Ok, so I'm 23..which means I started kindergarten in 1990. My pre-teen days were pretty slim pickings. I had the backstreet boys and N'Sync, and some of the teen slasher guys from Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. I wasn't a huge crush-on-boys kind of a girl, although I had some friends who were so obsessed with Justin Timberlake it was kind of scary. But, I'll still induldge.

My first boy that I thought "oh, he's cute" was Devon Sawa in Casper. I WAS ELEVEN, DONT HATE.

Then I liked Christian Bale in Little Women, and still do. Yumm-O as Rachel Ray would say..

Apparently I really liked that haircut too, bwahaha.
i didn't have a 'pre-teen crush', but as soon as i saw john cusack, life was all about him. and then there was matthew broderick, doing his ferris bueller thing. yeah, i know.
This is like, the best thread ever -- I can't stop giggling over all the swoony memories. I also was a fan of Donny Osmond and Sean Cassidy -- I can't believe how many other people will admit to that, so I must step up as well! I also liked Ralph Macchio, and then went on to believe I'd "move to Europe, marry Christian Slater, and die."

Another confession -- I have never actually seen Footloose. When I was a preteen I hardly ever went to the theatre (none of my friends were into movies). In my late teens, it came on TV one night that my parents were going out. I asked my mother if I could watch it, and she asked me what it was rated, and I said, "AA," so she told me not to watch it.

Then she went out.


I am the lamest person ever.

When my husband learned of this story he loved it so much for its rich mocking potential that he swore to never let me see it, ever. And true to his word, every time it is on TV, he makes me watch something else. Like football.

A lifetime's worth of punishment for being such a goody-goody. Sigh.
Oh so many many about this for dork factor...Richard Hatch from the original Battlestar Galactica, ummm and John Schnieder from Dukes of Hazzard. All the awesome Outsider boys of course, especially Rob Lowe and Matt Dillon. Greg Evigan from BJ and the Bear, anyone remember him? The requitsite John Taylor from DD and many, many 80's big hair band rockers...yum yum! As a woman now in her, ahem...late 30's, is it weird that I'm digging the young hotties like Shia LaBouf? Oh well!! LOL
In Jr High I went to a slumber party and saw Top Gun for the first time. I was in love with Tom Cruise for a long time. Until he divorced Nicole Kidman. And of course Jon Bon Jovi both as a rock star AND an actor. Nowadays I get breathless when I see Brenden Fraser...yummy, ooh, then there's Johnny Depp....I don't have to pick just one right?
ok, every time i read the next comment and then the next comment i keep adding to the list. i guess i had a crush on everybody. i was a slut. well in my mind i was. lol

good memories
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