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Momo Fali's: Do You Know Where That Ball Has Been?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Do You Know Where That Ball Has Been?

Our daughter started playing competitive sports at the ripe old age of six, when we signed her up for t-ball. Our biggest concern wasn't teaching her the fundamentals of the game, but rather teaching her not to play in the dirt. Though we completely understood how hard it was to hold her attention while kids stood at bat, time and time again, missing the ball when it was sitting on a tee.

But I'm finding it may have been her age, and not the lack of action, that drove her to dig for ants every week. My six year old son is now playing soccer in two games each Sunday afternoon and I see him repeating her behavior when he gets bored.

Yesterday he managed to hang in there for the first four quarters, but by the sixth he was starting to fade.

After his coach sat him down on the sideline for a break, I looked over to see him picking at the grass. I flashed back to my daughter kicking up dust with her cleats.

I looked over again to see him gathering his teammate's practice balls into a circle and I remembered how my daughter would take her glove off and throw it in the air, to play catch with herself, right in the middle of a play.

But then he went a completely different route than his sister, because the next time I looked over he was going around that circle kissing each and every soccer ball as he went by. And for the life of me, I couldn't recall his sister ever making out with her bat.


hee hee

Don't you know, Momo, that if you give the soccer balls a little love, you'll have a better game? :)
ah yes, I remember my first kiss with a pockmarked, red rubber kick ball. Much better than with a bat!
Boys surely do love their balls!
Zoesdad said was I was thinking ;)

He's a true romantic, huh ;)
I would totally pay to watch your son in a TV show about his life. He cracks me up.
laughing @ zoesdad's comment.

and your son.

kissing his friend's balls...
Ewww, funny and disgusting at the same time.
Ha, reminds me of Sam when he was in t-ball; we had to sit through excrucuatingly boring games (did I ever mentione that I hate sports? and am the antithesis -it IS a word, I promise-of the soccer/t-ball mom? For God's sake, I don't EVEN own a mini-van and, gasp, don't have a DVD player in the car!)in order to see the coaches basically rounding the kis up off the field where they were chasing butterflies, throwing rocks at each other (ok, that was just Sam), thanks. You are braver than I by far.
Hey-it never hurts to give the ball a little love before you kick the hell out of if.
DYK that the image i have of kissing a 'bat and balls'? LOL too funny whAT? you didnt make out with your extra curicular of choice? I thought that was a given for the longest time the teher ball was my man!
Now THAT is some serious boredom.
you know, if they could get together on this, there might be an olympic synchronized sport in there somewhere. be innovative!
Get your own t-ball helmet. Lice LOVE to travel in those!
You are so blessed to have kids who do such funny stuff.
ahhh yes, that is certainly how it goes!!!
Boys and their balls.

I read just about every one of your posts to my wife. We both laugh out loud and shake our heads. You and your kids are just the best.
My son used to do cartwheels in the middle of the outfield during baseball games. They grow out of it.
I think that's a great way to kill time.
OK, I never kissed balls *ahem* but I do remember trying to rip out patches of grass in the shape of my initials while playing soccer. Never quite got far enough to finish it...
mmmmm pleather...
I guess that is one way to show your love for the game. :D

However, I think Ed hit the nail on the head. :D
LOL that is too funny.
Whatcha gonna do?....The kid's got a thing about balls!!
Dammit, all the cool ball comments are taken. All I can say is hahaha
My dad had some interesting antics in the outfield coaching my brothers' t-ball teams.
He must really love the game.
Okay..Zoe's dad comment stole the show.. too funny.
Again, this child is so endearing. What a sweetheart.
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