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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Pop Quiz

Let's look among the items in my pantry for today's pop quiz. What you can't see? The organic granola, canned salmon, lentils, and prunes. That's right. It's a place where you can find healthy Wasa Bread on which to break a tooth.

Now, which one of these items is a contradiction in cabinet space? Or in other words, which one of these items was purchased during a hormonal, sleep-deprived shopping trip as I stressed about starting a new job on the same day that my son started kindergarten?

The winner of the quiz will receive the five pounds I've recently put on. No need to thank me.

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I love me some swiss cake rolls....I honestly will hide them from the rest of the family (when I am a weak woman and induced into buying them by sweet Aunt Flo) and will eat the whole box in less than 48 hours. No one ever knows....until now that is.
I should photograph my cabinets. I do the same thing! I hide things where the kids will never look. Did you have swiss rolls for dinner? Or is the baby corn packing on the pounds?
I really don't need to be rewarded but I'm going to vote for those sweet deeelicious Swiss Cake Rolls. MMMMMMMMMM
What is it about those Swiss rolls? I could eat a box in two days, too. And ewwww, baby corn tastes like dirt.
We could play the opposite game with my pantry, the "which one of these items was purchased after the weight watchers meeting?",if you know what I mean? LOL!
I just might have to get some of those! Haven't had them in YEARS! Of course, you and I know I could eat the whole box in practically one sitting...
I'm not gonna answer. I don't need the five pounds.
it's those fatty crackers....
Fatty Crackers sounds like the name of a country music act. And instead of answering, I'd like to sweeten the deal by adding the five pounds I have put back on this summer to the prize. Ten pounds, everybody! Go for it!
Again, thanks for letting me know I am not alone. Life is good.
Pretty sure pickled baby corn has to be a hormonal thing. Why the hell else would you eat that?
I'm gonna guess the Hunt's diced tomatoes because, frankly, I don't need an extra five pounds. Lately, I've been drowning my sorrows in Rocky Road waffle cones and my son doesn't start Kindergarten until next week. I'm screwed.
ah i remember that little whore little debbie. Beware of her sweet and sugary ways.
Ha ha... Most would likely answer the granola because no one wants the pounds. Damn little debbie...
I don't want your five pounds, so I'm guessing it's the rice.
I'll tell you what's wrong with this picture. The fact that there are enough swiss rolls left to keep the box. If those had made it into my cupboard, you'd only see the one left that I didn't eat just so I could say that I didn't eat them all. Your self control is admirable.
Oh, and I'll see your 5 pounds and raise you 10.
I'll take that 5lbs please.
oh. I guess Swiss Rolls
Well Swiss Rolls sounds like cake. mmm, cake. And I think you already gave me the five pounds, do you want it back?
don't get me started on the baby corn. it is just stupid how many times i have gone hormonal and bought BABY corn.

it is baby corn, right? oh dang.
And Wasa matter with a little comfort food now and then?
Pickled Baby Corn? On Purpose? Just tell me you eat it like Tom Hanks did in "Big" and you're off the hook.

Little Debbie's worst snack cake ever?

Jicama Wafers.

True story.
It is a failure of humanity that there are products with the words "pickled" and "baby" on the same label. So young, so misunderstood.
Lil debbie and I used to be besties then she made fun of me when i gained a whole bunch of weight now it's me and mortons salt that are besties-ohhh that baby pickled corn looks so yummy
Crap. Thanks alot. Now I need sweets and don't even have a brownie. GAW. Oh wait...I do....Beside our brown rice, dried beans, and flat out bread. ;) Only, mine are hidden.
Never heard of Swiss Rolls before... which is a good thing, since I do not want to win this quiz. I have plenty of spare pounds already and cannot accept anymore. Thank you for the kind and generous offer anyway.
Can I choose on my body where the five pounds goes?
:) I have Oreos- except mine are hidden on top of the fridge underneath the organic tortilla chips. No one looks for them there so I know they won't disappear. :) And I wonder why I can't lose this baby weight!
The little debbie's for which I have been accused of being the model.
Oh keep your 5 pounds. I don't need it! LOL
i refuse to answer on the grounds that i might drool on myself.

that and i dont want your 5 pounds.
oh that little debbie. we used to be friends. then i had to up and move across the world and alas she is not a well traveled gal. i have met someone who could be her twin here though. Alpella. Unfortunately Alpella is a little stingy and doesn't understand the beauty of a two-pack. sigh.
I guess Swiss roll - but it is probably something completely different in the US of A - rather like Spotted Dick here - which is not an STD but a rather scrumpy sponge pudding with raisins and sultanas.
The only thing I love more than a Swiss Roll is a zebra cake.
Gimme those rolls---how did you know they were my favorite, well, aside from the pickled baby corn.
I don't know exactly what the Swiss Rolls are...but they're Little Debbie, so that must mean lots of calories and 5 extra pounds.
I don't see anything here that would be a contradiction.. hahaha.. then again I have been trying not to see the seven pounds I have gained lately. hahaha
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