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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fox Executives Ride The Crazy Train

Daily Variety reports that Ozzy Osbourne, his wife Sharon, and his kids Jack and Kelly, will make a return to television later this year. They will be hosting a variety show on Fox, and they will be launching this new program with a Christmas special.

That's right. The guy who once bit the head off a dove, and who once peed on a wall of The Alamo while wearing a ladies dress, will join his family in celebrating the birth of Christ. Did I mention that Ozzy once tried to kill his wife?

Thanks Fox. Because nothing says Happy Birthday Jesus quite like a drug-addicted, animal-abusing, swear-word using family of misfits.


I'm confused... was your last paragraph directed at me and my family? That seems like kind of a non sequitur.
You just described MY family--sans the TV special.
Jesus would forgive them though, right?
Thanks for the heads up. I should probably just throw my TV out the window now, seeing as how they'll probably start running ads every thirty seconds for this show as early as TOMORROW. Gak!!
I don't think anyone could have said it better! I have to catch up....running a daycare for 5 kids this week. Haven't had 5 seconds to pee, let alone catch up on blogs darn it! Trip was good though!
Fox is a class act- Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire? and The Swan, but they pull, possibly, the BEST show of all time- Arrested Development!

I have given you a corny little award- if you're so inclined to go and accept at my site(.:
Oh. My. Are ratings that bad? Is this all that's left in the holiday cheer grab-bag?
That does seem like a bit of a stretch....
You've said it all, quite well. Why on earth do TV exc's choose these things? Do they think it's honestly alright for our children to see the Osbourne's as suitable role models?
I'm pretty sure Ozzy hosting a Christmas special is one of the signs of the apocalypse, no?! :-)
Anything for the ratings...
am I totally on the opposition here when I say that I am super excited? I am not sure I'd watch it because I am not a big fan of that type of shows, HOWEVER I love that family. A lot. I think they have an amazing story full of so much redemption... We (hubby and I) have followed them since their reality show and, although weren't fans when that started, grew into big Osbourne lovers...

Of the two relationships, it's probably Fox I am most concerned about...

BUT the Christmas thing is a little ironic.
mmmmm.........Christmas dove.
santa is not happy.
I will most definitely NOT be watching that. I think they're vulgar, the whole lot of them.
Yeah, still a little pissed about the whole Alamo thing. Def Leppard came to El Paso in '83. The next night in Tucson they said they had a great time with "All the greasy Mexicans" in El Paso the night before. That went over like a rosary in a synagogue. He meant no offense, just got his slang mixed up. Ozzy blew through so many brain cells in the 60's and 70's that it's possible he didn't realize he was pissing on the Alamo, but his handler's should have known.
I love The Osbournes. Ozzy will be the first one to tell you, slurred speech and all, that drugs ruined a huge part of his life, and he hopes people will learn from his mistakes. He also loves his wife dearly, to the point on his reality show it was a joke how many times he'd yell "Sharon" in the course of a day to find her in the house. The osbournes curse, and they like metal and tattoos, but it doesn't make them bad people.
what ever happened to "it's a wonderful life" marathons and "A charlie brown christmas" anyway????!!
Can I just tell you how happy your comment on today's post made me :-) It put a big ol fat grin on my face. Picture a freckled cheshire cat.
I'm quite frightened about this Ozzy family Christmas Variety thing, yet oddly intrigued. You know we'll watch, it's like a train wreck. It's trainwrecktastic.
they better bust out the famous osbourne jazz hands for their variety show numbers.
That is absolutely crazy and I'm not playing of the song either! My gosh what is Fox thinking??? PS...loved your comment on my blog..thanks!
"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, every mother#@$%WQ@ day"
Oh yeah. Bring it on. One more holiday show on my MUST MISS list.
Makes you wonder who will be doing their Easter special--the Mansons?
I'm OK with it as long as they do a Hanukkah special, too.
I'd rather see Gene Simmons celebrate Christmas. Oh no wait....I think he is Jewish.

Ozzie is a mess, watched his show and never understood a freaking word he said.

OMG , lol ... it's not funny, but it is. Well, it's mostly sad.
I'm goooinggg offf the rails on the crazzzzzzyyyy trraiiiiiinn!!!
Oh, do you know the name of it? I gotta Tivo this!!
What's the title?? "It's a very Ozzy Holiday-Type Special"
They must be putting the 'la-la' in the fa-la-lahs.
It's FOX; they're fair and balanced. they never sold themselves as "smart and truthful."
I've always loved the song Crazy Train, but yeah, Osbournes don't really say Christmas to me a whole lot.
you kinda gotta wonder what kind of snack would be appropriate for that show...
Oh my...what will they think of next?

I value learning to live with contradictions, but this is a touch ridiculous. Has Ozzy seen the light? Ha!
Oh my...what will they think of next?

I value learning to live with contradictions, but this is a touch ridiculous. Has Ozzy seen the light? Ha!
Um. That is all true, but I am still a little psyched about it.
They talk about Jesus ALL the time cuz they keep using his name so it seems fitting...
I'll stick with John Denver and the muppets ;)
I wonder what their Christmas Wish will be for all?
You have got to be kidding me. This is pretty sad indeed.
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