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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Okay, okay. Sorry it took so long Christine. I was finally able to sneak away from my yard sale and get back here. I had to wrestle an 80 year old who stole a 25 cent, magnetic checkers game, so I've been kind of busy.

It was fun reading your burning questions. Like NukeDad's, "Is kneecap licking a genetic trait, or can it be learned?" It's genetic. When my husband proposed to me, he got down on his knee and then licked mine. The rest is history!

Along those lines, Chefmom wants to know, "What is it with boys and licking?" I don't know, Chefmom. I just don't know.

Xbox4NappyRash, Lisa, and Angie asked about the name of my blog. Congrats to Jill, who knew the answer.

A fellow blogger once said that when she met me, she was expecting a 300 pound Samoan woman...what, with my name being Momo Fali and all.

But, Momo Fali is actually Mom of Ali. Many years ago I created an on-line account with the user name "momofali". My best friend, Bean, was confused and sent me an e-mail asking, "Who's Momo Fali?" I've been Momo (or Mo) ever since, but to answer Angie's one calls me that it real life.

Geeks in Rome asked how it's pronounced. Fali rhymes with alley.

Rachel wants to know, "What do you think is the one thing you'd do differently with your blog if you were starting over? Well Rachel, I wouldn't name it a name that no one understands and that they can't pronounce without having to think about it.

Hottdog, Gramma Ann, and Kiera, asked about the blog etiquette I mentioned. This is an awfully broad topic for this measly venue. First and foremost, don't ASK someone to link to you. And for crying out loud, use your spellcheck.

Amy from Doobleh-Vay (now that's a cool name) wondered, " you became such a high ranking blog star so quickly?" and Dapoppins asked, " the heck did you manage to generate so many comments?" Four words people. Deep pockets and bribery. And Amy, about that "high ranking blog star" really shouldn't read my Mom's website. She's a little biased.

Heather asked, "When are you going to get on writing that book?" and Katy wants to know, "What is the subject of your book?" You mean that book I started back in 20 B.C.? I'll finish that as soon as time stands still. And Katy, I love, love, love humor. There's just nothing better than a funny book. That's why I'm writing a murder mystery.

Now for the miscellany...

Manager Mom - "Do you still have insomnia?" Yes, I do. Though I am writing this in my sleep...obviously.

O My Blog - "Why do people shop at Ikea?" Because you can't be hip, unless you buy hip.

Jo Beaufoix - "What do you prefer, cockles or barnacles?" I'm going to have to go with cockles. It's more fun to say.

Ms. Picket - "Did you see the small item in Newsweek (Cindy McCain on the cover) about how blogging can be therapeutic and that some shrinks are recommending it? And if so, or even if not, got thoughts on that?" I did not see the article, but blogging has been extremely therapeutic for me. Now, if I could just get my blog to write a Vicodin prescription...

Bean - "Recent polls have shown that a fifth of Americans can't locate the U.S. on a world map. Why do you think this is?" Because U.S. Americans don't have maps. Duh.

Tara R. - "What is your biggest pet peeve?" The saying, "a-whole-nother". It's like nails on a chalkboard.

HRH - "Can you convert debt into jewelry?" Sure! I can also pull a string of pearls out of your ear.

Holly - "Does my butt look big in this?" Holly! Have you seen yourself lately? You're wasting away woman.

Transfattyacid - "If you were a man, what is the one thing you would like to do, that you feel you can't do as a woman?" Dude. That's simple. Pee standing up.

Mama Dawg - "Will you always try to keep your son from doing the highly entertaining feats that he performs on a daily basis or will you just one day throw your hands up in the air and just let him do what he does so well?" Look, he's no Tiger if I'm going to retire early, the boy has to bring the funny.

Soapy B - "Why did you go to OSU?" That's The Ohio State University to you, Soapy. Where was I supposed to go? Michigan? Hack. Gag. Sorry, that word comes out with a hairball every time.

Goon Squad Sarah - "What is the most embarrassing concert you ever went to?" This is tough. I've been to some bad concerts. I'll go with Tesla. Some things should have stayed in the 80's.

And finally, Jill Provost - "May I lick your knee in honor of your blogoversary?" Yes, you may..but then you'll have to marry me.

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thanks for the butt help.

i laughed all the way through this. you totally rock.
oh crap. i was so excited at my firstness (that's a word) that i forgot to say

"oh good for you, sticking it to those oldies. they get life wwaaaaay too cushy. take 'em down a peg, i say. i hope you made that old bat pay 50 cents for it."

i = charmer.
Oh, wow! How did I miss all this??? Oh, yeah, teething baby, no sleep.
Momo, Happy Blogaversary. You're amazing. Mwah.
I've seen Tesla live too. Are they THAT embarrassing?
Seeing as I now remember reading your answer to my question before, can I ask another one?

I like the concert question. Mine was the late 80s "Dirty Dancing" Tour at the Nebraska State Fair. Seriously lame even in the late 80s even lame at the Nebraska State Fair.
I LOVE your answers!! I guess we'll never be able to figure out the licking thing....
Hey! I call you "Mo" in real life! Just, not in person. And actually, way back then I asked you, "WHAT's Momo Fali?" - not, "who". That's how far off I was! And have you ever noticed I pronounce it wrong? I always say it with the Fali rhyming with Holly. But, that's a whole nother thing!

Sorry - I had to! :)
Thank goodness! The kids were asking about getting signed up for lessons, at least now I can tell them that it would be pointless. Like Blue eyes or being double-jointed; it can't be learned. Whew.
Sorry, but, I just can't say Fali rhyming with Alley. Can't do it. To me your are Momo F-ah-lee!
a 300 lb samoan?! Hey I went to Ohio State too and I have to say I never saw that ;)
lol those were awesome!

---made me laugh!
Hope your yardsale went better than my garage sale.

And you are one of those bloggers where people whoop-whoop when they are the first commenter!
I've been pronouncing Momo Fali wrong all this time. I'm glad I read today's post and got straightened out on that, so at the next bloggy convention I won't look like a total dork. When are those, anyway? No one will tell me.
"a-whole-nother" also "a whole 'nother" -I assume. Great! I didn't ask you a question on your are the only link I don't know personally and now I do the very thing that is your pp, **hides head in shame**
I just hate alot vs a lot, but I still read unintelligible blogs if they are entertaining enough :)
Blogging is therapeutic? I may need to start one soon.
YOU, Momo Fali, are absolutely friggin adorable!

Very, very interesting questions and super swell answers.
Oh, this was just beautiful *sniff - wipes tear from eye*

Seriously, though, I laughed through almost the whole thing. Until the...oh, never mind, that's a-whole-noth...
Just kidding!

Mo, you're so cool. You always make me smile. Can you do a blogoversary post once a week?

Loved it.
#1. Dadgummit!! How did I miss sending you a question?

#2. I thought it was pronounced

#3. I'm totally going to call you Momo in person, I won't be able to help it. So, sorry, you are stuck. I love Momo!! ~xo
Oh my God....NOW THIS is The Best blog "interview" I have EVER read ....EVER....

not only do I feel like I know you a little better, I laughed my ass off, the WHOLE time.

You Rule.

Cant wait to read your Murder Mystery!
I learnt how your site got its name from when she left a comment on my site. I'd written that one shouldn't assume that a group of words has the same meaning to all who read it - your blog title is a prime example!

I used to work in the cancer sector, and when we were notified of a new online publication titled "canceri" (cancer i), my colleague, called Ceri, asked "why've they called it Can Ceri?" LOL!
I'm still a little disappointed you're not a 300 pound Samoan woman who could make me Samoan food.
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