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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm Putting My Car On A Charm Bracelet

USA Today reported that Oakland Raiders receiver Javon Walker was robbed of $3,000 cash and $100,000 in jewelry on June 16. Yes, you read that correctly...$100,000 in jewelry.

In order to look comparably rich, I've decided to have my house made into a necklace.


Hoooooly cow! That's ca-razy!

I'd hate to see how your migranes affected you, then! :-)
Truly revolting!

I hope you're feeling better.
Truly ridiculous...what a sad state of affairs that a goofball like that is actually admired by many in this crazy culture. If he wasn't, he wouldn't wear all that bling.
I hate to say that he was asking for it, as nobody should be the victim of a crime, but really, who in the hell carries that much cash around? And the jewelry? Puh-leeze. Between the cash and the b,ling, he had ON HIS PERSON close to what I make in a year. That is SO crazy!
Why a person would walk around with that much jewelry on, (and not on a red carpet or anything!) is beyond me.
Ouch!!! I'd say you would definitely be a stay-at-home Mom then!!!

I'm sure he had everything insured... Now he can go shopping and get all new!! How fun that will be;)) As the old saying goes:

"There's always a silver lining behind every cloud."

Have a 'rich' and fulfilling day;)
I made a mobile home into a chastity belt...
LOL! I think my car would be a decent size ring, but that's about it!
But it would be soooo heavy.
That is crazy! I bet Dick Butkus never wore jewelry!
This is why I watch soccer. And also the fact that those Italian players are hot.
Heck, I'd just like to visit his house and check the couch cushions.
I'd have to put my car on a chain and put the other $90,000 of goods on layaway all over town.
Best.Real estate.Punchline.Ever.
You crack me up!
You are going to have to start doing those neck exercises.
Considering how big some of that pricey bling can be, having a pendant the size of a house isn't too far off.
I'm considering having my kids dipped in bronze.
That's disgusting. I had a hard enough time today scraping money together for food. UGH!
I owe less than $100K on our condo, sad.
I buy my jewelry from the $1 store.. I bet I could get a ton with $100,000.

PS. You kill me.
Ya know after reading your post it got me a thinking. $100,00? Not so much when you are piss rich, think about it.

What makes me wanna yack is the fact that nobody will steal my car or my house so I could claim the bloody insurance money.

That's the only way I'd ever see 100K in jewels.
I feel broke. And poor. But proud that I don't waste money. All at the same time :)
Ahh. His life is so hard. What a bummer for him.

(said very sarcastically)
And that was just his "walking around" jewelry!
So, was it like a mugging? Was he wearing it all at the time? How does one do that?

And does he know how many poor people could EAT or get VACCINATED for $100,000????
Imagine what that $100,000 could pay for, for ordinary folks like us. Like my kid's 4 years of college... or at least MOST of it. Wow.
It could be a charm necklace with a master bedroom charm, a powder room charm, a backyard charm. You get the idea.
Yeah, he was a walking billboard just screaming "rob me!"

I know crime doesn't pay, but they sure picked the right guy now, didn't they?
Wow, that was hilarious! Thanks for the laugh! (wish I were as clever as you are!)

I hope you're feeling better!
So I'm betting the robbery took a while. I mean it must take a while to take off all that jewelry--at least til the next morning ;)
Can you convert debt into jewlery?
Really some people have way too much money!
that made me laugh so much that i read it to my husband.

i don't trust a man with more than $50,000 worth of jewelry. i mean that's just rubbin' it in.
You've gotta take pictures once you get this done!
This is the funniest short post I think I've ever read. Be sure to get the chimney removed first so it doesn't poke you in the eye.

You're welcome. I'm always glad to be helpful.
I don't understand how people can spend that much on something to WEAR. I don't think I'd be very good at that.
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