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Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm Glad My Feet Didn't Shine

We just got back from a weekend at an amusement park on the Lake Erie shore. That's right. My husband is the type of guy who spends his Father's Day schlepping kids around a hot, sticky, crowded park just so he can watch them smile. (Insert "Aw" here.)

This particular park has an indoor roller coaster that my daughter really wanted to ride, so I volunteered to take her. The waiting line weaved through a building illuminated with black-lights.

Upon entering, everyone wearing white tennis shoes and shirts began to glow. People had florescent eyeballs and when they smiled it was with neon teeth.

I, however, wasn't wearing anything white. Instead the black-light revealed dirt...all over my shirt. Dirt and amusement park grime which had not been visible outside. It looked like I had removed my top, laid it on the ground and let my six year old stomp all over it.

Because I had been holding my son earlier, every mark from his sandals was imprinted like bad graphics. There were marks from roller coaster seat-belts, and shoulder restraints too.

So, while everyone else was positively glowing, I felt contaminated ala Meryl Streep in Silkwood.

I have always thought that the shower after an amusement park visit is the best shower you can take. Now I don't just think it...I know it.

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The black light of horror shows the real skinny, doesn't it?

lol - but it sure sounds like you guys had a blast!
Black lights are satan's doin'- you ever see one of those things up against your face- the devil, I tell ya!
Well, it could be worse. It could light up areas of fat deposits; YIKES!
Well, it could be worse. It could light up areas of fat deposits; YIKES!
Oops. Not that YOU have any fat. I have no idea; you're probably a marathon runner with ripped thighs and a washboard stomach! I was only referring to myself, haha!
At least all your skin wasn't glowing neon, like mine would be.
There was a For Better or For Worse strip, years ago, where the kids go off to the fair with their Uncle Phil, and one rats out the other going, look what they got on their clothes. Phil goes, That's no good. Here. And he smears his ketchup and lets Lizzie fingerpaint with it on her shirt. "No one will know we went to the fair if I take you home clean!"

I had that one on my fridge for years.
Oh, man, no kidding. You gotta love those balck lights; nothing like it to make you feel like you have been in the pit of filth.
that is hilarious! i wouldn't have even thought about how dirty i must be until i saw the filth. then i would have felt gross the whole rest of the time i was there!
Awww... your hubs is a great dad! I guess next time I go to the park I need to wear a black shirt. That was hilarious!
Was it Cedar Point? I am dying to go right now--all we have is a crappy Six Flags :(
I know how you feel about the after park shower--best cleaning EVER!
oh my goodness! hilarious... I would have been thinking about those hotels with the black light crime scenes...
Just one of the amusement perks.
I feel all itchy now.
ABSOLUTELY. This is my least favorite thing about going to Six Flags. I feel so...gross afterwards!
this just proves that the realm of amusement parks, carnivals, roller rinks, what have you are the realm of... dads.
Black lights. Oh the memories...
Ack! Black light teeth. I remember those. I'll never look at my amusement park clothes the same again (till they're fumigated).
Ew! Black lights never show anything good.
OMG, I know that feeling...I almost feel like taking a shower now too.
Oh, ew! Funny though.
Yeah... Carny Grime is the worst...
gross and true xo
I wonder if Oprah's OCD guy would lick a roller coaster seat. Probably not.
Ahhh, black lights. They show the worst things!! I'm just curious, but did you look like a cool CSI Scene? I bet they could have recreated your whole day.....
And your husband is crazy. Mine was a statue on the couch that we all just moved around.
Oh how fun! I would LOVE to go back there, stains and all. ha ha! We do Holiday World around here now, but since I used to be from around them there parts (tee hee!), we used to frequent the "Eerie shore" park. :-) Love it. And that indoor ride. So much fun.
there was a store in the mall of america once upon a time that had a black light room with space stuff in it for sale. I could see where my laundry detergent hadn't quite washed out after I'd poured it directly onto my jeans (i know i know put it in with just the water first and then add clothes...blah blah sure). It also revealed who was wearing a white bra under their darker colored about headlights! hehe
Again, people are forgetting the real point here, you looked like MERYL STREEP!! Who wouldn't want to emulate her!! ;-)
I have never heard of an indoor roller coaster? Maybe because I live in Calif. and absolutely everything happens outdoors year round?
I'm staying far away from THAT amusement park! I don't want to know how dirty I am!
Oh noes! That is so funny, though... thanks for the tip; I'll remember to change before glow bowling.
"amusement park grime" Ewwww . . .

Hopefully you didn't have to decontaminate yourself like Karen Silkwood. OMG, I actually remember the character's name!

Think of it this way, you're building up immunities, icky as it may be. Right???

Or, how about, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger :)
At least they weren't glowy handprints right over your boobs. See? That would happen to me.

"Gee, thanks dear for groping me while 'no one was looking'"
I thought you were going to say you had a white bra under your black top. Now that would have been really bad.
I've never been a fan of that particular effect of black lights, though I like the glowing part of it.

And you clearly have an amazing husband, hands down. :)
The blacklight is an absolute nightmare if you have dandruff! Yuk.

We spent our Father's Day at the Bronx Zoo. Damn he's a good dad!
sorry - we're supposed to shower after the amusement park visit? jeeeez. okay. brb.
Karen Silkwood reference killed me. HAHAHHAHA
oh my gosh, that's gross! Who knew?
tee-hee...that is (sorry) a little funny, Momo. I mean, ahem, *clearing throat* I'm sorry. That must have been uncomfortable.

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