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Monday, June 23, 2008

Chaka, Chaka...Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan

I'm not laughing at her. I'm laughing WITH the anchorman.

Oh no he didn't! (lol)
I have tears!!!! Ow. My stomach! I can't stop laughing!!! ha ha ha!
That's just wrong. The lady anchor next to him was wiping away tears....
That actually happened not far from where I live; that is too funny! Not that it happened, know.
I think he held it together pretty well...I would have fallen off my chair!!
Peed. My. Pants.
See now you've totally ruined my Monday morning grouchiness.
I don't know how they can even begin to keep it together. I'd be in tears, fits of laughter and walking off screen!!
That was funny! I can't believe he held it together that well.
I love how he had to look away and cover his mouth a bit as he said, "The lightning burned her legs". That pushed me over the edge!
I could never be an anchorperson(?) because I can NOT hold back laughter. I'd be rolling on the desk, crying.
That made me snort!
I loved the way you could see his career flashing before his eyes as he tried to keep in the laugh.
Almost snorted coffee out of my nose watching that!

The way he said "Well" and the look on his face. I think my mother in law and I watched it about 16 times. We may or may not have peed ourselves. We'll never tell. The kids though? They may rat us out.
That guy held it together way better than I ever could have.
Did he laugh? Really? I didn't notice. Snort.
That is FUNNY--happy I wasn't drinking coffee :)
Maybe the stuttering is a result of the lightening. No?
haha good stuff thanks for sharing. The anchorman didn't handle it well but he could have been worse lol.
I am so glad that I was not drinking my glass of coke while I was watching that because I totally would have had coke coming out of my nose. That was sooooo funny!!
Shut Up!


Im so glad after my bad day at work I came home and saw this!
Holy crap, that's funny. Like the guy in The Great Outdoors with John Candy. He's trying to say how often he's been struck and they respond something like, "wow, seven times?" And eventually he gets out 77.

I can't believe that he's laughing while he says that her legs are burned. And I can't believe that I'm laughing while I type that.
I feeeeeee-ell for yoo-ou! Chaka Khan, let me rock ya, let me rock ya, Chaka Khan. Let me rock ya, that's all I wanna do. Etc.

Now it's totally in my head and I won't stop singing it and feeling guilty, never mind pissing Jill off completely.

Hysterical and wrong.
Oh. My. Goodness. I tried not to laugh, I really did. That was terrible and really funny all at the same time.
Does this remind anyone else of "Rock It" from the 80's? LOL
That is just wrong. Hilarious, but wrong.
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