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Monday, May 5, 2008

I Bet He Really Is The King Of Pain

Last night, I attended a Police concert. No Mom, not actual law enforcement personnel, but The Police…as in the band with a guy named Sting.

Can anyone tell me what happened to the young fellas who once danced around on MTV? Because those guys are gone. Someone went and replaced them with three well-over-middle-aged men.

And, you know what else happened? The audience went and got old too. The binocular rental booth was hopping, and if I had a dollar for every gray hair I saw, my family would be sitting pretty for generations to come. If I was a geriatric physician, I would have been handing out business cards.

What’s really sad about the whole thing, is that it means I’m aging as well. For crying out loud, I walked to the show with orthotics in my shoes, and at one point I almost had to stop and stretch. Darn youngsters designing those long city blocks.

But, as long as those boys keep playing, I’ll continue to wear my arch supports and dance…okay, sit.

“Honey, break out the bifocals…Def Leppard’s coming to town.”

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I hate it when that happens. Everyone getting all OLD and stuff, I mean.
But how did they sing?
Did they sing Every Breath You Take and Don't Stand So Close to Me and........
I'd take my gray hair and go see them, too.
I thought the same thing the last time I saw Springsteen. How much longer can they keep it up?
Yeah I was a Police fan as a teen and Duran Duran. It really makes me cringe when I think of how long ago that was but then I'm amazed so many of the bands are still touring! I bet you had a blast, bifocals and gray hairs be darned!!!
def leppard!?! i am so there! i bought their greatest hits album a month ago when i was in the states. i was shopping at walmart with my dad and hid it in my cart so he wouldn't see. like i was a teenager again. like whatever!
What I so love is that I can talk music with my teenager because he loves classic rock. We've even been to a few concerts together.

I agree that as long as they keep playing, I'll keep dancing (in spite of my son's embarrassment)!
Hey, if the Rolling Stones can keep touring the way they are, I think The Police and the other big acts from the 80s will be out there for decades more to come, raking in the dough. So be prepared to regret your last statement.

But the bigger question is, how can I get in on this action? Maybe I should learn to play bass.
Yee-ikes!! Chins is creeping me OUT!
The commenter on my blog who gave that link to photos? She once gave me this one, too, Sting in concert a few months ago.
Hope that works. Enjoy!
Okay, this comes after the MP# part of the addy:
Taken by a pro photog at a concert.
I am still a total fan of The Police & Sting.

your opening sentence was HYSTERICAL
Funny you should mention Def Leppard. Have you SEEN those old farts lately? That sure shattered my memories into a thousand farcical pieces. Yeesh. At least I'm still young. And thin. *ahem*
My daughter was telling me about a concert she attended recently... no one holds up lighters anymore, it's illumination from their cellphones... never thought I'd live to see that. :D When did we get old too?
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Sting wants me, too. But yeah, I am old, too. Like, when in hell did MY music become fodder for Classic Rewind on Sirius? the mind boggles. My 14 year old son keeps saying things like, "Um, can we listen to some of your music? I am in the mood for some oldies." Nice. The little bugger is going to see Motley Crue at the end of the month, and he says, "Jeez, I hope they don't like need a cane or something up there!" *shakes her head*
Those pics you posted make me feel like I am a 100. Gad.
Saw them last summer.

No one stood up. I never guessed it was because they didn't allow walkers in the Garden....
I have to say, Sting makes my eyeballs itch.
You know you're old when you sit at concerts. I always sit.
This should date me a bit: I still think the hottest guy of all time is Robert Plant at age 21. And Sting was not far behind, for many years. I saw the Police at Aloha Stadium in 1985, with Stevie Ray Vaughan...The "Best of" Def Leppard CD lives permanently in my mommy-mobile, (iPod? what's that?)and my kids gamely sing along. But now, we're the old fogeys at concerts who get mad at the other revelers who spill beer on us. Ah, well! Thanks for the memories!
They can all keep touring if they want, but that doesn't make it right.
i felt old when i went to a concert and turned to hubby to say "i wish everyone would stop jumping. i can't see!"

then the lead singer threw his plastic beer cup into the audience. everyone jumped out of the way. it hit me. i said "just great. this is my best blouse."

where's ma cane?
LMAO @ 'uh. chins' .
Oh that second pic..ouch! It is for this reason I refuse to look at any new pics or hear any new music from Duran Duran!
Did they change the lyircs to suit their age?

you don't have to turn on the bedside light


Giant steps are what you take
running to the loo
I hope my bladder don't break
running to the loo


I hope that someone gets my
I hope that someone gets my
I hope that someone gets me
aspirin in a botle.
transfatty, that's awesome. LOL

Momo, that had my wife rollin'. Good one.
Yah the police! They definately look different. But dont' we all?
lol. I felt the same way about Duran Duran. I went to their concert a couple of years ago and was like... why is everyone so old... and then I realized it's because we are old.....
Still, it's THE POLICE!!!! Love them guys! Soooo jealous. When they were in NOLA, I was good and pregnant. Dammit, hated to miss 'em.
You're too funny Momo! At least you went. I'm too tired to even go. I saw Def Leppard on Dancing with the Stars! They sang Pour Some Sugar On Me(one of my faves when I was a kid-horrible!) and another so ng that I forgot now (but that DOES NOT mean I'm old, I just have "a lot on my mind" as my mom calls it)I have a sneaky little suspicion that they weren't reeeally singing. It sounded just like it did when I was a teenager. Can that be? I think not.
Police? Who are the Police? I've heard of Sting because I watched Friends but... just kidding! I'm so there for Def Leppard!
I'm with ya...

Occasionally some teens come to the group cycling classes that I teach, and, well, let's just say that their lack of recognition for certain bands of the '80s makes me feel totally ancient.
The oldest guys on the block have to be the Rolling Stones. I saw them when they came out here and held my breath for the entire concert hoping they would survive it. They looked so frail. It's great that they still want to rock out but sometimes it's nice to age gracefully. They should be eating rice pudding in front of the TV not strutting about in a stadium. Hahaha.
oh yeah baby. I'd be there. "pour some splenda on me......"
I'm just wondering, would this be the equivalent of our parents going out for the night to see a Perry Como concert? Has it gotten that bad???
I would LOVE to go to a concert and I know if I ever did the guy or girl on stage would be 110. (ugh and Roger Daltrey has a gut! boo hoo)
Wow - and The Police are some of the latecomers of yesteryear. Imagine if you had this blog when we saw The Who and Robert Plant!
LOL, oh it hurts because it's true. Awesome you got to see them though! I still have some of their cassettes. Yes, cassettes.
sorry...looks like I offended :(
Hee hee that was so funny. And Transfattyacid is also quite hilarious. :D
There's a radio station in Vancouver that plays Def Leppard no less than every fifth song in rotation. It makes me want to hurt people.
Ok, not to be totally unoriginal and repeat what I just said in my comment for today's post, but: funny!
You may get older but you're never old until you stop dancing and put your toys away. I'm glad you had a good time (and there's nothing wrong with wearing orthodics ;) )
Yeah, I wore my Unna boot once to a Hooters concert...anyone still heard of them. Yeah, they got a little old and farty looking too..."and we danced"
Sting is still hot-it's all that yoga he does.
That's so true. So true. Sting doesn't look too bad, though. Was the concert good despite the geriatrics?

I had the same kinds of thoughts about Madonna. She looks great, but the cover of that new CD? Ugh.
Hey, I'll spring for the Ben Gay. Pour some sugar (splenda?) on me baby!
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