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Sunday, April 27, 2008

We Were Going To Call Him Stumpy

This is Tapper. Tapper is a finger splint, and is a new addition to our family. He is also our five year old son's constant companion. So far, Tapper has gone with us to a First Communion and to a wedding rehearsal where he started acting up. As a matter of fact, if you asked the bride, she'd probably tell you that Tapper was quite a train wreck.

But on the wedding day, Tapper's new Mommy discovered Benadryl. And, Benadryl made Tapper happy...and a little loopy. Suddenly, Tapper and son were all smiles and they thought the lights were very pretty. Did you know you can carry a ring bearer's pillow like a football?

Today Tapper has one more party to attend, and he will probably spend the day tapping tables, and chairs, and people's knees, and my glasses, and the bridge of my nose. If all goes well, we'll be saying goodbye to him in 12 days, and this Mommy hopes she'll never, ever hear tapping again.

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I, for one, think it's awesome that Tapper is perpetually happy.
LOL! That's too cute! Glad the wedding went smoothly!
How could something with a hand drawn smiley face be a train wreck? How did this happen, did he somehow get into my house and attempt to pick up a brush?
this reminds me of those experiments as school where you take home and egg and care for it; name it, feed it, bath it. in this case you are trying to get rid of it though ☺ glad things are looking up!
I just read your son's ordeal. Ouch.

Glad you are all holding up well.

Take heart. At least you didn't actually maim him like I did my daughter.

When she was five I slammed the tractor's door shut, with my daughter's finger in it.


It too was sewn back on. Looks okay now, just a little squished, but she has yet to let me live it down.

ya. I'm momma of the year.
I'm too hurt that the boy of continual classic anecdotes has been injured to laugh.

But it was funny.
Tapper looks very cute, but I hope he is gone in 12 days too. Ouch.
Tapper does look quite dapper.

Damn guilt.

Understood. Totally.
poor little finger!! bye tapper...good riddance!
Tapper sounds like the life of the party!!
Awe . . . dapper Tapper . . . how cute!
hope dapper tapper keeps it's fresh scent. I had one when I was a kid but it wasn't dapper and it developed somewhat of a funk to my recollection.
Love that little tux!
Oh my friend, you're kidding yourself. You have a boy. In the next 10-15 years you'll be hearing tapping, burping, farts, very loud thumps, screeches, laughter, giggles and all the other boy noises. Boys just cannot be quiet, especially in the 5-15 age bracket. Enjoy Mr. Benadryl for now while you can. Bwahahaha. Did I scare you? Cuz my plan was to really, really scare you.
Aw, what a cute face. Hope son is feeling better ...
Tapper is cute with the Tux! Be thankful that Son is keeping Tapper on! And hopefully Tapper will be gone in 12 days!!
Here's hoping that Tapper makes a discreet, silent exit stage left veeerrrry soon.
Glad to see smiles, at least! :-)
Heres hoping the benadryl never stops having magical effects on Tapper
Glad to hear he's doing well and that you've found something to make it hurt less. Benadryl just knocks me out! I hope you never have to hear the tapping ever again after this. Glad to hear you sounding a little better now too! :)
I love the dapper side of tapper.
Best wishes to the bride and groom!
Protect that pillow at all costs. Until the wedding is over and you can spike it.
I am really glad you didn't have to call him "Stumpy"!

And of course this happened when you were out of town AND on the eve of a wedding! Sheesh.

Way to hang in there, Momo!
I think social services need a call
I love Tapper!
you know if he dances while he taps he'll be a . . .

Let's hope tapper does the trick.
Nice to meet ya, Tapper!!
As a former accident-prone (try-anything-first) child, I can relate. Hope the finger heals well!
So YOU'RE the mom with the mythical child who responds to Benadryl!!! I'm so jealous.

I hope Tappy disappears as quickly as he arrived.
poor kid, but Tapper sure seems to be the life of the party!
What a trooper!!!! I love "Tapper"!
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